Arthdal Chronicles Finale Recap, Finishes On Highest Rating

Arthdal Chronicles Finale Recap

Arthdal Chronicles Finale Recap (Ep-17)

Eun-Seom finishes the Judgment of Water after he is saved by Momo Tribe. Karika wants Eun-Seom to go with her, but he wants to go back to save his friend. She tells him that if he goes back now he will be treated differently, before parting she tells him to look for her people whenever he needs help. Elsewhere, Ago tribe is wishing for Inaishingi’s return, Tachoogan threatens to kill Ipsaeng to make him confess that he “lied.” Eun-Seom then arrives and is hailed as Inaishingi. Eun-Seom at first doesn’t want to be the Inaishingi but after seeing people ready to risk their lives in his name he doesn’t have any other choice.

Ta-Gon becoming the most powerful man wants to go next step and become the King of Arthdal. Anyone who tries to go against him gets executed without questioning. Saya suspects Tan-Ya and Moo-Baek, Ta-Gon should make all people of Arthdal rather than people of a specific tribe. Saya and Taealha doesn’t get along because of the Bronze knowledge. Mi-Hol suspects that Ta-Gon will break his promise to his tribe, Taealha warns him not to get in between her and Ta-Gon. Meanwhile, Ta-Gon’s health is deteriorating, Moo-Baek learns that people of Doldambul caused a riot. Ta-Gon falls because of the curse, Saya stays with him to take care of him.

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Elsewhere, Eun-Seom along with his new people attack the enslave camp to save the slaves. People gather around Milhaje’s monument suspecting Ta-Gon is suffering his wrath. Ta-Gon then goes and destroys the monument and orders to destroy all Milhaje’s shrine. Mi-Hol is taken to interrogation room by Saya, Taealha suspecting worse for her dead goes to Ta-Gon. Ta-Gon informs her that Saya took her father to lean the secret of Bronze. Taealha goes to her father’s interrogation, she kills her father and becomes the only one to know the secret of Bronze. Ta-Gon becomes angry with her, she then reveals that she is pregnant with his child.

Arthdal Chronicles Finale Recap (Ep-18)

Taealha has put dent in Saya’s plan, she now has also become the head of her tribe. News about Eun-Seom’s “rebellion” is told to Ta-Gon, but he is not interested in little things. Elsewhere, Eun-Seom tells to rescued slaves that they should go back to their clans. Furthermore, they should inform others about what has happened and try to save more slaves who were sold to Arthdal. He also reveals that he is the second coming of Inaishingi, the meeting place of Inaishingi’s followers will be Myo clan. The rescued slaves return to their clans and reveal the message from the second coming of Inaishingi.

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Ta-Gon and Taealha attend the funeral of her father, now both of them have killed their own father. Ta-Gon leaves the duty of learning the secret of Bronze to Saya. Meanwhile, Tanya learns that Eun-Seom is alive and has also helping rescue other people. Saya comes to her wanting to create a new name for the union, but she tells him that a country is a bad thing. Saya starts suspecting more strongly that Tanya and Moo-Baek are hiding something from him. He starts investigating and learns more about Eun-Seom and correctly suspects that he is still alive. Tanya starts treating young slave kids and help them to have a better future.

Arthdal Chronicles Finale Recap

Elsewhere, tribe people and tribe leaders go to Myo clan to check the validity of Inaishingi. Tribe leaders especially Taeapdok doesn’t want to believe that Eun-Seom is Inaishingi. Eun-Seom puts his life on the line while Saya kidnaps Wahan people to blackmail Tanya and Moo-Baek. From Moo-Baek Saya learns the truth about Eun-Seom and the relation between him and Saya. Tanya declares the new name of the country and Ta-Gon is declared the new King. Meanwhile, Taealha is plotting against them, elsewhere, Taeapdok dies (more likely killed) proving that Eun-Seom is indeed Inaishingi. Tribal people put their belief in him and look forward to saving their people from slavery.

End of Arthdal Chronicles Finale Recap

Rating And Possible Another Season

With this ending it is very likely that we may get another season. Although it will be very difficult to gather all the actors again and the amount of finances that will be required to make all this possible. A source from drama stated, “The staff would definitely like to move forward with a second season. The end credits clip in episode 18 reflected that desire.” Rating wise producers will also feel that they were a bit behind from what they actually wanted. Still, the finale was able to achieve the highest rating for the part 3 of the drama. According to Nielsen Korea, the finale achieved the rating of 7.4 (nationwide) which whole 1.0 higher than the previous night. Rating 7.7 achieved in the 4th episode  of the series is the highest for the whole drama.


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