Fluttering Warning Episode 11 Recap

Fluttering warning episode 11

Woo-Hyun is ready to start his fight with his father. Although this fight has and will take its’ toll on his relationship with Yoo-Jung. Hye-Joo is also getting active with her schemes to bring an end to the leading couple’s relationship. Sung-Hoon who made his feelings known to Yoo-Jung will have a hard time becoming “just friends” with her again. Jae-Kyung also has her hands full with the company issues. Let’s see who wins and who bites the dust.

Fluttering Warning Episode 11 Recap

Moving Out

Fluttering Warning Episode 11 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 11 Recap

Jung-Seok tells Woo-Hyun that he has received a call from the building owner. He has told them to move out by the next month. Both of them are surprised by the owner’s request. Sung-Hoon meets Yoo-Jung and she seems quite uncomfortable with him. She asks him to go back as friends just like before. But he just storms off and goes to meet Jae-Kyung. Hye-Joo has something up her sleeves as she wants to use Sung-Hoon as a model for the Duty-Free shop. Kyung-Jae is surprised why Kanghan group wants him as their model when they are suing Yoo-Jung. Sung-Hoon meets Jae-Kyung and tells her that he likes Yoo-Jung.

Late Apology

Fluttering Warning Episode 11 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 11 Recap

Woo-Hyun meets his father and tells him to stop interfering with his life. His father apologizes for not able to do anything for him and his mother for past years. He tells Woo-Hyun that as an apology he will accept Yoo-Jung and solve the issue with Hye-Joo if Woo-Hyun starts to live as his son. Woo-Hyun tells him he was wrong to come and meet him. Elsewhere, Yoo-Joon wants Yoo-Jung to make up with their dad. Yoo-Jung will be going overseas for management studies. Yoo-Jung meets Jae-Kyung and asks for her help with the documents regarding Yoo-Joon’s overseas studies. Sung-Hoon hides when he sees her at the company. He later tells Jae-Kyung that he received a call from Hye-Joo.

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Last Good-Bye

Fluttering Warning Episode 11 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 11 Recap

Woo-Hyun’s mother meets him and tells him that she will fully support him in his fight with his father. Elsewhere, Jae-Kyung meets Hye-Joo and tells her to stay away from her company and her artists. Yoo-Joon arranges a dinner with his sister, Jae-Kyung and Sung-Hoon before leaving for abroad. He also invites his father to the dinner as he wants him and his sister to make-up. Yoo-Jung is not happy to see him and her father leaves even without eating anything. Reporter Min-A is also sad because of Yoo-Joon’s departure. Before leaving Yoo-Joon again asks Yoo-Jung to meet with their dad. She finally decides to meet him but gets surprised when she sees Woo-Hyun eating with her father at his restaurant.

Jealousy Incarnation

Fluttering warning episode 11 Fluttering Warning Episode 11 Recap

Woo-Hyun wonders why both of them are together and how do they know each other. Elsewhere, Hye-Joo meets with Woo-Hyun’s lawyer and looks like she is up to something. In a flashback we also see Yoo-Joon calling Woo-Hyun. He tells Woo-Hyun now that he is leaving, his sister will be alone. He wants Woo-Hyun to take care of her in his absence. Next day, Yoo-Joon goes for a CF shooting. While she is getting ready for the shoot at the shop she runs into Hye-Joo. Hye-Joo is there to try on a wedding dress. Hye-Joo tells her that the dress she is wearing is chosen by Woo-Hyun for her. Yoo-Jung gets surprised and sad but controls her emotions and facial expressions. Hye-Joo starts a physical confrontation with her and both of them gets injured. Right at that time, Woo-Hyun arrives.


I am sad to see P.O. leave the show, I think he may make a cameo in the last episode. We do get to see him in Encounter from now on. Well, the story has become quite complex now. The way Hye-Joo and Woo-Hyun’s father are acting it doesn’t look like they are a “team” anymore. Both of them seems to have their own plans regarding Woo-Hyun. Also, the last scene was the first time Woo-Hyun and Yoo-Jung were together at the same place throughout the whole episode (unless u count her father’s restaurant, she was outside the restaurant though). Which shows that writers are putting more effort into the schemes of Hye-Joo and Woo-Hyun’s father than in the actual relationship between Woo-Hyun and Yoo-Jung. Which gives us an idea of how the story will move going forward.

Moving on, the way Woo-Hyun looked at both of them at the end I’m not so sure who he will decide to help. It is more likely that he will help Yoo-Jung because he likes her and also now he has declared war against his father. But I am not 100% sure and there is a very slight chance that he may help Hye-Joo for some reason that we don’t know. It could be because of her meeting with Woo-Hyun’s lawyer. If you guys have any theories let me know. Now we also know that another victim in the fire was Yoo-Jung’s mother. When this goes out will it have any kind of effect on their already on the edge relationship? We will find out about these things in the next episode.


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