Fluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 Recap, The End is Nigh

Fluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 Recap

It’s high time that writers bring Yoo-Jung and Woo-Hyun together. They have been kept apart from each other for a quite long time now and my patience (just like you guys) is running out. I hope we will see them together (the only reason I watch this show). Hye-Joo has been recently getting too much attention for my liking.

Fluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 Recap

Late Apologies

Fluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 RecapFluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 Recap

Jae-Kyung regains consciousness, Woo-Hyun who is at the hospital sees Yoo-Jung and leaves her some messages. Jae-Kyung tells Yoo-Jung that she can date Woo-Hyun if that makes her happy. Woo-Hyun’s father meets his wife and tells her he is going to bring Woo-Hyun in the company and it will save her son’s position as well. He further tells her that she can do what she wants with Hye-Joo. Before she leaves he asks did she intentionally started the fire to hurt Woo-Hyun when he was younger. She is disappointed that he even asks her that and she denies the allegations. She then meets Woo-Hyun and tells him she is sorry, she also tells him that the fire was just an accident. Later Woo-Hyun gets the building, where his clinic is situated under his name (his step-mother’s way of apology).

Going Public

Fluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 RecapFluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 Recap

Woo-Hyun goes to the hospital and meets Yoo-Jung who is taking care of Jae-Kyung. He tells her that the problem with her company has been taken care off. He further tells her that there is nothing else to worry about and they get back together. Later, Jae-Kyung also gets good news about her company. Hye-Joo is also informed that her father and Woo-Hyun’s father met and their marriage proposal has been ended. Mrs.Go meets Hye-Joo and tells her she should stop with her schemes or things could get worse for her. Woo-Hyun and Yoo-Jung want their relationship known to other people, they go on a public date and get swarmed by the reporters. Woo-Hyun’s learns from his lawyer that his step-brother confessed to him that the fire was his doing and that’s why Woo-Hyun got the building.

Mother’s Killer

Fluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 RecapFluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 Recap

Woo-Hyun surprised from the news meets his step-mother who tells him it was because of jealousy and she hopes he will forgive his “brother”. Later Woo-Hyun meets Yoo-Jung’s father, he is happy that Woo-Hyun and Yoo-Jung are back together. Elsewhere, Hye-Joo meets with Jae-Min and wants him to reveal that the leading couple is in a fake relationship, he wants some time to think about it. Yoo-Jung goes to her father’s restaurant to meet him, Woo-Hyun also arrives at the same time. She founds out that he is the person whom his father was saving while his mother was dying. She gets saddened and drives away from both of them. Woo-Hyun meets with her later and they make-up.

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Fluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 RecapFluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 Recap

Mrs.Go meets Woo-Hyun’s mother and tells her she wants her to persuade her son to join the Cheogo Group. Hye-Joo who is transferred to the foreign branch is still in Seoul trying hard to persuade both her and Woo-Hyun’s father. She meets with Jae-Min again who agrees to her terms, he later goes to Yoo-Jung and threatens her. She calls Min-A about it, Min-A decides to follow Jae-Min. Yoo-Jung has a photoshoot with Sung-Hoon, they have decided to be friends again. Woo-Hyun later meets Se-Hyun after his mother’s persuasion. Se-Hyun tells Woo-Hyun that he did cause the fire but it was unintentional also, he has always liked Woo-Hyun. He also wants Woo-Hyun to take the head seat of the group. Yoo-Jung goes to her father and finally makes up with him.

Direct Confrontation

Fluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 RecapFluttering Warning Episode 13 and 14 Recap

Yoo-Jung gets a call to meet someone, the person turns out to be Mrs.Go. Mrs.Go asks her to persuade Woo-Hyun to take the Cheogo group’s head position. Min-A who is following Jae-Min sees him with Hye-Joo, she reports Hye-Joo’s whole scheme to Jae-Kyung. Before Jae-Min goes to make his “confession” before the reporter he receives a casting call for a musical because of Yoo-Jung’s recommendation. Touched by her kindness he goes to her and apologizes for his behaviour. He then meets Woo-Hyun on his ways out, he warns Woo-Hyun about Hye-Joo and her one direction nature. Woo-Hyun finds out that his father is ill, he makes up his mind and meets Hye-Joo and tells her that from now on he will be coming for her.


Lots of apologies, lots of forgiveness, lots of smiles, lots of tears what a couple of good episodes. We finally see Yoo-Jung and Woo-Hyun together, they are heading towards the until death does us apart. Once she found out him being saved on the same day as her mother I thought not again, the writers are going to stretch it until the end before they bring them together. I was really happy when they got over the issue quite fast. Except for Hye-Joo, everyone seems to have made peace with each other. It also looks like Woo-Hyun will join his father’s company because of the latter’s illness. Woo-Hyun has also declared his war on Hye-Joo, so from the looks of it the last episode will be all about. I can’t wait for Hye-Joo’s kamikaze attack.


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