100 Days My Prince Review

100 Days My Prince Review

100 Days My Prince shows us that a peasant could be happier than a King. 

This my little review of the drama 100 Days My Prince. 100 Days My Prince tells the story of an amnesiac prince who has to live as a commoner and he becomes happy for the first time in a long time.

Drama: 100 Days My Prince

Korean: 백일의 낭군님

Network: tVN

Episodes: 16

Rating: 4.1/5

Cast: Do Kyung-Soo (D.O.), Nam Ji-Hyun, Kim Sun-Ho, Jo Seong-Ha, Heo Jeong-Min

Aired: September 10 – October 30, 2018


100 Days My Prince Review

Lee Yool is the Crown Prince of Joseon, as a child, he saw his first love’s family slew before his eyes. Since then he has become cold and demanding, also becoming a loner in the process. He is married to the daughter of the man who killed his first love’s family. His wife is also pregnant but with someone else’s child.

One day he passes a law that every woman must get married before they are 28. In an assassination attempt, he gets injured and loses his memory. He is saved by a man, who marries him to his daughter. To save her from the punishment because of the law passed by Lee Yool himself.

100 Days My Prince Review

Daughter’s name is Hong Shim and she is an adoptee. She is also the prince’s first love although they don’t know each other’s true identity. Prince starts living as a commoner and her husband. This drama is about their love story that develops over 100 days.

100 Days My Prince Drama Review

What I Enjoyed:


100 Days My Prince Review


In my opinion, he is the biggest (if not the sole) reason for 100 Days My Prince’s success. He already had lead roles in movies Unforgettable and My Annoying Brother (Co-lead) but this is the one where he shines the most. At the start of the drama, I wanted to see his cold facial expressions from Hello Monster rather than the plain expressions he had. But he improves quite a lot as the drama goes on.


100 Days My Prince Review

His chemistry with Nam Ji-Hyun was also quite good. You could feel the emotions as they developed between these two. Although lacking in the physical aspect in my view (does this makes me a pervert?)


Village People

100 Days My Prince Review

During the second and early third act of the drama, when the story was away from all the politics. The comedy was the best thing, I enjoyed it more than the romance between the leads. All the supporting cast from the village was so enjoyable. Either it’s the neighbors, the cowardly thug or my favorite Governor’s assistant Bok-Eun.

These characters were far more interesting than those rich palace jerks. I think they together were like the second lead.

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Thing That Brought Mixed Feeling:

Middle Story

100 Days My Prince Review

A rich guy loses his memory, lives as a commoner and mooches of a good-hearted girl. Does it remind you of something other than 100 Days My Prince? Let me give you a hint another Nam Ji-Hun drama. Yes, most of you have already guessed Shopping King Louis. As much as I enjoyed the comedy in the middle episodes. I couldn’t control but to find similarities between 100 Days My Prince and SKL.

It was like watching a scene to scene copy. For e.g in both dramas, guy buys expensive things on credit, not able to perform simple physical labor, he is an attention whore and gets jealous over little things. It may not be an issue for you if you have not seen SKL before. Nam Ji-Hyun being the lead in both these dramas doesn’t help.

100 Days My Prince Review

Although I have to say it is not a big issue it stopped me from giving 100 Days My Prince a higher rating.


What was Lacking:

Strong Second Lead

When it comes to the second lead drama provides us with two options good guy Jung Je-Yoon (Kim Sun-Ho) and a villain, the prince’s father-in-law (Jo Seong-Ha).

Good Guy

100 Days My Prince Review

Now let’s first take a look at Je-Yoon, a nice guy who is loyal to the prince. He is also in love with Ji-Hyun’s character. But to be honest he never had a chance with her. Even if she didn’t meet D.O.’s character she will not choose him. This character was lacking in presence and importance as well. He was like a TV remote without batteries.



100 Days My Prince Review

Second is our villain and a far better character than the one above. My issue with him was that he was not villainous enough. I like my villain to be ruthless and one that people would love to hate. He, on the other hand, was not hateful enough. He did kill Ji-Hyun’s parent but that was to make D.O.’s father a King.

100 Days My Prince Review

He didn’t hate the prince and the only reason he tried to kill D.O. was that of his slutty daughter. I mean he quite liked the prince. at least more than the King. So, he was not a bad person but had to do bad things because of others. If you want to know what is a good villain watch Seong-Ha and Gong-Yoo (Goblin) movie The Suspect.

Biggest Flaw

100 Days My Prince Review

The super duper underuse of hilarious Heo Jeong-Min (Go Back Couple). If the writer has sent him to the village with Sun-Ho, it would have brought more funny situations. This is more of a personal preference and I think most people won’t mind it. But for me personally, it was the biggest flaw of the whole drama.

Final Comments:

100 Days My Prince Review

It may be similar to SKL but it is still really funny and enjoyable. You will be watching a similar situation and still be laughing your ass off. Lack of strong second character just shows because of D.O. He outshines everyone and everything in this drama. Drama may be lacking in a few things but it is still a very good sageuk. It is as funny as it is sad and it is a must watch for all drama fans.

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