Soo-Hyun finally meets someone who brings her happiness and doesn’t want her money or status in return. Jin-Hyeok and Soo-Hyun have made some beautiful memories at Havana. But he founds about her identity and that she is CEO of her new workplace. They will meet again and this time at the workplace. Will this new situation brings them together or separate them forever?

Encounter Episode 2 Recap

Avoiding The Beaming Sun

Encounter Episode 2 Recap Encounter Episode 2 Recap

In a flashback, we see the job interview Jin-Hyeok did at Dongwa Hotel. In present, he comes back home and gives the good news of him getting the job to his parents. His mom gives him food at runs outside to scream the news to her neighbors. Later in the night, he is having drinks with his friends. One of whom, Hye-In will be his co-worker at his new job. Jin-Hyeok asks her about CEO, Soo-Hyun to that Hye-In says she is not sure. But in her opinion, she looks like an Ice Princess. Also, she doesn’t understand why Soo-Hyun still attend her mother-in-law’s birthday party if she is already divorced. Next day, Jin-Hyeok goes to his office and sees Soo-Hyun outside of the company getting out of her car. He suddenly looks away from her and then he thinks that why is he avoiding her.

Encounter Episode 2 Recap Encounter Episode 2 Recap

When he enters the company Soo-Hyun’s secretary Mi-Jin sees him and recognizes him.  He for some reason avoids her as well and starts to walk fast. Soo-Hyun gives introduction speech to the new employees. In the middle of her speech, she sees Jin-Hyeok and stops talking and stares at him. He looks back at her and gives her a bright smile. She concludes her speech after this little hiccup. Back in her office, Soo-Hyun asks Mi-Jin to bring her new recruits resumes. Jin-Hyeok is also introduced to his new colleagues and it seems one of the ladies have set her eyes on him. Soo-Hyun learns about Jin-Hyeok’s family and looks especially interested in the old playground he wrote about.

The playground is Not Only For Kids

Encounter Episode 2 Recap Encounter Episode 2 Recap

During the lunchtime Soo-Hyun sees Jin-Hyeok talking to someone over the phone with a big smile on his face. Mi-Jin who is standing beside her thinks he is talking to his girlfriend. Soo-Hyun seems jealous after listening to Ji-Min. After work Soo-Hyun gets curious about the playground and goes there with her driver (cutie Chang-Seok). While on a swing in the playground Jin-Hyeok sees and recognizes her. She is a bit embarrassed to be caught by him. He tells her he was afraid Soo-Hyun have a bad impression of him after she saw him at the hotel as an employee. He tells her that he did not plan his meeting with her at Havana and he really didn’t know about her true identity. She assures him that she knows that he is not that kind of a person.

Encounter Episode 2 Recap Encounter Episode 2 Recap

When Soo-Hyun decides to leave Jin-Hyeok tells her that he got negatives of the photos he took at Havana and some of them are hers as well. He wants to show her but as he doesn’t have the light table he takes her to his neighborhood toy claw machine. After looking at the pictures Soo-Hyun gets interested in the claw machine. To show (and impress) her how the machine works he gives it a go first. But because of his bad techniques (and bad luck), he doesn’t get any toy even after many tries. In the end, Soo-Hyun gives a try and picks up a toy at her first try. He tells her it happens only because he was nervous standing so close to a real pretty woman (stops mid-sentence). Jin-Hyeok feels embarrassed after the words come out from his mouth.

Meeting of In-Laws

Encounter Episode 2 Recap Encounter Episode 2 Recap

After their little unintended flirting Soo-Hyun decides to leave. She couldn’t hold her curiosity and asks him about his phone call earlier at 12:42 pm. To which he replies he was talking to a woman he likes. He also finds her cute because she remembers the exact time. Back to their respective houses, the leading couple is reminiscing their memories from Havana. Next day, Soo-Hyun goes to meet her parents. Her mother wants to know if something happened with her in-laws at the party. Soo-Hyun’s mother informs her that her ex-mother-in-law wants to meet her (Soo-Hyun’s mother). She also wants her to get together with her ex-husband. Talking with her mother makes Soo-Hyun frustrated and sad so she leaves the place in tears and goes back to her office.

Encounter Episode 2 Recap Encounter Episode 2 Recap

Elsewhere, Woo-Seok (Soo Hyun’s ex-husband) meets his mother when she suddenly arrives at his office. She tells him that the girl he is seeing now is not suitable for their family. So, he should try to get back together with Soo-Hyun. Both mothers meet each other and talk about getting their kids back together. Jin-Hyuk is having team dinner with his co-workers. He gets really drunk at the end of the dinner. Soo-Hyun sees him when getting off work at the bus station. He gets in her car still drunk and starts to act childishly. His childish act continues as he talks about his zipper tie and looking good in cheap suits. She drops him near the playground where they met earlier in the episode.

 Pa Pa Pa Papparazi

Encounter Episode 2 Recap Encounter Episode 2 Recap

Before she leaves, he forcibly (emotional blackmail) hand feeds dry squid to her that he grabbed earlier from the restaurant during team dinner. She eats it although she doesn’t like squid also she finds him cute. Next day at the office still suffering from the hangover he remembers his deeds from last night. His team leader tells him that as a new recruit he has an interview with CEO. He nervously goes to his office and she offers him some medicine for his hangover. She starts to tease him while talking about last night’s events. As an apology she wants him to go eat ramyeon with her during the upcoming weekend. Later someday they go out to eat ramyeon.

Encounter Episode 2 Recap Encounter Episode 2 Recap

Soo-Hyun picks him up and as soon as he gets in the car she starts teasing him again. Jin-Hyeok has enough and he tells her that she holds grudges for a really long time. Listening to him makes her laugh and he understands that she was just joking. They enjoy ramyeon at one of the rest stops. Soo-Hyun has covered herself as celebrities so that she doesn’t get identified. After eating he drives instead of her while going back and gives her his phone number as they say goodbye to each other. He also informs her that the lady he was talking to on that day was his mother. Next day while Soo-Hyun is having a meeting she receives a call from Mi-Jin. She tells Soo-Hyun to look at the news that is circulating about her. We are shown the news of her dating with someone, Jin-Hyeok’s picture is mosaiced.


Things are getting intense as we wanted. Story-wise nothing special as we have expected. The beauty of the leading couple overshadows the story, again as we expected. Now my issue is if the writers just wanted to get her back together with her husband they could have kept them married from the start. I have a theory why it didn’t happen so let’s hear my ranting. I think the writers wanted Soo-Hyun to be married but Hye-Kyo decides to go against it. Because if she as Soo-Hyun had a relationship with Jin-Hyeok while married it would be called affair, it doesn’t matter if they love each other or not. That won’t go well with her image especially since she just got married last year.

So that is why I think she told the writers to make her character as a divorcee. That way you can keep the story and it would not matter ethically. Although the age difference could be an ethical issue for some, again their beauties can surpass the issue easily. Do you guys have any opinion about this or you don’t care about this crap and all you want to do is look at the beautiful faces that you wish you were born with (Don’t blame your parents).


P.S. – Random Song



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