Running Man Episode 451 Recap

Running Man Episode 451 Recap Teacher’s Day Special Today’s race is individual race and all the members are starting from different locations on their own. The teacher’s day special episode will also celebrate Sejong The Great. In the final round, members will need to solve Sejong’s riddle. The last survivorContinue Reading

Running Man Episode 450 Recap

Running Man Episode 450 Recap Bad Luck Continues Let’s start the Running Man Episode 450 Recap. The show starts with usual banter between members about their or the lack of it. Jae-Seok is the victim who is trying to replicate the fashion of Oh Hyuk lead singer of Hyukoh band.Continue Reading

Running Man Episode 449 Recap

Running Man Episode 449 Recap I’m An Actor  The show starts on a good note with Jong-Kook getting congratulated for his first solo concert in 9 years. He thanks all the members for their support especially Jae-Seok who stole the limelight. Jae-Seok got extra hyped during the concert leading himContinue Reading

Running Man Episode 447 Recap

Continuing from last week where So-Min started her date while other members will try to make her remain single. Running Man Episode 447 Recap Open Sesame The members realize that the clues point to the poem So-Min wrote on her SNS. But they have no idea what does they supposeContinue Reading

Running Man Episode 446 Recap

Running Man Episode 446 Recap Continuum Continuing from last week the three teams will be participating in a tug of war to get the hint about the secret couple. The spartan legion led by Jong-Kook looks the most threatening among the three teams. Hence the other two teams are alreadyContinue Reading

Running Man Episode 440

Running Man Episode 440 Recap War of Money All the members start from different places, they will be competing to earn money. They need to carry out the missions with the citizens to get the basic funds. They are also free to form teams own their own, the team ofContinue Reading

Running Man Episode 439 Recap

Running Man Episode 439 Recap Do You Even Have Fans? It’s Suk-Jin’s birthday so his fans send a coffee truck to the shooting location. The cast and the staff are suspicious that Suk-Jin paid himself for the coffee truck. They also get surprised with Haha’s outfit, he looks like aContinue Reading

Running Man Episode 438 Recap

Running Man Episode 438 Recap Battle of the “Forced” Lovers Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook both won the Level up Race. The PD tells them that they can either take the money together or play again. If they decide to play again then the winner will win the prize moneyContinue Reading

Running Man Episode 437 Recap

First, I would like to apologize for not able to recap the past four episodes of Running Man. I was busy (and too lazy) but now I would try my best to recap each and every episode of Running Man. I am also looking forward to recapping the second seasonContinue Reading