Doctor John Episode 15-16 Recap, Finale Week

Doctor John Episode 15-16 Recap

Doctor John Episode 15-16 Recap

Yo-Han gives his all to save Ki-Seok until the last moment. Even after, giving his best he is unable to save Ki-Seok. Ki-Seok’s death totally devastates Yo-Han who takes out his anger on Shi-Young. News reports the death of former health minister, prosecutors investigate the death was due to euthanasia. Myung-Oh becomes the prime suspect, Tae-Kyung will also be questioned by the prosecutors. News of Yo-Han not wanting to return to the hospital also spreads through his colleagues.

Seok-Ki gets chest pains while driving, he nearly gets in a big accident. He is taken to HMC, Yo-Han tells him he need to be hospitalized. Later, when confronted by Shi-Young, Yo-Han tells her that he will participate in the research. Furthermore, he tells her to move on and stop thinking about being together in the future. Yo-Han performs the surgery on Seok-Ki, Eun-Jung takes out her resentment on Yo-Han for child’s death. Shi-Young’s father is declared brain-dead, and he is taken of life support. After, which he passes away.

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Doctor John Episode 15-16 Recap

Yo-Han doesn’t attend the funeral, later he goes to airport for his departure. Shi-Young’s sister convinces her to go to the airport, or she will regret it forever. She meets him at the airport before boarding his plane, she confesses her feelings. They end up kissing each other. Later, they keep contact with each other through e-mails as she keeps check on his vital. When, she doesn’t get e-mail from him she calls him, but he doesn’t pickup her call. Finally, someone picks Yo-Han’s phone, that someone tells Shi-Young that Yo-Han can’t answer any calls because he is busy with his research.

We then see that he lied and Yo-Han is hospitalized, not looking in a good condition. Time passes away, but she is still unable to contact Yo-Han. News of him making big contribution in new research surfaces but still no contact with him. Shi-Young is finally able to see Yo-Han when he surprises her with his return to the hospital. Meanwhile, she is also having hard time diagnosing a new patient. The residents want the opinion of great doctor Yo-Han which angers Shi-Young.

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The Returner

Yo-Han is offered a new role in the hospital by Shi-Young’s mother. Yoo-Joon asks for Yo-Han’s help (in secret) in diagnosing the new patient. Meanwhile, Shi-Young learns that Yo-Han nearly lost his life during the research Although I didn’t see anything like that written in the e-mail which gives the above information. Later, Yo-Han helps Shi-Young diagnose the new patient. Not only that he also confesses his felling towards her which in return brings tears in her eyes.

Yo-Han also meets with his former juniors and gets praised during their dinner. Yoo-Joon reveals to Shi-Young that Yo-Han has been keeping eyes on her all this time she was unable to contact him. After some PPL Yo-Han meets with Seok-Ki who is working for changes in euthanasia laws. Elsewhere, Shi-Young and her team is able to correctly diagnose the new patient thanks to Yo-Han’s suggestion. The drama ends with Yo-Han and Shi-Young achieving their happy ending.

End of Doctor John Episode 15-16 Recap.



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