Be Melodramatic Recap (Mid-Seasson)

Be Melodramatic Recap

Be Melodramatic Recap

Jin-Joo and Beom-Soo start working together as writer and director of the new drama respectively. They spend more time together and continually try to put down each other verbally. Meanwhile, jealous Hye-Jung offers her script to Hwan-Dong to direct. He first rejects at first but then accepts after getting encouragement from Beom-Soo. Beom-Soo instantly regrets his decision to help Hwan-Dong when latter recruits best supporting staff. On the other hand Beom-Soo gets close not only to Jin-Joo but her family as well. They start to have feeling for each other although they don’t want to accept it to themselves.

Elsewhere, Han-Joo and Jae-Hoon show great chemistry when working together. One day Han-Joo sees Jae-Hoon’s girlfriend with other men. She gets stressed about telling it to Jae-Hoon or not, Jae-Hoon tells her that it was his gf’s cousin. Which he knows is lie, relationship between him and his gf is dwindling. Han-Joo is then gets promoted at her work. For her project she signs Jin-Joo as a new writer for her company. Meanwhile, she is still getting pestered by he ex-mother-in-law who lectures her about how to raise her son.

Doctor John Finale Recap

Eun-Jung after her TV appearances decides to make a documentary. Her muse is no other than her frenemy So-Min who agrees to be in the documentary. Through filming their documentary Eun-Jung starts to learn (amused) more about So-Min and her personality. The relationship between So-Min and her manager Min-Joon gets affected when he gets a better offer from other company. After, he takes break from his job So-Min realizes that she has feeling for Min-Joon. She confesses her feelings to him (which he accepts) after getting a pep talk from Eun-Jung.

Meanwhile, Eun-Jung through a video realizes through a video that she talks to dead Hong-Dae. This reality gives her a reality shock about her situation, and she starts to feel low again. Elsewhere, one of Hye-Jung’s assistant writer mistakenly starts a rumor about quadruple romance between Jin-Joo, Beom-Soo, Hwan-Dong and Hye-Jung. Because of the rumor Jin-Joo and Beom-Soo starts avoiding each other while clearly having feelings for each other. Elsewhere, Jae-Hoon who is feeling down reveals to Han-Joo that he and his girl friend has broken up.

Welcome 2 Life Recap

Hyo-Bong starts blaming himself for Eun-Jung’s situation  and for distancing her from her (their) parents. Eun-Jung decides to seek professional help and goes to a psychiatrist for her problems. There she breaks down in tears while talking about her mother and Hong-Dae. Elsewhere, the protagonists of quadruple romance decide to have dinner together. Jin-Joo still being awkward around Beom-Soo who confronts her about their feeling for each other, after the dinner.

Beom-Soo confesses his feelings for her, which surprises her a little. When he goes for a kiss she steps back, and then they start bickering again. She accepts his feelings but answers him in a roundabout way. Jin-Joo is worried about the effects of their relationship on their work. They continue to talk during which Jin-Joo learns that Beom-Soo’s sudden confession was because of Hwan-Dong. Elsewhere, Jae-Hoon who recently broke up is still happy especially while texting with Han-Joo. His mood goes down when he finds his drunk ex-gf in his room.

Strangers From Hell Recap

Hye-Jung reveals to her assistant writers that one of them can work with Jin-Joo, only if them. Her writers start fighting in front of her as they are eager to work with Jin-Joo and leave Hye-Jung’s clutches. Meanwhile, Hwan-Dong and Beom-Soo are awkward around each other. On top of it, Hwan-Dong is getting an eye from Dong-Gi because of his friendship with Dong-Gi’s new gf. Beom-Soo and Jin-Joo are also awkward with each other in front of their colleague. Their team is deciding about hiring So-Min for their new drama or not.

Be Melodramatic Recap

Elsewhere, Min-Joon thinks So-Min should accept the role even if it is a supporting character. Hwan-Dong starts to miss Jin-Joo, he asks her out for dinner which she accepts. Eun-Jung needs to interview Sang-Soo for her documentary although she despises him for his attitude. On her way to meet him she clashes with couple of drunkards. Sang-Soo helps him while her eyes keep searching for Hong-Dae. While, at dinner Jin-Joo tells (nicely) that she no longer has feelings for him. She leaves the dinner in the middle and goes to Beom-Soo, and they end up kissing each other.

End of Be Melodramatic Mid-Season Recap.


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