Encounter Episode 13 Recap

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Encounter Episode 13 RecapEncounter Episode 13 Recap

Soo-Hyun arrives at Jin-Hyeok’s home rather than going to Woo-Seok’s. His family is really surprised to see Soo-Hyun, Mrs.Lee joins them as well. Soo-Hyun really likes the home cooked food. Jin-Hyeok’s mother notices the couple ring on Jin-Hyeok and feels a little uncomfortable. Mi-Jin gives the news to Woo-Seok’s assistant that Soo-Hyun won’t come while surrounded by the reporters. Woo-Seok’s mother doesn’t show any emotions about Soo-Hyun’s absence, it’s hard to predict if she is happy or angry with Soo-Hyun’s absence. Soo-Hyun’s absence becomes a news headline the next day, her mother is not happy with her.  Mrs.Kim tells Mr.Choi to take this opportunity to remove Soo-Hyun from her position at the hotel. She further wants him to persuade the board members to make Woo-Seok as the sole CEO of the Hotel.


Encounter Episode 13 RecapEncounter Episode 13 Recap

Elsewhere, Mi-Jin gets the camera Soo-Hyun wanted, it seems camera was hard to find. Jin-Hyeok and his team start working on a new project, later he goes to dinner with Soo-Hyun and she gives him the camera she got earlier. Jin-Hyeok gets too excited after seeing the camera, Soo-Hyun gets jealous that he is giving more notice to the camera rather than her. Next day, Soo-Hyun finds out that Mr.Lee from Jin-Hyeok’s team is the one who is working for Mr.Choi. She asks for Jin-Hyeok’s advice on what to do if someone wronged her, he tells her she should at least forgive them once. He then thinks he is the one who wronged her, she teases him further. Dae-Chan suddenly appears at the hotel and takes Mi-Jin out on a date (PPL advertisement). Soo-Hyun meets Mr.Lee and tells him that she is not going to fire him but he have to reveal the mastermind in front of the board members in the next meeting.

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No Apologies

Encounter Episode 13 RecapEncounter Episode 13 Recap

Jin-Hyeok’s team is doing a wedding photo shoot for their next project but the camera doesn’t arrive. Jin-Hyeok becomes the new photographer, he takes the bouquet from the shoot and later gives it to Soo-Hyun. He then tells her that he wants to be with her for a long time. Later he goes to his father’s shop and thanks him for accepting Soo-Hyun, his mother overhears their conversation. Jin-Hyeok than wants to say something to his mom as well but she knows what he is going to say hence she avoids him. The board meeting is held to decide Soo-Hyun’s position but before the voting starts Soo-Hyun arrives with Mr.Lee. Mr.Lee reveals that Mr.Choi was behind the Cuba situation surprising all the board members. Soo-Hyun just wants an apology from him, Mr.Choi rather than apologizing tells her that he is only a hired hand and not the real mastermind.


Please Leave Us Alone

Encounter Episode 13 RecapEncounter Episode 13 Recap

The meeting gets canceled, Mr.Choi has to step down from his position. Elsewhere, Jin-Hyeok’s neighborhood asks his mother a favor, she wants her child to get hired in Donghwa hotel as well with Jin-Hyeok’s “help”. Jin-Hyeok’s mother tries to contact Soo-Hyun but in vain, Jin-Hyeok, Mi-Jin, and Mr.Nam enjoy dinner at Soo-Hyun’s home. Jin-Hyeok’s mother sends a note with some food through Dae-Chan then Mi-Jin to Soo-Hyun in order to meet her. They meet each other, Jin-Hyeok’s mother apologizes in advance to Soo-Hyun. She wants Soo-Hyun to break-up with Jin-Hyeok surprising Soo-Hyun. She then tells her what happened with her neighbor to Soo-Hyun and that Jin-Hyeok didn’t get the hotel job just because he is in a relationship with Soo-Hyun. Both of the starts crying as Jin-Hyeok’s mother wants her family life to go back to being normal and quiet like it used to be before Jin-Hyeok met Soo-Hyun.


The couple faces the last hurdle before the finale next week, the mother really doesn’t want Soo-Hyun as her daughter-in-law because of all the baggage she comes with. It is going to be an issue for Jin-Hyeok ‘coz he doesn’t look like someone who will go against his parent’s will. It will be really hard for him to convince his mother. I think will convince his mother and it will not be a situation like in the Secret Garden. Where mother didn’t bother about her son or daughter-in-law and only cared about her grandkids.

Mr.Choi is gone so Woo-Seok’s mother is losing her control over the hotel as well. When Soo-Hyun’s father reveals he is stepping away from the President’s election I want to see his wife’s priceless face. Just one more week guys hoping for a happy ending *fingers crossed*.

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