Im Si Wan returns to small screen for the first time after his military duty. He will be playing the role of Jong-Woo, who moves to Seoul for his new job and to be close to his girl-friend. He ends up living in small studio which is cheap but surroundedContinue Reading

Hotel Del Luna Episode 15-16 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 15-16 Recap Staff members of the hotel are sad that Man-Wol (IU) left without saying goodbye. While Ma-Go is preparing alcohol for the new owner of the hotel, she is missing an important ingredient. To get that ingredient asks Chan-Sung to go 200 years in pastContinue Reading

When the Devil Calls Your Name Recap

Previously, Dong-Cheon a forgotten artist signs a contract with devil to become famous and to save his son’s life. According to the contract he well become young, famous in return he will have to give his soul to the Devil. When  devil comes to collect his debt Dong-Cheon (now getsContinue Reading

The Great Show Episode 1-2 Recap

  Drama: The Great Show Hangul: 위대한 쇼 Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Airing: Monday & Tuesday 21:30   Synopsis: Wie Dae-Han (Song Seung-Heon) is an ex-lawmaker and is a materialistic kind of politician. He looses election when his father commits suicide, leading people to accuse Dae-Han of ignoring his father.Continue Reading

The King's Letters Movie Review

The King’s Letters Movie Review Movie: The King’s Letters (English title) Hangul: 나랏말싸미 Release Date: July 24, 2019 Run Time: 110 min. Distributor: Megabox Plus M Country: South Korea Cast: The King’s Letters is the story of the creation of Hangul letters during the reign of Sejong The Great ofContinue Reading

When Devils Calls Your Name Episode 5-6 Recap

When Devils Calls Your Name Episode 5-6 Recap My New Muse Ha-Rip goes to Mo Tae-kang and argues that Yi-Kyung didn’t cuss, and she indeed is a first class soul. Tae-Kang tells him that first class souls used to exist before but not anymore. Chances of Yi-Kyung to be aContinue Reading

One Spring Night Episode 5-6 Recap

One Spring Night Episode 5-6 Recap Asking Permission To Stalk Ji-Ho asks Jung-In that can she allow him to see her and he won’t let her catch him. She tells him if she can’t catch him then it should not matter if she allows him or not. Meanwhile, Ki-Seok isContinue Reading

Her Private Life Episode 15-16

Her Private Life Episode 15-16 Past Mistakes Deok-Mi and Ryan spend the night together and wake up with makeup and nice breath (I wish my morning were like this). They then get ready and go to work together as well. All the staff of the gallery is working hard towardsContinue Reading

Her Private Life Episode 13-14 Recap

Her Private Life Episode 13-14 Recap Brother From The Same Mother Ryan and Deok-Mi are having some healing time after Ryan reveals his secret to her. Deok-Mi takes (forces) herself to Ryan’ place. Ryan still bitter about Go-Stop loss wants to beat her in something he is good at. OnContinue Reading