Ask Us Anything Episode 146

Ask us anything episode 146

Ask Us Anything Episode 146

Knowing Bros (아는 형님)

Broadcast Date: 22/09/2018


We are back to our favorite school,Ask us anything (knowing bros whatever you want to call it) in Chuseok Special. Chuseok special is divided in two episodes another one airing on 29/09/2018.

Ask us anything episode 146


Ho-dong enters exclaiming (as usual) and questioning everyone about what food they are going to eat on Chuseok. Our Sang-min tries to answer but Ho-dong keeps talking over him until Hee-chul points it out. Everyone give their opinions about what they traditionally eat on chuseok. Ho-dong again interrupting Sang-min although apologizing swiftly. Soo-geun makes a joke out of his dead grandfather (someone knows ghostbusters?). As the talking continues, enters our guests Lee Man-Ki, Sayuri and Hong Yoon Hwa.

Ask us anything Episode 146

First guest is “The Original Strong Man” and long rival of Ho-dong, Lee Man-ki (both were ssireum champions) and he is here to catch him. I’m not sure if you guys know the backstory, so let me explain it a little. When Ho-dong was emerging in ssireum wrestling scene, Man-ki was already a multi-time champion (winning strong man title 49 times) nearing his retirement. Then Ho-dong beats him a few times and becomes the new champion before he entered the entertainment business. Now, that you have caught up let’s move on then shall we.

Ask us anything Episode 146

Yeong-cheol starts talking informally* to Man-ki making everyone burst into laughter but quickly chickening out when he approaches him. Man-ki talks about how annoying Ho-dong used to be during matches like screaming with apparently no reason. Man-ki’s whole introduction was talking about his hey days and “annoying” Ho-dong. We get to see few clips of younger Man-ki and Ho-dong from their matches. I enjoyed the one where Ho-dong tells on Man-ki for swearing to the referee. While our other guests have no idea (just like you guys) who he is (the good guy Sang-min explains to them). Ho-dong explain the popularity of Man-ki, there were no cars on the road when his match was on, prime time news was used to postponed because of his matches and so on. Man-ki chimes in and start bragging himself, that how he was the first person in South Korea to advertise a color TV (showing his age).

Ask us anything Episode 146

He then talks about his hardships as a wrestler, not having the right build for a wrestler which made it lot harder for him comparing to other trainees. He talks about proposing to his wife after giving her a key to a fully furniture house and all she needed to do was move in. He goes on talking about how he was in more commercials than anyone else at that time(swag) earning more than $100,000/year(mid-80’s) all the while making remarks about our flippant Ho-dong in between.

Ask us anything Episode 146

Our second guest is 4D and bubbly foreigner Sayuri introducing herself while reading her introduction she has written on her palm. No one understands her until her “Husband” (they were virtual couple on show With You) translates her Korean to understandable Korean. I think she was the funniest of all three specially, her little remarks and questions towards ahjussi Man-ki. Let’s hear (or rather read) some of them,

Man-ki is explaining how Ho-dong’s big head and short neck made it harder to beat him.

Sayuri,” Did you not lost just once but every time?”

Jang-hoon explains to Sayuri that Man-ki is somewhat equal to a Yokozuna.

Sayuri,” I respect him for the first time”.

Ask us anything Episode 146

And more on these lines, which gives a sense about her 4D character. Most of her other conversations were about Sang-min. Cast thinking that both of them are dating, both denying but suggesting that other person likes them. Sayuri says that she thinks he is dating a young Korean-American girl while Sang-min denying the “Accusation” and responding with his own theory that Sayuri is seeing someone. Whole cast wants them to stop their flirting and admit their feelings for each other.

Ask us anything Episode 146

Our last guest is soon to be married and cutest over 60kg girl (her words not mine) Hong Yoon-Hwa. She talks about how she lost 27kg for her wedding. She performs her impersonation of Lee Hye-Jung (culinary TV Personality) which she is best known for and also a new one of Jung-In (singer). Reenactment of her Comedy Big league skit, this time with Yeong-cheol brought big laughs. Which made Yeong-cheol happier than anyone else as he filled his quota of making people laugh at least once per episode. She also shows her “make-up” skills.

Ask us anything Episode 146

Time for Enrolment forms:

Name: Lee Man-Ki

Nickname: “Cow Man-ki” (because his mother-in-law makes him work hard as a cow).

Strong Point: Satoori (Dialect), he can speak and understand different Korean satoori.


Name: Hong Yoon-Hwa

Nickname: Elephant seal (she lost weight so maybe her new nick name is baby elephant seal).

Strong Point: Onions, she can chop them really fast (so can my grandma, so what).


Name: Fujita Sayuri

Nickname: Yurijjang

Strong Point: Unicycle (just need to learn how to move through walls).

Ask us anything Episode 146

Guess proper answers to weird questions time:

Sayuri’s question:

“What did my grandfather said just moments before dying?”

Best guess – “The End” (to find answers to these questions watch the episode).


Yoon-Hwa’s question:

“I do something when it snows for the first time?”

Best guesses – “You eat it”, “You make a snowman then, eat it”,” You make Patbingsu out of snow then, eat it”, “Go into the snow and then Hibernate”

Man-ki’s question:
“I was disappointed by something my wife said?”

Best guesses – “Gosh. There he goes again to lose”, “You are only strong on the sand court”.

This is it for this episode, Chuseok special finishes next episode with few more guests.

Finding Zico:

Ask us anything Episode 146

Let’s make fun of Jang-hoon’s divorce time:

Ask us anything Episode 146Ask us anything Episode 146 Ask us anything Episode 146 Ask us anything Episode 146

P.S. *He spoke informally because all of them are pretending to be of same age as they all are in same class, which makes them friends (as in of same age) hence no need to speak formally.

Most of you must already know this but I wrote it just in case.

Should I watch it: Yes, if you want to learn the skill of nonchalant mic drop.

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