Encounter Episode 12 Recap

Men Are Men

Encounter Episode 12 RecapEncounter Episode 12 Recap

Woo-Seok tells Jin-Hyeok he has come to see him because of “my woman”. Jin-Hyeok finds him irritating, Woo-Seok further tells Jin-Hyeok that he can’t handle Soo-Hyun. Jin-Hyeok replies that he is ready to endure everything in order to protect Soo-Hyun. Elsewhere, Jin-Hyeok’s father meets Soo-Hyun and thanks her for the hospitality and the bottle of wine. He is worried about their relationship because of all the hardships have to face in the future. He further asks her if it is right for him to support their relationship. Later, Soo-Hyun calls out Jin-Hyeok they enjoy another dinner date (he teaches her how to eat chicken feet). “The Human Sleeping pill” takes Soo-Hyun to her home and “tucks” her in the bed. He holds her in his arms as she falls asleep and then leaves.

The Arrival

Encounter Episode 12 RecapEncounter Episode 12 Recap

The shares holder’s meeting is held and Woo-Seok becomes the new co-CEO of the hotel. Although he becomes the co-CEO not everyone is in his support. Later, Soo-Hyun asks him what is his intent, he tells her it is to protect her from up close (*cringe*). He asks her out for lunch she denies, he decides to meet his new staff. He goes to Jin-Hyeok’s team and compliments him for solving the Cuba situation (wow, the tension). Mr. Nam shows his investigation details about the Cuba issue to Soo-Hyun. Jin-Hyeok blames himself for the arrival of Woo-Seok as the new co-Ceo. Hye-In tells him it is not his fault. Jin-Hyeok and Woo-Seok run into each other, they again have a long conversation discussing who loves Soo-Hyun more.

The Date

Encounter Episode 12 RecapEncounter Episode 12 Recap

Jin-Myung knowing that Hye-In loves Jin-Hyeok consoles her over her broken heart. Jin-Hyeok brings dinner for Soo-Hyun and apologizes, blaming himself for the Woo-Seok situation. She tells him it is not his fault and thanks him for giving her strength to fight. Dae-Chan and Mi-Jin meet for a brunch, both apologies for their previous behavior. Dae-Chan gives her a rose and a note (awkwardly) and asks her to become his girlfriend feeling shy.  She agrees to his “request”, he showers her with compliments. Later when she sees his broken down truck she run away in embarrassment giving stomachache as an excuse. Dae-Chan waits until she arrives and drives her in the truck while unable to read the situation. Jin-Hyeok visits Mrs. Lee (who has hurt her leg) with some home-cooked food, Soo-Hyun is already there.

The Decision

Encounter Episode 12 RecapEncounter Episode 12 Recap

Woo-Seok’s mother meets Woo-Seok and warns him not to go against her expectations. She further tells him that Soo-Hyun won’t step a foot in her household again. Hypocritically she sends Soo-Hyun a dress to attend Woo-Seok’s father’s death anniversary. Mr.Lee arranges a dinner date with Jin-Hyeok’s family, she wants to bring Soo-Hyun with her as well. Jin-Hyeok invites Soo-Hyun, the date coincides with Woo-Seok’s father’s death anniversary. Later, Jin-Hyeok finds out about it and lies to Soo-Hyun that the dinner at his house got canceled. “Coincidentally” Soo-Hyun also finds out that Jin-Hyeok lied about the cancelation. She gives a lot of thought about her destination, reporters wait for her at Woo-Seok’s house. As expected she goes to Jin-Hyeok’s house, Jin-Hyeok surprised to see her gives her a long hug.


Well, the last bridge between Mrs.Kim and Soo-Hyun has been burned as well, people you have been warned: “Winter Has Come”. Mrs. Kim gets what she wanted and now she will come all guns blazing. Although her guns have been misfiring a lot recently. Also, the tension between Woo-Seok and Jin-Hyeok very scintillating. I am finding it really hard to dislike Woo-Seok even after his recent change in behavior. I still feel he become the co-CEO to protect Soo-Hyun from his mom and will give it back to her by the end of the series. The “date” between Dae-Chan and Mi-Jin was the scene stealer for me. I am really enjoying their relationship


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