Dele Japanese Drama Review

Great cast, well executed and excellent stories make this dark mystery a must watch. Here is a little review of the Japanese drama Dele. Kumiko Aso was in it so there was no chance I was going to miss it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a good changeContinue Reading

Big Forest Episode 2 Recap

We are back to see if our variety TV super star Shin Dong-yeop survives in drama land. Will he try another unsuccessful suicide attempt or Sang-hoon will be able to save him. Unlike the previous post I have decide to shorter the post and just write about important parts ofContinue Reading

Big Forest Episode 1 Recap

  Pervy MC Shin Dong-Yeop is back on TV in a new drama Big Forest, playing the character of himself. Last seen in a drama series as a lead, was in Vampire idol and last time heard, when he voices Jung Ryeo-won’s pervert horse in Wok of Love. Jung Sang-hoon’sContinue Reading

Ping Pong Ball Drama Review

I recently watched this mini-series called Ping Pong Ball. It is based on webcomic “Takkookong” by Jo Geum-San. I wasn’t expecting much from it when I started watching it (without reading anything about the series) and I am glad that I did that because if I had known it wasContinue Reading

Takane No Hana Born to Be a flower

A Japanese take on “The Beauty and The Beast” story, which is as romantic as it’s beautiful. Drama: Born to be a Flower Japanese: 高嶺の花 Episodes: 10 Broadcast: 11-July to 12-Sep 2018 Network: NTV Rating: 3.9/5.0 Theme Song: Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley Plot: Momo Tsukishima (Satomi Ishihara) comesContinue Reading

Gibo To musume no blues review

Gibo To Musume No Blues Broadcast: July 10 – September 18, 2018 Episodes: 10 Theme song: Ai no Katachi by MISIA feat. HIDE (GReeeeN) Plot: Haruka Ayase played as Iwaki Akiko is a hard-working career woman who is very good at her job. Ryoichi Miyamoto played by Yutaka Takenouchi meetsContinue Reading