Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

If you guys have read the recap of the 1st episode you will know I really like this drama. So I have decided to do the recap for all the episodes, except the 2nd one. The second episode was really funny and I don’t think I can do justice to it with my writing. So, if you guys haven’t seen the second or any of the episodes of this drama I would highly recommend it to you guys. At the end of the second episode, Roo-Da spreads the fliers in the auditorium. The fliers are about the pay freeze of the employee’s salary. In addition, she also saves Jin-Sang’s life although she was the cause of most of his deaths. Let’s check out what happens next in Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap.

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

Saving the Jerk

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

Roo-Da saves Jin-Sang however he doesn’t appreciate it. He wants to go back on the stage and give his presentation. Roo-Da hits him on the back of his head and he faints. She lies with him as well pretending to lose her consciousness. They are found by Cheol-Soo (doesn’t his name reminds you of another drama?) who calls for the ambulance. CEO orders Dong-Chan to find the culprit who spread the fliers during the presentation. Roo-Da tiptoes around the office scared of being caught.

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

The Jerk arrives in the office with a big patch of bandage on the back of his head. He is looking for Roo-Da who arrives with a big neck brace, faking an injury. Both of them are in the meeting room where he concludes to her that she was the culprit. Also, the one who hit him on the back of his head. He gives her enough time to explain herself as well (5 seconds). He comes off the room and Roo-Da is holding on to his ankle. She is dragged with him as tries he to make a phone call. She can’t hold it anymore and screams Die Baek Jin-Sang and he dies. He dies because of a printer short circuit. His death causes her back to the start of the day.

Roo-Da is worried she won’t be able to come out of the loop this time. She is with him again in the office. She explains everything about the time loop and his death to him. He thinks she has gone insane, hearing him say that she starts swearing at him. He dies again and she is back to the same morning.

Young Prince

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

Joon-Ho (Wangja-nim), the owner’s spoiled grandson and CEO’s nephew and Roo-Da’s accomplice in the incident, meets her as she enters the company. He threatens to tell everyone about her being the culprit. She tells him he can do whatever he wants and the only thing she is afraid of is The Jerk. He goes to his uncle (CEO In-Han) and wants to be transferred to the Marketing Team (Roo-Da’s team). He also wants to be promoted to the manager’s position.

Coming Back Hard

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

Roo-Da and Jin-Sang are again in the office room. He wants her to explain herself but she tells her he is not going to believe her anyway. She tells him that he should praise her for leaking the announcement. She also tells him that he is not a good team leader and leaves the office. He tells her to stop but she doesn’t listen to him anymore. Back in the office, she gives him a smirk as she types, “He is so annoying” on her computer. Prince arrives with Cheol-Soo to their office. Cheol-Soo tells them that he is the new manager of the marketing team.

Warrior’s Descendant

They hold a welcome party for the new member at a Karaoke. (She sings H.O.T – Warrior’s descendant). She drops Jin-Sang in the taxi and tells him to go home safely. We see a dark silhouette looking at her. Joon-Ho (prince-nim) drops her to her home, he has to carry her on his back. She starts complaining about Jin-Sang and starts pulling on his hair.

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

She also tells him that she is worried Jin-Sang will report her. Joon-Ho tells him that he has no evidence to prove her guilt. Next day (finally), both of them coerce security team and cleaning staff to tell the superiors that they saw nothing. Joon-Ho also deletes the CCTV footage showing Roo-Da. in the auditorium. CEO becomes furious that they can’t find any evidence about the culprit.

The Big Dog

Some employees are holding a strike against the announcement. CEO goes crazy mad at his executives for the leak of documents and their inability to find the culprit. The executives than go mad at their junior employees. All these situations make the atmosphere in the company very cold. Joon-Ho after being praised by Roo-Da writes (his friend does all the work) on forums about the company’s issues. The news of the salary freeze goes to the owner, CEO’s father and Joon-Ho’s grandfather. He calls In-Han and tells him to take care of it.

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

Another announcement is made regarding the employees. They will get pay raise and extra dues for over-time. But there is a catch, the whistleblower needs to be punished. The team leaders are told to write a name of an employee who is untrustworthy from their team.

If You Die, We Can Turn the Time

Other team members write the name anonymously but Jin-Sang holds a meeting to be fair. He asks whose name he should write. Every team member chose themselves after listening to Roo-Da’s monologue. Joon-Ho, on the other hand, chooses Jin-Sang. Everyone else follows his lead and points to Jin-Sang, he writes his name without a hesitation. She tries to stop him and tells him that what she did was for the benefit of the employees. He records their conversation and plays her the audio.

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

In the auditorium CEO names, the employees in the untrustworthy list. He is surprised to see Jin-Sang’s name and asks him about the situation. Jin-Sang rather than naming the “culprit” takes her side and goes against the CEO. He tells him what he (CEO) and the company did was wrong. He is taken away by the security guards. Dong-Chan names Yoon-Mi (Ye-Won) and tells her that she is untrustworthy and he thinks that she may be the real culprit.

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

She can’t take it anymore and quits the company. Roo-Da consoles her but Yoon-Mi is too emotionally hurt. Roo-Da goes to Jin-Sang’s home and asks him to help Yoon-Mi and other employees. He tells her that there is nothing he or she could do. She says he is wrong and yells at him, ”I hope you get hit by lightning and die”. The episode ends with a lightning strike.



Now it was not as funny as the previous two episodes as it has to deal with more serious issues. It was enjoying nonetheless. Still, there were a few things I found bothering.

Like the neck brace earlier in the episode. Where did she find it? She wasn’t wearing or carrying it when she first arrives in the office.

The jerseys she is wearing in the morning of the original day and on a repeating day are different.

Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap Feel Good to Die Episode 5&6 Recap

The prince doesn’t meet her in the morning on the first two days (original and on the first repeat) but only on the 2nd repeat. However, they show that her day until the meeting with Jin-Sang was the same for both days (Orig. and repeat).

Even with these issues, I’m really enjoying the drama. Kang Ji-Hwan and his deaths are really funny. I have no clue how they will explain the whole time-loop thing or how to cure it. To be honest, I don’t even care about it much. On a side note, if both of them do get married, she will never die of old age. On that thought would you like to have this kind of “Power” with your better half? I mean you can cheat on them (not that you should), win a lot of money by betting on sports, lotteries etc. and kind of live forever. It sounds tempting but I personally would get tired (after many, many, many years). Just like how nice vampires do as they search for a way to die after being sick of being immortal living for thousands of years.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts on the episode and plot on whole in the comments below.


P.S. – H.O.T – Warrior’s Descendant [Infinite Challenge Ep 558]

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