Her Private Life Episode 7-8 Recap

In the previous episode, Ryan learns that he was mistaken about Deok-Mi being in a romantic relationship with Sun-Joo. He also learns that Deok-Mi is a fangirl of Shi-An and runs SAIML fan club. He then secretly joins the fan club under a false ID. Da-In an old friend ofContinue Reading

The Nokdu Flower Episode 1-2 Recap

Yoon Shi-Yoon returns to the small screen after his forced break after 1N2D went on hiatus. Cho Jung-Seok who got married last October also returns on the small screen. The will be joined by Han Ye-ri and Choi Moo-Sung in other leading roles. The drama is about the Donghak PeasantContinue Reading

Her Private Life Episode 5-6 Recap

In the previous episode, Ryan helps Deok-Mi get rid of the rumor by becoming her fake boyfriend. While Deok-Mi starts to see him in different view during their fake date. Just when Deok-Mi thought things are under control Cindy becomes the new intern at the gallery. Her Private Life EpisodeContinue Reading

The Fiery Priest Episode 20 Recap

So we are at the final episode of the fiery priest. So far the series has been quite fun so let’s see if the finale can live up to the expectations. Hae-Il will be going for the final confrontation against his arch-enemy Joong-Kwon. While other villains are trying to runContinue Reading

Her Private Life Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode, Deok-Mi meets Shi-An face to face making it her best day of life. But her meeting turns into a rumor mill and she becomes the new girlfriend of Shi-An. This rumor causes issues for her personal and professional life. Eun-Ki comes to her aid when sheContinue Reading

Her Private Life Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode, Deok-Mi gets a surprise when she finds out that Ryan is the new director of the gallery. She then makes a mistake after which Ryan fires her out of anger. Ryan finds out that it was not Deok-Mi’s fault and goes to her to offer herContinue Reading

Netflix Persona Recap

Netflix Persona Recap Just A Hickey Cast: IU, Shim Dal-Gi Han-Na (IU) goes to her friend Hye-Bok’s (Shim Dal-Gi) house (situated near a forest) after she misses a few school days. When she arrived at her house she runs into Hye-Bok’s father. He tells her that she is not homeContinue Reading

Netflix Persona Recap

Netflix Persona Recap Love Set Cast – IU, Bae Doo-Na IU is not enjoying eating a plum while she watches a tennis match played by two Maria Sharapova impressionists (her Dad and BDN). Something comes to her mind and she calls someone, then a man arrives at the tennis court.Continue Reading

Her Private Life Episode 1-2 Recap

Park Min-Young returns to tVN with another drama after last years “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”. Her co-star is Kim Jae-Wook who gets a proper lead role, he also had a somewhat leading role in OCN drama The Guest. Her Private Life is about Deok-Mi (Min-Young) who is a curatorContinue Reading

Heo Sung-Tae Confirmed To Appear In "Watcher"

Heo Sung-Tae Confirmed To Appear In “Watcher” Heo Sung Tae’s agency Hanhareum Company has that the actor will be appearing in the upcoming OCN drama “Watcher”.  He is known for his villainous roles and became popular after appearing in the movie “The Outlaws”. Meanwhile, the expectations for the drama areContinue Reading