Ask Us Anything Episode 148

Ho-dong gets to meet his first love and birthday boy Min-kyung gets his gifts stolen. Let’s find out what else happens in our favorite crazy classroom.

Ask Us Anything Episode 148 Recap

Knowing Bros (아는 형님)

Broadcast Date: 6th October 2018

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

Things start with Kyun-hoon’s Birthday Celebrations Ho-dong enters with the birthday cake. Jang-hoon shows Kyung-hoon his birthday gift, dried persimmons but there is a catch before he can get his hands on them.

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

All cast members have written congratulatory cards for him, he has to guess who wrote which, correctly. He guesses all of them correctly with much needed help from other members. Then, we get to meet today’s guests Park Sung Kwang (Omniscient Interfering View) and Park Joo Mi (My ID is Gangnam Beauty).

Ask Us Anything Episode 148 Ask Us Anything Episode 148

Joo-mi receives all the attention while Sung-kwang sulks in the corner. Even his introduction is cut short as cast members are only interested in Joo-mi and her My ID is Gangnam Beauty cast members. Older cast members talks about her popularity during her heydays.

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

Sung-kwang chips in about his own popularity these days (more of Song manager, I think), but ends up getting teased. He is told that he is just a replacement for someone else. Sung-kwang and Jang-hoon talk about the benefits of a female manager. Conversations takes a turn again and Sung-kwang talks about how his manager (Song manager) is more popular than him.

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

Joo-mi exposes her age (46 yrs.) much to some cast members surprise. Coincidentally her birthday (5th of October) is just a day before Kyung-hoon. He ends up his persimmons and cards forcibly taken from him and given to Joo-mi.

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

Joo-mi and Jang-hoon seems to have some kind of history. After some time stalling and teasing it turns out she is his best friend’s wife. She also talks about how she acted as Ho-dong’s first love in the series Rain Shower. As members are only interested in Joo-mi sulking Sung-kwang picks up his bag and tries to leave the classroom.

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

Sung-kwang also gets teased for his older look compared to Joo-mi. It’s time for enrolment forms, Kyung-hoon gets up to take them instead of picking up forms he takes away his earlier gifts.

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

Enrolment Forms:

Name: Park Joo-mi

Future Hope: “My Mister”, wants to work with younger actor in a melodrama.

Strong Point: “$1400”, she plays $1400 Ukulele but rather get praised for her beautiful voice.

Ask Us Anything Episode 148


Name: Park Sung-kwang

Nickname: Korea’s beloved Mr. Considerate.

Future Hope: To be 2nd Lee Soo-geun

Strong Point: “Punching”

Ask Us Anything Episode 148
We should have joined Zoombz classes instead.


Guess proper answers to weird questions time:

Superstar Sung-kwang’s (or rather Song manager’s) questions:

“I got puzzled because of Song manager, why?”

Best guesses: “Sung-kwang you drive today”, “while driving she crossed Military Demarcation Line

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

“I once got shocked in the subway metro, why?”

No funny guesses but answer itself was really funny so go watch the episode. Another question but this one is also more funny when you watch it rather than read about it.

Joo-mi’s Question’s:

“Particular phrase she often said after her second born, what was it?”

Best Guess: “Just don’t take after your father”

“When was the hardest time while I was shooting My ID is Gangnam Beauty?”

Best Guess: “Telling Soo-hyang to get more work (plastic surgery) done”

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

In the “Rain Shower Returns” skit she will choose her partner. They will play “Flower Park Joo-mi has blossomed” while eating spicy peppers and the winner gets to be her partner. Soo-geun wins and birthday boy Min-kyun after losing in rock, paper and scissors is chosen to receive the rain shower (water slap).

Ask Us Anything Episode 148 Ask Us Anything Episode 148

Finding Zico:

Ask Us Anything Episode 148

 Jang-hoon didn’t get made fun for his divorce this episode (sadly) although there were ample opportunities. I wanted more from Sung-kwang, also soo-geun and Young-chul were awfully quiet. It was an alright episode which could have far better.

What about you guys, did you enjoy it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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