Dinner Party And Still Cuts Of "Her Private Life"

Dinner Party And Still Cuts Of “Her Private Life”¬† Dinner Party Park Min-Young throw a dinner party for the cast and staff of her new drama “Her Private Life”. The dinner was arranged at Imperial Palace Seoul on the 10th of April, the same day that her drama premieres. TheContinue Reading

My Fellow Citizens Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode, Jung-Kook is forced to run for election after Hoo-Ja’s man attacks Mi-Youg (Who kicks their asses by the way). Later, Mi-Young during carrying out a search warrant at Hoo-Ja’s company sees Pil-Joo there and recognizes him as one of the men who attacked her. Hoo-Ja introducesContinue Reading

Haechi leads Mon-Tue slot in viewership rankings

Haechi leads Mon-Tue slot in viewership rankings  SBS saguk drama Haechi leads the Mon.-Tue. slot in viewership rankings followed by My Fellow Citizens and Special Labor Inspector Jo respectively. Haechi stayed ahead of all its competitors although it is facing tough competition. Haechi starring Jung Il-Woo and Go-Ara got anContinue Reading

Netflix's Because It's My First Love

Netflix’s Because It’s My First Love Netflix released a trailer for its new teen drama series, “Because It’s My First Love”. The drama stars young and talented Ji-Soo who I really enjoyed in Ping Pong Ball and Angry Mom among others. Other two leads are Idols Jung Chae-Yeon (DIA, I.O.I)Continue Reading

My Fellow Citizens Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode, the leading couple’ marriage is not going so well after the revelation of Mi-Young being a cop. On top of that chairman Park’s daughter has arrived to take revenge on behalf of her father. Her man corners Jung-Kook while running away he accidentally catches a serialContinue Reading

Best Korean Dramas of 2019

So the first quarter of 2019 has come and gone and took several Korean dramas with it. I watched most of the dramas and here is the list of my favorite dramas for the first quarter of 2019. Dramas that started airing in December of 2018 were considered while theContinue Reading

My Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 Recap

Super Junior’s returns to the small screen after his last drama Revolutionary Love and his dog’s biting incident. He will be playing the role of a conman Yang Jung-Kook, who marries his girlfriend (Lee Yoo-Young) who turns out to be a cop. Not only that he is chased by aContinue Reading

Touch Your Heart Episode 16 Recap

In the previous episode, the leading couple starts dating again hoping to keep it secret this time. But get caught my Yoon-Seo’s manager. Then Jung-Rok starts working as an advisor for Yoon-Seo’s upcoming drama. Their secret dating is giving a headache to the manager. Joon-Hyuk and Moon-Hee also start datingContinue Reading

Touch Your Heart Episode 15 Recap

In the previous episode, Jung-Rok and Joon-Kyu get into an argument over the murder case. They later make up after Se-Won’s intervention. Who also tell Yoon-Seo that Jung-Rok is having a hard time without her. She goes to meet Jung-Rok but he coldly dismisses her and tells her to concentrateContinue Reading

Kill It Episode 1 Recap

Jang Ki-Yong returns with another romance thriller drama after his previous hits Come and Hug Me and My Mister from last year. Come and Hug Me was my favorite romantic drama from last year while My Ahjussi was the best drama of 2018. His co-star this time is Idol actressContinue Reading