Dele Japanese Drama Review

Dele Japanese Drama Review

Dele Japanese Drama Review

Great cast, well executed and excellent stories make this dark mystery a must watch.

Here is a little review of the Japanese drama Dele. Kumiko Aso was in it so there was no chance I was going to miss it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a good change from all the K-dramas I have been watching recently.

Drama: Dele

Japanese: ディーリー

Network: TV Asahi

Episodes: 8

Rating: 4.0/5

Cast: Masaki Suda (Gintama), Kumiko Aso (Kiseki No Hito), Yamada Takayuki (Crows Zero, 13 Assasins)

Runtime:  27th July to 14th Sept. 2018

Dele Japanese Drama Review

Yutaro Mashiba (Masaki Suda) is a free-spirited jack of all trades type of a guy who works as an errand boy. He gets arrested when he “kidnaps” a child from his abusing father on child’s mother’s request. Mai Sakagami (Kumiko Aso) a lawyer, bails him out and in return, he agrees to work with her. Rather than working for her she asks him to work for her brother Keiji Sakagami (Yamada Takayuki).

Dele Japanese Drama Review Keiji is a wheelchair-bound computer programmer who is paralyzed in the lower half of his body. He runs a company called dele.LIFE in the basement of his sister’s office building. His job is to delete all the data of his clients from their computers and phones after their death.

Dele Japanese Drama Review

At first, a bit reluctant Keiji gets impressed by wits and social skills of Yutaro and makes him his assistant/partner. Yutaro’s job is to verify the client’s death. They get involved in their client’s secrets after their death.

Dele Drama Review

What I enjoyed:

Dele Japanese Drama Review

The performances of all three leads were really great, there was no exaggeration in acting department here that sometimes plagues Japanese doramas. It was episodic, means every episode has its own story because of that there were a lot of guest appearances. These guest performers didn’t let the quality of the show drop even when leads were not on the screen. I have to say my favorite was KOM_I (Wednesday Campanella), just because I enjoy her music so much and it is rare to see her in a drama.

Dele Japanese Drama Review

As I said it was episodic, but there was not a single episode which was a letdown. Each story was dark and beautifully presented as the next one. I am not a fan of this kind of dramas because they tend to rinse and repeat the same pattern. The difference here was that every story didn’t end in a happy ending, not all of the stories involved bad guys or murders. Which made every story refreshing and I was not able to guess endings correctly (maybe you perform better than me).

Dele Japanese Drama Review

If I have to compare it to some other dorama I would say closest one is BORDER (Shun Oguri). Both are quite similar in atmosphere and storytelling, it could be because both have the same writer Kazuki Kaneshiro (Co-writer of Dele). Although the premise of both dramas is quite different they feel quite similar. So, if you enjoyed BORDER you are most likely to enjoy this one as well.

What was Lacking:

Dele Japanese Drama Review

Some of the action scenes involving Masaki (except the last episode) lacked perfection, fight scenes seemed little stiff and forced. It is not a big issue in the big picture as there are only a few of them but still.

Dele Japanese Drama Review Dele Japanese Drama Review

Kumiko Aso although a lead character she wasn’t involved in the whole storyline as much as the other two. I wanted to see a lot more of her and something that I didn’t want to see was her ugly hairstyle. Whoever her stylist was made a really bad choice, I just hated it. It could be just my personal biased but it bothered me every time she was on the screen.

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If you are looking for romance, sadly there is none. There are little hints of flirting between Kumiko and Sudo (it surely could be my imagination). I personally didn’t think it was a bad thing but for some viewers, it could be a pre-requisite.

Other than these little hiccups there isn’t much to complain about this great series.


Dele Japanese Drama Review


Story matter in itself is quite interesting for you guys to watch this drama. Have you guys thought about what happens to your digital data and how it could affect people around you and how they will remember you when you are gone? It doesn’t answer these questions but challenges you to think about them.

Dele Japanese Drama Review

If you want a change from cliched riddled dramas than this could be the answer. Also, if you are a fan of dark mysteries than give it a shot. Just watch 1st episode and you will know from that if you are going to enjoy it or not.

Have you guys seen it yet? If not go enjoy it and let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

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