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Best Korean Dramas of 2018

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Happy New Year Guys. Another year went in a flash, it was a good year in the quality department of the Korean dramas. Here is my pick of few dramas that stood out more than others. I hope you guys enjoyed them as much as I did.

Best Korean Dramas of 2018


Come and Hug Me

The Best Korean Dramas of 2018

Plot Synopsis:

A boy and a girl were high school students, they were each other’s, first love. Boy’s psychopathic father kills girl’s parents and they get separated afterward. Now, working as a detective atoning for his father’s act, the boy meets the girl who is a famous actress just like her mother.

Cast: Chang Ki-Yong, Jin Ki-Joo, Heo Jun-Ho, Kim Kyung-Nam

Network: MBC

Episode: 32

Reason to Watch: Romeo and Juliet with Serial Killer Twist

What’s it About:

Imagine young Romeo and Juliet as their love is blossoming, Romeo’s psychopathic serial killer father kills Juliet’s parents. Our Romeo turns from a lover boy into a self-loathing policeman who wants to do good for other people. Juliet turns into a famous actress just like her mother.

Both meet again as adults and starts to have feelings for each other after much self-restrained. Happiness doesn’t last long as the crazy killer comes back in their life. He wants to turn his son into just like himself and the best way for that is to kill the Juliet in front of him.

Why I enjoyed it:

Watching and loving Ki-Yong in My Mister and Go Back Couple, I was very excited to see him in lead role for the first time and he didn’t disappoint at all. He played the character of a boy who has become tormented and broken by acts of his psychopath father very well.

Heo Jun-Ho plays the character of a psychopath very well and his looks give him an extra edge. Meeting him in person would give you the creeps, after watching this. Romance is also epic and doesn’t feel forced or full of K-drama cliches. The chemistry between the couple is just off the charts and they look really cute together.

This is the Best Romance Drama of the year.


The Miracle We Met


The Best Korean Dramas of 2018

Plot Synopsis:

A man dies in a car crash but awakes with his spirit in another person. He becomes the head of two families and he agonizes over his two different wives. – KBS World

Cast: Kim Myung-min, Kim Hyun-Joo, Ra Mi-ran, Kai (EXO)

Network: KBS2

Episode: 18

Reason to Watch: Mystery that requires tissues (not in the way you are imagining)

What’s it About:

Two men of different background who have the same name, are involved in two different car crashes. One of them dies and his soul enters in other one’s body. His new family and co-workers get surprised by the change in his personality and attitude. His real family members who are saddened by his death are not able to recognize him in his new avatar. Stuck between two families he also finds out that the same person is responsible for both of the car crashes.

Why I enjoyed it:

Assembled cast of veteran actors and excellent performances by supporting actors and junior actors doesn’t disappoint. Myung-min’s chemistry with both leading ladies is amazing and makes it harder to choose sides. His transformation from scary, blunt and no-nonsense banker into a family love, a romantic nice guy was really believable.

Comedy and romantic tensions caused by a change in spirit and body are really enjoyable. These happy moments though turn into tears when dealing with family issues in both families. So, if you don’t enjoy tear-jerking drama it’s not for you guys. In the middle, it does get slow paced and draggy but that’s because it’s building up to an unpredictable mystery. Myung-min’s search for the real “killer” is the main plotline in the second half and it’s as exciting as the romance between the characters.

If you are a fan of Kai and/or EXO, his handsome face and acting performance is cherry on the top of a cake.


100 Days My Prince

Best Korean Dramas 2018

Drama: 100 Days My Prince

Korean: 백일의 낭군님

Network: tVN

Episodes: 16

Cast: Do Kyung-Soo (D.O.), Nam Ji-Hyun, Kim Sun-Ho, Jo Seong-Ha, Heo Jeong-Min

Reason to Watch: D.O. at his best, Shopping King Louie of Joseon Era

What’s it About:

A crown prince loses his memory while attacked and starts living as a commoner. He becomes the husband of a lady to save her from punishment and both falls in love with each other. But he has to return to the palace to find out who tried to kill him.

His commoner wife name is Hong-Shim and her brother is the one who tried to kill the prince. She is also the prince’s first love.

Why I enjoyed it:

The premise may make it sound like sad and mellow and that it is but it is also very funny. Great performance by D.O. gives it an extra excuse for his fans to watch and recommend it. This performance will bring him out of Idol-actor category and into a proper actor. This drama is Joseon version of Shopping King Louis, just a bit darker (just a bit). So if you have seen Shopping King Louis and enjoyed it then you are going to love it as well.


Mr. Sunshine

Best Korean Dramas 2018

Title: Mr. Sunshine

Korean: 미스터 션샤인

Network: tVN

Episodes: 24

Cast: Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Min Jung, Byun Yo Han

Reason to Watch: The Cast and If you enjoy crying while watching KDramas

What’s it About:

A young boy goes to America during the American expedition of Korea (1871) and returns as a Marine Officer. Filled with hatred against people who caused his parents death. He comes looking for revenge, to his so-called “Motherland”.

Why I Liked it:

Stellar cast, excellent performances, and a good story make it an excellent watch. It was also the highest rated in viewership, cable TV drama of the year 2018 (at the time of the writing). It was beautiful, heartbreaking, sometimes funny and engaging from start to finish. The conversations between the three leading men were hilarious. I found their romantic chemistry (Bromance) more enjoyable than the leading couple. I wasn’t much invested in the romance between the leading couple (too much age difference).

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Best Korean Dramas of 2018

Title: Encounter/Boyfriend

Korean: 남자친구

Network: tVN

Episodes: 16

Cast: Song Hye-Kyo, Park Bo-Gum, Jang Seung-Jo, Ko Chang-Seok

Reason to Watch: No reason required, just watch.

What’s it About:

Two strangers, a young guy and a lady both from different backgrounds meet each other in a foreign land. The time they spent together to become a good memory. Later, starts working in the lady’s company and the love blossoms. Watch their fight against the world to stay together.

Why I Enjoyed it:

Everything is just excellent the cast, direction, story, and cinematography. The cuteness of Ko Chang-Seok was a cherry on the cake. I am pretty sure Song Joong-Ki will not be watching this out of jealousy because the leading couple looks just so good together. Anyways, no need to read any further, if you haven’t seen it yet than just go and watch it.

Less Than Evil

Best Korean Dramas of 2018

Title: Less Than Evil/Bad Detective

Korean: 나쁜 형사

Network: MBC

Episodes: 32

Cast: Shin Ha-Kyun, Lee Seol, Baro

Reason to Watch: Luther, Intense Romantic Chemistry, Great Plot

What’s it About:

A veteran detective Woo Tae-Seok who will cross any line to catch the criminal. He still tormented by an old case meets a psychopath who kills her parents. She also related to the old case, the psychological battle between a brilliant psychopathic murderer and the detective begins.

Why I Liked it:

It is a remake of BBC drama Luther which I really loved. Although a remake it is still quite different from the original to keep to you on the edge from it thrilling storyline. The intensity between the detective and the murderer is quite thrilling and really, really enjoyable. The side characters are also really good and give strong performances which makes it a lot more interesting hence this is here on the list.


Sky Castle

Best Korean Dramas of 2018

Title: Sky Castle

Korean: SKY 캐슬

Network: JTBC

Episodes: 20

Cast: Yeom Jung-Ah, Lee Tae-Ran, Yoon Se-Ah, Kim Seo-Hyung

Reason to Watch: The biggest surprise of the year.

What’s it About:

It is a story about the lives of women living in a luxurious neighborhood called “SKY Castle”. The women try their best to make their husbands more successful and their kids to achieve the best education. One day one of the ladies kills herself. This opens the pandora box and the lives of all the residents of the neighborhood begin to change.

Why I Liked it:

To be honest I didn’t have high hopes for this one before it began to air. I thought it is going to be another comedy about the rich and their nonsensical problems. Man was I wrong, this is a great thriller. This deals with how the pressure of studies can affect the minds of kids. This shows how parents force their choices and opinions on their kids. The emotional blackmail (they call it “parental love”) takes its toll on the kids. I think this show can be a very good guidebook to the parents about how not to raise your children. I very highly recommend this drama to everyone.

My Mister

The Best Korean Dramas of 2018

Cast: Lee Sun-Kyun, IU, Song Sae-Byuk, Lee Ji-Ah, Chang Ki-Yong

Network: tvN

Episode: 16

Reason to Watch: Best Drama of the Year

What’s it About:

Lee Sun-Kyun is a salaryman whose wife (Lee Ji-ah) is having an affair with his boss and his boss used to be his junior. His new employee is IU, who takes care of her bedridden grandmother while running away from loan shark Chan Ki-Yong. IU who has been suffering all her life despises other human beings and only care about earning money either by hook or crook.

But after working with Sun-Kyun she starts to enjoy her life and changes her views about humanity. All the while she is trying to get him fired and while falling in love with him.

Why I enjoyed it:

This one is all about Lee Sun-Kyun, he is amazing as always. He was flawless from start to finish and this his is the best performance. IU although still lacking in the acting department, gave far better performance than in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. So if you are her fan like me it’s a must watch.

Another great thing about the drama was conversations between Sun-Kyun, his two brothers and gang of middle-aged ahjussi friendsTheir personal stories were also quite interesting and not used just a filler to keep the pace of the drama.


So this was my list of best dramas of 2018. Do you guys agree with it? Did I miss something or you want to omit something? Let me know your thoughts and your list of best dramas in the comments.




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