Dinner Party And Still Cuts Of “Her Private Life” 

Dinner Party

Park Min-Young throw a dinner party for the cast and staff of her new drama “Her Private Life”. The dinner was arranged at Imperial Palace Seoul on the 10th of April, the same day that her drama premieres. The dinner was attended by co-stars Kim Jae-Wook, Ahn Bo-Hyun, One, Park Jin-Joo and Kim Bo-Ra along with nearly 150 staff members.

Dinner Party And Still Cuts Of "Her Private Life"

Her Private Life is about a perfect curator Deok-Mi (Min-Young) who works at an art gallery. But she has one secret, she runs a fan website about her favorite Idol Shi-An (One). Then her new boss Ryan (Jae-Wook) finds out about her secret and starts taking an interest her. On the 11th she said “the show will become more interesting when you will see more of Deok-Mi’s private life in today’s episode.

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Upcoming Skinship

Dinner Party And Still Cuts Of "Her Private Life"

According to the drama officials, we will get to see the skin-ship between the lead quite soon. In the released still-cuts we see Ryan admitted in the hospital while Deok-Mi nurses him by his bedside. Both of them met the first time at an auction but didn’t have the first impression of each other. Now that Ryan has become her new boss how will their story unfold? To find out watch Her Private Life on Wednesday and Thursdays.

Also, stay tuned for the recap of the premiere week that is coming soon!!!


Source: Osen, Instagram PMY

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