My Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 Recap Premiere Week

My Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 Recap

Super Junior’s returns to the small screen after his last drama Revolutionary Love and his dog’s biting incident. He will be playing the role of a conman Yang Jung-Kook, who marries his girlfriend (Lee Yoo-Young) who turns out to be a cop. Not only that he is chased by a scary people whom he has conned including Hoo-Ja (Kim Min-Jung). To save him and his wife’s life Jung-Kook has to run for the assembly election. It looks funny from the previews, Si-Won’s “American Gestures” should help increase the comedy level a notch. Hope it turns out to be good as we didn’t have much to see in the Mon-Tue bracket for a long time now.

My Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 Recap

Conman Getting Conned

My Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 Recap

A certain Cha Myung-Soo meets Chairman Park through Mr. Ma who works for the chairman. Myung-Soo wants to launder the money he earned in Venezuela. While the meeting is going on the assistant of the chairman tries to reach him but is stopped by traffic and little accidents that happen on his way. Myung-Soo changes his Venezuelan Bolivar with Korean Won before the assistant arrives at the location. The assistant tells chairman that Venezuela has changed its notes and that he has been conned by this Myung-Soo. This Myung-Soo turns out to be Jung-Kook a conman and his friends including Mr. Ma and his girlfriend Hee-Jin are his helpers. They all decide to lay low for six months while Jung-Kook keeps the money, he then proposes to his girlfriend who accepts his offer. But his girlfriend pulls a big one on him and runs away with all the money they conned of the chairman leaving Jung-Kook broken hearted.

Criminal Weds Cop

My Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 Recap

Jung-Kook goes to a club to drink his sorrows and meets Mi-Young, a cop who also broke up with her boyfriend. Both of them get drunk and decide to date each other in order to heal their broken hearts. They turn out to be a good match and they decide to get married. On their way to their honeymoon, Mi-Young finally reveals to Jung-Koook that she is a cop which startles him. The news of her being a cop has a big impact on their marriage. To top it off his mother-in-law is a chief of police as well. Flashforward to two years, the marriage life of the leading couple is not going well because of their professional lives and the lies they tell each other. Jung-Kook is still conning people while Mi-Young has become a team leader of cops who specialize in catching conmen. Things become from bad to worse for Jung-Kook when the daughter of the Chairman Park comes looking for the people who conned her father.

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The Past Comes To Bite Back

My Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 Recap

This is happening while he is working on his new target to con. The stage is set, he waits for his target but his intuitions tell him something is wrong when he calls Mr.Ma. Mr.Ma is captured by Hoo-Ja, knowing something wrong Jung-Kook runs away from his “office” before the con starts. Hoo-Ja reaches office where she meets Mi-Young who is also there with her team looking for a conman not knowing the real identity of the conman. She warns Hoo-Ja that the person she was going to meet is a conman and gives Hoo-Ja her card. Later, Hoo-Ja finds Jung-Kook at his sister’s house, he tries to run away but to no avail. As a last resort, he starts beating a civilian going for a walk in order to get caught by cops rather than the scary “unni”. The cops arrive quite fast and it turns out the civilian Jung-Kook was beating is actually a serial killer the cops were chasing.

The Hero Of The People, By The People, For The People

My Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 RecapMy Fellow Citizens Episode 1-2 Recap

Jung-Kook becomes an overnight hero and even gets a bravery award from the police (awarded by his mother-in-law). This has a good and bad effect on the lives of Jung-Kook, his face is known to the public which makes it really hard for him to con other people. But on the other hand, he is always surrounded by public makes is harder for Hoo-Ja’s men to capture or kill him. Meanwhile, Hoo-Ja has other problems as well, she needs an assemblyman’s vote in order to get a bill pass/abolish which will help her business. Elsewhere, Mi-Young’s brother (not blood-related) returns from Germany and will be running in the upcoming elections. He seems to have feelings for Mi-Young, he gets called out by Hoo-Ja who wants to bribe him. But he turns her offer down and rejects to be in cahoots with her. Frustrated Hoo-Ja keeps seeing the public praise Jung-Kook is getting and a new idea comes to her mind. Elsewhere, Jung-Kook becomes a public hero again after he saves an old man (totally forced by his fans). The future doesn’t look so calm and quiet for our con man hero and his cop wife.


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