Big Forest Episode 1 Recap

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap


Pervy MC Shin Dong-Yeop is back on TV in a new drama Big Forest, playing the character of himself. Last seen in a drama series as a lead, was in Vampire idol and last time heard, when he voices Jung Ryeo-won’s pervert horse in Wok of Love. Jung Sang-hoon’s character is also named Jung Sang-hoon, a single father who works for a loan shark.

Given the premise and cast I’m guessing there are going to be lot of guest appearances. It’s a comedy, so let’s see if it makes you LOL or Troll (next Eminem? [although I’m not white]).

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap

Swindle God or God of Fraud

Shin Dong-Yeop story:

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap
Should have used warm water.

Things doesn’t start well for Dong-yeop, he is surrounded by reporters while coming out of police station after his questioning. He already has failed business, filed for bankruptcy and now caught drunk driving. He lost everything and is out of work. Fast forward 1 year, he is trying to commit suicide by drowning in his bathtub. He doesn’t succeed as he grasp for air because he was drowning (still suspecting if it’s a comedy).

By the way his legs and hand are tied, how did he tied his hands own his own with such a beautiful knot? He gives it a second try as he has failed in everything in his life he doesn’t want to fail in killing himself (never giving up, spirit of a winner). Enters two man pulling him out of the tub.

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap
Why so serious!

He is on knees in front of their leader (Jung Moon-sung as Jegal) who is talking about buying a house in Australia, raising a Golden Retriever and teaching his eldest kid Violin. For that to happen Dong-yeop needs to pay his debts. He needs to pay interest within a week, if he tries to commit suicide again his father will have to pay.

Chae-ok played by Jang So-yeon (Something in the rain) enters the room and slaps one of the crony after saying something in Yanbian accent she storms out. The slap (is this called slapstick comedy?) looked totally weird and you could feel the hesitation and weird motion. They should have re-shot it again but they let it go and I think it’s going to be a recurrent issue.

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap
Now I know why people hate school.

Outside Dong-yeop tries to commit suicide unsuccessfully (to his father’s delight) again this time in school zone.  He meets Chae-ok who says, she will pay his debts if he decides to help her. Her plan is to have a fake wedding and collect the congratulatory money. He rejects the offer but then he gets a call from his dad about his “friends” visit, hearing it, he readily accepts the offer before inquiring about their wedding night. (Answer was no, much to his disappointment).

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap
Yes I can still see, You Racist!

They have their wedding shoot with a phone camera. Then they move on to choose the menu, they ask to reduce the quality quite a lot. When attendant asks Dong-yeop, is it alright because you only get married once he replies, “it’s my second and her may be third or fourth”. They give out their wedding cards to her friends.

When asked about how they first met their stories doesn’t match, he ends up giving her a kiss on her cheek. Next day another group of friends but this time his story is in order (practice make perfect). It’s time to meet the family and lot of relatives, surprisingly everything goes smoothly.

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap

On their way back to his home they meet Jung Sang-hoon and his daughter, he is Dong-yeop’ new neighbor. While drinking at Dong-yeop’s home Chae-ok goes to the bathroom but accidentally opens a different door and sees something. She asks who conned him and he replies his friend. She says that he got conned and it was his own fault because he trusted someone. He says she looks at world with very negative view and that good people do exist.

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap

Day before the marriage he goes into the “room” and we see it’s full of awards  and personally recorded VHS of his old TV shows. He watches a show where he is giving a message to his future wife and disconnect Chae-ok’s incoming call. D-day our groom receives a bad news Chae-ok doesn’t show up to the wedding. He receives a call from her and she wants him to keep believing in goodness and she is sorry.

He tries to run away with money box but it’s stuck to the table. He remembers he need to pay the loan shark’s; he sees the gold ring he received from Chae-ok’s mother. Now at Jegal’s office, our family loving goon wants his second child to grow up in Germany so it’s payment time. After little speech by Dong-yeob about how he is going to pay his debts, he is seen on the street beaten and bruised. He still has the ring in his mouth and he is on his way to the store to sell it.

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap
On top of the World with my socks on!

The structure of the drama seems like going to be two part stories.

Jung Sang-hoon story:

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap
Please don’t ask for a loan.

Jung Sang-hoon’s daughter is talking about his father’s job in front of her class and other parents. She describes him as loan consultant who is a excellent worker, loved by his customers and colleagues alike. In reality, he works for our family loving loan shark Jegal, his customer are low lives and his colleagues are goons as well. He is mostly getting scolded by his customers or doing menial work for his colleagues (like tying a tie). His cute daughter wants to grow up to be like him (only if she knew).

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap
It’s a bat , it’s a man no it’s BATMAN

In V.I.P room he is pondering over his job with a customer, he is receiving very good advice from his customer who is hanging down tied to the ceiling . He requests to be untied and brought down, our good guy obliges. Psychiatrist customer turns into psychotic and takes  Sang-hoon hostage but Sang-hoon is rescued by family loving leader Jegal (from now on let’s drop family loving part). He gives Sang-hoon some “golden words” and transfers him to money recovering team.

He meets his new team members ahjussi Hwang Mun-sik (department head), Hawaiian shirt loving Choo Sim-soo and beautiful Casey(Jeon So-mi duplicate). He goes on with Sim-soo to learn about his new duties. Sim-soo and Sang-hoon meets their first “customer”. Sim-soo is just tapped on his shoulder while demanding money, he throws himself back and starts to beat himself all the while requesting the customer to not beat him.

He starts bleeding from his head and mouth scared customer gives him the money. Later, Sim-soo explains that blood was fake and this job is like training as his dream is to become an actor.

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap
Let’s see which is more stronger my head or the broom.

Now it’s Casey’s turn to teach him, she takes him to a school (can u just get in like this?), she starts reading children’s book to a kid. Kid’s mother approaches and demands her to leave. Inside children book there are pictures of girls in bikinis (every child’s dream) and Casey says she will come everyday to “teach” lady’s son if she doesn’t pay (she pays, much to kid’s disappointment). Department head’s technique was to take a dump in front of customer’s apartment while San-hoon watches (he won’t be eating curry anymore).

Back home he dreams if people find out about his real job, his daughter may be bullied at school and may turn into rebel growing up. Next day he want to give resignation but before he could do that Jegal gives whole team a bonus. He is given his first assignment his first “customer” is his neighbor Dong-yeop. He meets him at his home after long silence (accompanied by funny BGM) he tries his colleague’s techniques but fails miserably and leaves. Jegal tells Sang-hoon it is more embarrassing to not be able to provide for his daughter than to do this kind of job.

Drunk Sang-hoon goes back to Dong-yeop’s home and says Dong-yeop is nothing anymore and he should do whatever he can to earn money and pay back his debts. Next day, thinking he said too much he goes back to Dong-yeop’s house but nobody answers the door. Worried Sang-hoon starts banging the door. Finish

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap
Please open i need to use the bathroom urgently.

I think second part was better than the first by quite a lot, specially in the acting department. I think comedy level will increase as the story goes on. I quite enjoyed the episode and I will stick with the drama. What’s your opinion on the episode let me know in the comments?

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