Big Forest Episode 2 Recap

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap

We are back to see if our variety TV super star Shin Dong-yeop survives in drama land. Will he try another unsuccessful suicide attempt or Sang-hoon will be able to save him. Unlike the previous post I have decide to shorter the post and just write about important parts of the story line rather than scene by scene recap. You guys let me know which one you prefer (if someone actually reads this crap).

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap

Shin Dong-Yeop Story:

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap
I don’t get paid enough for this Sh*t.

At the end of the previous episode Sang-hoon suspects something has happened to Dong-yeop. Now, emergency personnel are able to open the door and they found Dong-yeop along with empty bottles and pills lying on the floor. Sang-hoon suspecting the worse starts crying, emergency personnel tries to give CPR but he feels alcohol fueled breath on his lips.

Turns out Dong-yeop is only sleeping and pills on the floor are Multi-Vitamins. Sang-hoon again pleads Dong-yeop to find a job so he can pay his debts. Dong-yeop explains he has already asked PDs he worked with and his celebrity friends but no one have given him any job. Sang-hoon says he needs to search for jobs outside of entertainment industry and finds him a job as a high school teacher. He reluctantly (not that reluctant when asked to sell his organs instead) agrees and meets the Principal lady and vice-principal of the school.

VP seems to dislike Dong-yeop whereas Principal likes him a bit too much. He meets the students and has a little confrontation with the jjang. Two problem kids leaves during his class and gets caught by VP for smoking cigarettes.

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap

When principal asks Dong-yeop to explain himself, he says this was all part of his plan. He knew they were going to smoke so he wanted to catch them in action but VP caught them instead of him. He takes them out of the office to “punish” and moves to the rooftop. There he teaches them the “proper” way for students to smoke so, they don’t get caught next time. His teachings are, to exhale the cigarette smoke into a polythene bag so it can’t be seen by others and smoking cigarette after putting it between a rolled dollar note so your fingers don’t smell.

He sees himself in the background of a selfie posted on Instagram by a student. When he looks around in the classroom he can’t seem to find the girl. Some students’ points towards the girl and explains she uses Photoshop to make herself look pretty on Insta and say some other mean things to her. Girl gets emotional, runs outside and tries to commit “suicide” (most I have seen in a comedy) by jumping from 1st floor balcony. Dong-yeop persuades her not to jump after promising to get her Wanna One oppas autograph but her foot sleeps and Dong-yeop is able to catch her just before she falls.

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap
Hmmmm, may be around 40 Kg?

Same time news reporter arrives (they were already scheduled to be there on that day). He gets interviewed and his pictures taken. On the roof VP apologizes for his behavior and ask him to take care of the kids. As they walk back towards the classes, VP sees some students smoking and they fess up that Dong-yeop was the one who taught them he loses his job. On, a side note VP and Principal turns out to be a married couple.

In the epilogue we see that after teaching kids the technique he talks to them about his friend who can’t speak. His friends throat looks just like the pic on the smoke pack. Breaking the fourth wall he asks the audience, would they still smoke?

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap
If you read the article, then comment.
Sang-Hoon Story:
Big Forest Episode 2 Recap
So where should I take you, Sir?

Jegal is scolding our nice guy Sang-hoon for acting like a life counselor rather than a loan shark. Sang-hoon helps his “customers” with their life issues rather than retrieving money. He finds job for an unemployed (Dong-yeop), gives massage to someone who has hurt his back and drives a taxi while taxi driver rests on passenger side. Jegal wants him to do his job properly. Head manager gives his daughter’s old clothes to Sang-hoon.

Sang-hoon’s daughter find name tags on collars of the dresses and says she understands as her family is poor. Embarrassed Sang-hoon says that they are not poor and he will buy anything for her. She wants collection of children books, which contains her favorite Snow white as well. He buys the  collection secondhand for cheap from Im Cheong-a (Choi Hee-seo). His daughter is really happy; he even gets stamp of outstanding work, from her.

Sang-hoon sees that in the box Snow white (No.9 in the collection) is missing and her daughter is on book no.2. He gets nervous because that is her daughter’s favorite book and ends up imagining her daughter turning into a delinquent (similar to previous episode).

For next couple of days he tries to get book from somewhere but ends getting beaten and also scammed by an online seller. Meanwhile his daughter is finishing the books in order and getting close to no.9. He ends up calling Cheong-a and asks her to look around the house for the book, she replies she checked but couldn’t find the book.

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap
Mom was right, i should have drank more milk.

They end up arguing with each other she gets angry and hangs up. She calls him again that night and apologizes for the way she behaved. She asks that she stashed some money in one of the books and forgot about it, if he could check and give the money back to her. Seeing it as a chance of revenge, he says he checked but couldn’t find any money and hangs up.

Later he sees his daughter reading Snow white he asks where was the book earlier. She replies, because she liked the book so much see already took it out when the box arrived. Feeling bad he checks all the books but couldn’t find the money. Next day, he drops the  same amount of money as she told him in her letter box.

Back in his office Jegal is still scolding him for not getting any money when the taxi driver arrives to pay the money. Jegal gets embarrassed and we finally see a smile on Sang-hoon’s face.

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap
I told you so!

In next episode’s preview we see some romance in sight for our perv Dong-yeop. I really enjoyed the episode and saw a great improvement in acting department specially in Dong-yeop’s story. Sang-hoon’s story was more about introducing Cheong-a rather than anything else. I am going to stick with the series, especially excited about the mystery guest appearing in the next episode.

Should I watch it: Yes, if you want to learn, how to avoid throat cancer.
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