Encounter Episode 5 Recap, Surrounded By The Enemies

Encounter Episode 5 Recap

Jin-Hyeok was quite daring when he came to Soo-Hyun’s help in front of all the employees. This will likely antagonize Soo-Hyun’s enemies. Let’s see how this daring act affects their budding relationship.

Encounter Episode 5 Recap

Tea is Better Than Coffee

Encounter Episode 5 RecapEncounter Episode 5 Recap

Jin-Hyeok asks out Soo-Hyun which surprises his colleagues and other employees. Both of them leave the hotel with Mi-Jin and Mr.Nam. Mi-Jin is uncomfortable because of Jin-Hyeok and tells Mr. Nam to drop him. Soo-Hyun, on the other hand, decides to drive away with Jin-Hyeok and drop Mi-Jin and Mr.Nam (he is happy because of the situation). Jin-Hyeok takes Soo-Hyun to a special tea shop. They go to the “camera” (from episode 1) owner’s wife place, the owner asks him (when they are alone) if she is her girlfriend. He answers he has confessed his feeling but not sure if she will accept him. She serves tea to both of them and leaves so they can enjoy their time. Mi-Jin goes to Dae-Chan shop, she asks him to text Jin-Hyeok to come to his shop. He does that after their little quarrel (a new love line is forming?).

Mother, You Are at It Again

Encounter Episode 5 RecapEncounter Episode 5 Recap

Mr.Choi reports what happened at the hotel to Mrs.Kim. Woo-Seok overhears her and they again get in the argument. Mrs.Kim tells him it is time to change the owner of the hotel. Jin-Hyeok and Soo-Hyun on their way back talk about an art gallery in Jin-Hyeok’s neighborhood before she drops him. Jin-Hyeok goes to Dae-Chan’s shop and meets Mi-Jin there. She tells him she is grateful for today but he should keep his distance from Soo-Hyun. He tells her that Soo-Hyun and he have decided to be casual with each other which surprises her. She gets drunk and tells him that he is too young to handle Soo-Hyun and all her baggage. When Soo-Hyun goes back to work the next day people keep gossiping behind her back (and in front as well).

Match Made In Heaven

Encounter Episode 5 RecapEncounter Episode 5 Recap

Woo-Seok also gets the information about the incident, he orders his secretary to look into Jin-Hyeok in detail. Mi-Jin is having a hard time because of the Soo-Hyun and Jin-Hyeok (also because of her Hangover). Jin-Myung makes Dae-Chan’s profile on a dating app, Dae-Chan gets matched with Mi-Jin (she doesn’t know it’s him). It is a little uncomfortable for Jin-Hyeok at the office, other people keep staring at him (he is like a superstar now). He skips lunch because of the situation, Soo-Hyun sees him alone and gets the gist of the situation. She cheers him with SMS and he gets in a better mood (so does she) after they exchange messages. They decide to go out and he gets to leave from work to go early. Soo-Hyun receives a call from her mother who is really angry with her, Mr.Nam tells her to stay strong.

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Art Gallery

Encounter Episode 5 RecapEncounter Episode 5 Recap

Jin-Hyeok with Soo-Hyun goes to the earlier mentioned “art gallery”. Art gallery consists of paintings on the bridge posts. Soo-Hyun gets a little awkward because of the skinship (if you can call it that). They take a walk while enjoying the paintings. Mr.Nam meets Soo-Hyun’s father, her father is worried about Soo-Hyun because of the news articles but Mr. Nam tells him that the “young guy” is reliable. Mi-Jin goes to pick up her wallet at Dae-Chan’s shop that she forgot the day before (on purpose, subconsciously). They get in another argument, Soo-Hyun and Jin-Hyeok also arrive at the restaurant. She is surprised to see them together again, still, they decide to eat together. Hye-In sees them together at the restaurant and decides to leave from outside (broken hearted). Jin-Myung also arrives (working part-time) and recognizes Soo-Hyun from the news. He also realizes that the “ramyun guy” in the news was his brother.

Encounter Episode 5 RecapEncounter Episode 5 Recap

Later when Soo-Hyun and Mi-Jin leave Dae-Chan and Jin-Myung gets curious about Jin-Hyeok’s relationship with her. Elsewhere, Woo-Seok receives the details about Jin-Hyeok. He remembers his blind date with Soo-Hyun and how he liked her. Mi-Jin tells Soo-Hyun that she should stop meeting Jin-Hyeok as she won’t be able to protect him from all her enemies. Soo-Hyun replies that she knows that but she is unable to control her feeling. She wishes she had these feeling when she was young. Soo-Hyun gets a call from her mother again and she gets more agitated. Felling emotional she drives around the city and ends up at the bridge gallery, Jin-Hyeok also arrives there and they meet again as things get cozy and emotions take over the mind.


Another intense episode, all the enemies are sharpening their knives to cut the poor lambs. I feel really sad for Soo-Hyun especially because even her own mother is not on her side. At least her father is more caring towards her but he lacks the power, he may come good towards the end and likely will control his wife. But it is really hard to fight against the world when even your own family is against you.

Woo-Seok looks like will be suffering from more jealousy, it is hard to predict if he will stay this calm and helpful towards Soo-Hyun. His mother, on the other hand, is batshit crazy and I don’t understand how her mind works. I mean if she really hates Soo-Hyun so much then she should keep her self away from her and let Soo-Hyun does her own things. Anyways, the scene stealers of this episode for me were Mi-jin and Dae-Chan. I am as excited about their Rom-Com as the leading couple’s melodrama.

Also, I would like to apologize about my wrong rant from last episode (which I deleted). My wrong rant at least showed that people do read what I write. I will try to do my best to never repeat (can’t guarantee) and if you guys have any more tips and suggestion’s please let me know. Thanks again.



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