Have you ever hated your boss so much that you wish he dies? If yes, you may be felt some remorse for our lead actress. She is tired of her nagging boss and wishes he dies. He does die not once but many times, again and again. Poor girl tries to help him to survive but to no avail. Let’s see what happens next and what future holds for her in Feel Good to Die Recap.

Feel Good to Die Premier Episode Recap

Just a Dream

Feel Good To Die Recap Feel Good To Die Recap

In-Han (CEO) and Cheol-Soo (Managing Director) are holed up in a run-down place, chic looking Roo-Da arrives. Cheol-Soo knows her and orders her to open the cage door. Roo-Da shouts at them and tells them they are not needed in the company. She also fires them and they are taken away. Now, she finally visits Baek Jin-Sang (Team Director) who is sitting in another cage but before she could say something, he unlocks the door himself. This scares Roo-Da, he then starts verbally abusing her on her incompetence. His nagging continues without stop, this enrages Roo-Da and she flips out. She sentences him to death and then he is swept in a pit (more like an elevator) of fire and dies (his death is just my good guess). She starts laughing hysterically and at this point, she wakes up from her dream.

The Big Jerk

Roo-Da arrives at her company and the security guard asks about Min-Joo’s (she is pregnant, not fat, note to self) due date. She answers him as “she is due soon”, at this time Jin-Sang (The Big Jerk) arrives. He tells her that she is incorrect and explains to the security guard (in detail) that Min-Joo is not due for another 10-12 weeks. They wait in front of the elevator with a few other employees of the different team. They take a shot at Jin-Sang about knowing so much about his employees. He fires back at them calling the female an ugly and male an incompetent (again in much more detail). Roo-Da has to interfere (not willingly) to stop him.

Feel Good To Die Recap Feel Good To Die Recap

The elevator jams and they get stuck and everyone starts panicking. Jin-Sang takes care of it calmly by calling 119 (S.Korea emergency no.). They are safely rescued and Jin-Sang starts his day at his office. Min-Joo arrives late because of her kid and Jin-Sang has a “talk” with her. She says she was only five minutes late, then he checks her record from past five years. He sums up the time she was late for past five years. The total comes about a day and he takes away one day of her annual leave. All other members of Jin-Sang’s team console Min-Joo and bad mouth him behind his back. While he is meeting Cheol-Soo at the company rooftop and badmouths his team members. (Great teamwork).

Who is Really Responsible?

Feel Good To Die Recap Feel Good To Die Recap

Their company holds a custom-made chicken (their company sells chicken, apparently) tasting event for the kids. Father of one kid tells Mi-Joo his kid is allergic to walnuts and peaches. At the same time, she receives a call from her kid’s teacher that her child is sick. She tells Roo-Da that she has to go and leaves. The kid gets an allergic reaction and his father loses his mind. The whole team is called in Cheol-Soo’s office, Jin-Sang wants to clarify the person responsible for this mistake. He points out each mistake his team members made (we see them in flashback).

Feel Good To Die Recap

In flashback we also see Jin-Sang talking to the father of the kid. He asks for kid’s mother phone number (she can give more information about the kid) and brings the kid allergic medicine. Jin-Sang tells the father that he told them the wrong allergies, his kid is allergic to watermelon (really?) and sesame seed. He also tells him what his wife wanted to relay to him. It goes something like this, “That jerk, I am going to kill him when he comes home”. Cheol-Soo says that still, his team did make a mistake. Jin-Sang agrees that “whole” team, is responsible except him. Cheol-Soo and Jin-Sang’s team members are dumfounded equally. In the end, to save himself he puts all the blame on Min-Joo.

I Wish You Die

Feel Good To Die Recap

In the night everyone except Min-Joo is at the company dinner. Yoo-Deok and Jung-Hwa leave before anyone notices. Roo-Da stays, while Jin-Sang is enjoying drinks with Cheol-Soo and other team leaders. On TV there is a news about a fire and we see a female writing DIE in a notebook. Her room is on fire and full of smoke and looks like she dies while writing. Roo-Da wishes Jin-Sang just die when she sees him enjoying drinks. He passes out and Roo-Da has to take care of him. She is helped by Joon-Ho, grandson of company’s owner. They are walking with him on the road (don’t ask me the reason) and he pukes on them. While they are cleaning themselves he walks on to the road and is hit by a truck and DIES.

I Wish It was a Dream

Feel Good To Die Recap

Roo-Da wakes up thinking it was all a dream. She arrives at the company but this time she has earphones on and doesn’t hear the security guard. She also enters the elevator before Jin-Sang and she arrives in the office before him. He is late and looks in bad mood, Jung-Hwa tells Roo-Da the elevator broke down. Roo-Da wonders it was broken “yesterday” as well. She then checks the date and it is still the same as yesterday. Min-Joo is late, she has a “talk” with Jin-Sang, food tasting takes place, they drink (all in flash forward) and he dies again but this time he is hit by a motorbike. She wakes up again and the date is still the same. She makes some preparations and takes cautionary measures but Jin-Sang ends up dying no matter what.

Feel Good To Die Recap Feel Good To Die Recap

He dies by falling in the gutter, choking on his own puke, alcohol poisoning, sudden death etc. (cameo by comedian Min-Sang). He continues to die and she keeps waking on the same day. She loses hope and doesn’t even go to the company dinner, she wakes up again still no change in the date. During the tasting event, she hears Min-Joo talking to her husband. She feels sad for her as she hears Min-Joo crying. This makes her realize that everybody is having a hard time. She is able to stop the allergy incident by providing the right details. Jin-Sang, on the other hand, takes the wrong USB from Min-Joo’s coat when trying to play a video. He takes the one containing her kid’s home video rather than the promotional video.

Feel Good To Die Recap

Later, he starts nagging Min-Joo, listening to his continuous nagging Roo-Da loses control. She grabs him by his collars and takes out all her holed-up anger on him. This time though the date changes.


Feel Good To Die Recap Feel Good To Die Recap

If you want more recaps of this series let me know in the comments. This was a total laugh riot, don’t want to jinx it. This is going to be my new favorite if it stays on this track. This is a good change from dreadful The Ghost Detective and it will give good competition to “not so spy thriller” of Seo Ji-Sub, Terius Behind Me. I think most of you guys have already seen this but if you have not, I will highly recommend it.

In my opinion, Jin-Sang’s death has more to do with the female who wrote die than with Roo-Da. The story is quite new as well but I will have a hard time seeing them as a romantic couple. Supporting cast looks good as well specially Cheol-Soo, In-Han, and Min-Joo. I can’t wait for next week’s episodes, what about you guys?

Let me know your thoughts and any suggestions or tips in the comments below.

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