Best Korean Dramas of 2019

So the first quarter of 2019 has come and gone and took several Korean dramas with it. I watched most of the dramas and here is the list of my favorite dramas for the first quarter of 2019. Dramas that started airing in December of 2018 were considered while the dramas that have started airing in March of 2019 were not included because of still airing. This list is totally personal so it may differ from your choices so let me know what were your favorites K-Dramas this year.

Best Korean Dramas of 2019



Best Korean Dramas of 2019


Title: Kingdom

Korean: 킹덤

Network: Netflix

Episodes: 6 (Season 1)

Cast: Ju Ji-Hoon, Bae-Doo-Na, Ryoo Seung-Ryong, Kim Sang-Ho, Heo Jun-Ho

Reason to Watch: Story and Usain Bolt Zombies

What’s it About:

King of the country collapses from sickness while the “pregnant” Queen and her scheming father don’t allow anyone to see the King including the Crown prince. In truth, the King died but brought back to life (as a Zombie) by a famous physician. The Crown prince suspecting malice steals the royal diary and finds out about the physician. He and his royal guard run away from the palace and look for the physician. When they reach the physician’s place they find blood stains everywhere and lots of dead bodies. A nurse from the physician’s place warns people to burn the dead bodies before the sunset. Nobody listens to her warning and when the sun sets the dead bodies turns into zombies and start attacking the village. Now the prince is stuck in a small village attacked by zombies while the queen’s father declares the prince as a traitor in the capital.

Why I Liked it:

If you guys have read about this series on forums than you must also have heard about the bad acting of Bae Doo-Na and the queen. There is some truth to it but don’t let that stop you watching from the awesome series because you will regret it later. It is produced by Netflix so the quality of the drama is really great, the male actors have performed very well. The Zombies look and act real which is a great plus, the Joseon era just adds to the atmosphere. Also, the zombies in this drama have different qualities from other zombie based series. Such as they fall “asleep” during day time and runs faster than Usain Bolt. Only 6 episodes long so great to binge watch, can’t wait for the next season airing early 2020 (my guess).

Kingdom Recaps

Honorable Mentions:

The Crowned Clown – Remake of  2012 movie Masquerade but moves away from the story of the movie quite early on. The evil/psychotic Yeo Jin-Goo is the best CHIC thing you will see all year. Few early deaths and moving away from the story of the movie were the reason in my eyes that it remained a very good series rather than a great series. Even after these reasons, it is a very good watch especially if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

tVN, 16 Episodes

Haechi – Another very good series with good cast and good storyline but lacking when compared to the Kingdom. I think it needed much more sword fights and political schemes to come close to Kingdom or Six Flying Dragons.

SBS, 24 (48, 30 min.) Episodes

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Best Korean Dramas of 2019

The Fiery Priest

Title: The Fiery Priest

Korean: 열혈사제

Network: SBS

Episodes: 20

Cast: Kim Nam-Gil, Kim Sung-Kyun, Lee Ha-Nee, Go-Joon

Reason to Watch: The direction and action scenes

What’s it About:

Kim Nam-Gil plays the role of rude and hot-tempered Priest who is also very good at fighting (very very good). When a senior priest is murdered by local thugs in cahoots with bureaucrats. Nam-Gil helped by Ha-Nee and Sung-Kyung starts his plan to take down the corrupted and bring justice to the society with his god-fearing violent ways.

Why I Liked it:

As mentioned above the direction and the fight scenes are the best thing about this drama. Although the drama deals with issues such as religion, war, murder, corruption, etc. it still really funny. Another thing which brought this series to my best of the list was the lack of competition in the genre.

Honorable Mention:

Legal High –  The remake of highly successful Japanese drama, this one is good as well. But the lead lacks the antics and quirks of their Japanese counterpart. Another big thing missing in the remake is the series long intro which alone was worth watching the original Japanese version.

Jtbc, 16 Episodes

Best Korean Dramas of 2019(April-June)


Thriller/ Horror

Best Korean Dramas of 2019


Title: Trap

Korean: 트랩

Network: OCN

Episodes: 7

Cast: Lee Seo-Jin, Sung-Don-Il, Lim Hwa-Young, Seo Young-Hee

Reason to Watch: Plot Twist right up there with “The Usual Suspects”

What’s it About:

Lee Seo-Jin plays the character of a famous broadcasting anchor. One day, he goes on a trip with his family and gets hunted by hunters during which his wife and son both lose their life. A veteran detective who lost his son to the same people takes over his case. Both work together with other uncorrupted cops to avenge their families.

Why I Liked it:

The only 7 episodes long drama makes it a very good binge watch if you haven’t seen it yet. The leading male cast is just great in their acting, with a great story which is quite different from your usual OCN thrillers. To top it all off the main plot twist just took this drama a notch higher from its counterparts. I would highly recommend this one if you guys love thrillers.

Honorable Mention:

Possessed – Enjoying it very much but it still airing so can’t make the final judgment until it finishes.

OCN, Episodes 16

Most of the thriller dramas has started airing in March so above two didn’t have much competition. The ones finished airing in this genre doesn’t come even come close to the above two.



Best Korean Dramas of 2019

The Light In Your Eyes

Title: The Light In Your Eyes

Korean: 눈이 부시게

Network: JTBC

Episodes: 12

Cast: Han Ji-Min, Kim Hye-Ja, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Son Ho-Jun

Reason to Watch: Cry Me A River

What’s it About:

Kim Hye-Ja (Han Ji-Min) wishes to be an announcer, she also has feelings for Joon-Ha (Nam Joo-Hyuk). One day she suddenly turns into a 70-year-old woman (Kim Hye-Ja). Now she sees the world through the eyes of an old woman and also the world treats her as an old woman. This is the story of her quest to go back to her younger days.

Why I Liked it:

This drama starts as a fantasy series but it is far from that. I don’t want to spoil much but it deals with problems people of old age are suffering in today’s society. You are really going to like it if you liked the drama Dear My Friends. Both have quite a similar vibe and this one gets quite sad towards the end so get your tissues ready. Don’t get mistaken by its fantasy genre tag it is pure drama series which will touch your heart and will make you think about your future.

Honorable Mention:

My Strange Hero – The biggest plus point of the drama is the eye candy cast. The story is also quite good and it deals with the issues students face in today’s schools and from their parents. Not an excellent drama but a good watch especially if you like the cast.

My Strange Hero Recaps

Action/ Fantasy


Nothing beats this one in this genre as well.

Honorable Mention:

Memories of the Alhambra – Hyun-Bin alone could be the reason for most of you to go and see this one. A bit complicated but very good storyline also helps its cause. The CG effects were quite good as well. The only thing I didn’t like was Shin-Hye as the opposite lead I wish they had chosen someone more mature.

tVN, 16 Episodes



Best Korean Dramas of 2019

Romance is a Bonus Book

Title: Romance is a Bonus Book

Korean: 로맨스는 별책부록

Network: tVN

Episodes: 16

Cast: Lee Na-Young, Lee Jong-Suk, Jung Eugene, Kim Tae-Woo

Reason to Watch: Simple Noona-Dongsaeng Romance

What’s it About:

Cha Eun-Ho (Jong-Suk) a genius writer and chief editor at a publishing company starts living together with his crush/noona (not blood-related). The “noona” Dan-Yi (Na-Young) is a divorcee and an unemployed lady who comes to rely on her dongsaeng and gets a job at his publishing company after lying on her resume. This is their love story.

Romance is a Bonus Book Recaps


Touch Your Heart


Best Korean Dramas of 2019

Title: Touch Your Heart

Korean: 진심이 닿다

Network: tVN

Episodes: 16

Cast: Yoo In-Na, Lee Dong-Wook, Lee Sang-Woo, Oh Jung-Se

Reason to Watch: The Other Goblin Couple

What’s it About:

Yoon-Seo (In-Na) a famous actress known for her looks and bad acting falls from grace after getting involved in a false drug scandal. She then starts working as a legal secretary in hopes to get experience for her new role. The lawyer she is working for is Jung-Rok a straight talking and cold-hearted human being. At first, both have issues with each other but then starts to have feelings for each other *typical*.

Touch Your Heart Recaps


Why I Liked Both of Them:

Both dramas are quite similar to each other in many aspects. Both have simple and straight love stories involving not a love triangle or other k-drama cliches. I think it will come down to which cast you like more when choosing your favorite drama among these two. Both of these are quite and I highly recommend both of them to any romantic K-drama lovers.

So, people, this was the list of Best Korean Dramas of 2019 for the first quarter, in my opinion. Do you guys agree with the list or did I miss something please let me know into the comments thanks.




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