Encounter Episode 8 Recap

I am Just a Puppet

Encounter Episode 8 RecapEncounter Episode 8 Recap

Furious Soo-Hyun calls Mr Choi and asks him why did he backstab her? He tells her that she already knows it is not his own doing, Mrs Kim is behind all this. Soo-Hyun further tells him that she is going to fight against Mrs Kim so he should make his choice and choose the right side. Jin-Hyeok meets Soo-Hyun and tells her not to stop his transfer because it will look like favouritism. Soo-Hyun then meets with his mother and tells her that Mrs Kim may sue Soo-Hyun over divorce agreement. She further tells her mother to stop meeting Mrs Kim as Soo-Hyun will not get back together with Woo-Seok. Her mother wants her to thinks about how it will affect his father’s politics, Soo-Hyun tells her if this kind of thing will affect politics than it is not politics. Jin-Hyeok consoles his mother with a hug who is sad because of his transfer Sokcho.

Titanic Part 2

Encounter Episode 8 RecapEncounter Episode 8 Recap

Jin-Hyeok goes on a walk with Soo-Hyun as they talk about their relationship and what future holds for them. He also gifts his precious camera to her, while she takes his photo she gets tears in her eyes because of their upcoming separation. Meanwhile, Dae-Chan is getting ready to go on a date with Mi-Jin after matching on a dating app, they still don’t know that they are meeting “each other”. They meet at an upscale restaurant and realize that they got matched on the dating app, they are not happy with the results. They get in another argument, Mi-Jin leaves but she wants him to keep this meeting a secret from Jin-Hyeok.  Dae-Chan releases his stress in the company of Hye-In and Jin-Myung (and drinks), Hye-In invites both of them to the hotel’s year-end party. They agree to come after learning about the gifts and prizes.

A Warm Hug To Cure The Cold

Encounter Episode 8 RecapEncounter Episode 8 Recap

Jin-Hyeok catches a cold on the way back from their date. She invites him for a team, he gives her a hug (it may spread cold) and wants to spend a lot more time with her. Next day, Jin-Hyeok has final breakfast with his whole family before leaving for Sokcho. Soo-Hyun’s mother tells her husband that Soo-Hyun will affect his political career because of a “young punk”. He tells her to leave Soo-Hyun alone and passive-aggressively blames himself for everything. Woo-Seok gets informed that Jin-Hyeok got transferred to Sokcho, he is surprised that Soo-Hyun didn’t do anything to stop it. He goes to meet Soo-Hyun and asks her why she didn’t stop it. She asks him why he is so curious about her business. She gets surprised when he tells her that because he likes her.

Kiss Me Darling Kiss Me Tonight

Encounter Episode 8 RecapEncounter Episode 8 Recap

Later, Soo-Hyun misses Jin-Hyeok, she calls him and wishes him a good-luck regarding his new workplace. Mrs Kim is told by the girl Woo-Seok was seeing that they have broken up. Later, she asks Woo-Seok that did he faked his affair so that he can free Soo-Hyun from “this house”? He tells her Soo-Hyun doesn’t know about this, it was all his doing. Jin-Hyeok starts working at the Sokcho branch, he is still also working on his past project on the side (year-end party). The theme of the year-end party is “masquerade” so people are wearing masquerade masks. Mr Nam again acting as a wingman brings Jin-Hyeok from Sokcho to the party. Dae-Chan and Jin-Myung arrive at the party, Woo-Seok also arrives. Jin-Hyeok recognizes Soo-Hyun even in her mask and takes her outside, the party reminds them of their time in Cuba and they finally kiss.


You guys got your Christmas wish fulfilled a lot earlier with that kiss. I will like to know how Joong-Ki felt about this, I highly doubt this was on his Christmas wishlist. Another episode has come and gone so fast, I want more of this right now (that is why I love Netflix). All is well except for Woo-Seok, his character is acting like a hypocrite. If he divorced Soo-Hyun to save her from his mom even though he loved her. There is no reason for him to go after her again knowing fully well that even if he gets her the results will be the same. Knowing his mom Soo-Hyun (or any other lady) will end up sad and miserable under her control. I am not liking how his character is portrayed because I really like Jang Seung-Jo and hope things changes. Other than that everything is great, especially second love line between Mi-Jin and Dae-Chan, they look so cute together. Also, does anyone have mask ideas for Mr Nam other than these?

Encounter Episode 8 RecapEncounter Episode 8 Recap



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