Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

Woo-Hyun starts to have the feelings for Yoo-Jung and they may have another kiss. This time while both of them are superconscious. Woo-Hyun mother will have a hard time keeping her secret, especially with her coward accomplice. Hye-Joo will also need to pick up her game if she wants to compete with Yoo-Jung.

Fluttering Warning Episode 7

Morning Glory

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

Yoo-Jung dresses up with full make early in the morning for Woo-Hyun. Yoo-Joon wonders why she is dolled up like this even when she doesn’t have a work schedule. On the other hand, Woo-Hyun finds her pretty and so do I. Sung-Hoon also joins them for the breakfast. He gives some food to her but she doesn’t accept it while calling him a friend. She does accept it after Woo-Hyun’s insists. Yoo-Joon is bewildered when he sees her sister acting abnormally (or like a feminine lady). The leading couple is really sleepy on the sofa. Sung-Hoon tries to carry Yoo-Jung to her bedroom, he is stopped by Woo-Hyun. Woo-Hyun tells him he will take care of her woman and it doesn’t matter if their relationship is real or not. Yoo-Jung is not really asleep and enjoys Woo-Hyun calling her his woman.

Woo-Hyun and Sung-Hoon have a “talk”. Sung-Hoon tells him that he should not shake her heart if he can’t take the responsibility until the end. Woo-Hyun wonders why does he interfere so much in his friend’s life. Sung-Hoon replies him back saying he can do that because he is her friend who is also like a family member to her. Woo-Hyun asks him again that if they are really only friends or he has other feelings towards her. Before he can reply he receives a message from Jae-Kyung to see her. Sung-Hoon and Yoo-Jung arrive in her office and she wants them to accept Cheogo group’s (Woo-Hyun’s father’s company) investment.  Yoo-Jung doesn’t look so keen on the investment at the start but comes around and all of them accepts the investment.

Fake Becomes Real

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

Yoo-Jung arrives at her home and is a bit disappointed to find out that Woo-Hyun wants to leave. She tells him that he is not fully recovered so he should stay for a few more days. Woo-Hyun tells her that if he can carry “someone”, he can also do few treatments hearing this makes Yoo-Jung blush. Yoo-Jung decides to drop Woo-Hyun in her car. Woo-Hyun wonders are they not going to have a few more “fake” dates. Yoo-Jung thinks they really should, also, thinking that way they would be able to see each other more. She also tells him that they are not a fake couple anymore. Smiling Woo-Hyun worries how Jae-Kyung will react after she finds out about them really dating. She thinks Jae-Kyung will not react well but she will tell her when the time is right.

They say goodbye to each other and have a hug. While hugging they are photographed by a reporter most likely sent by Hye-Joo. They also spot the man in the mask who stabbed Woo-Hyun a few days ago. The man in the mask tries to attack Woo- Hyun again but has to retreat before he can do anything. He is also, photographed by Min-A during his retreat.  Min-A shows the picture of the man to Jae-Kyung who thinks about hiring a bodyguard for Yoo-Jung (why her?). Min-A wants to set up another fake date because of the other reporters.

Woo-Hyun finally arrives at the clinic much to his staff members joy and surprise. His ex-step-brother (I will just call him his brother from now on) was really worried about him a bit disappointed that he went to his “girlfriend” and didn’t come to him.

Junior Rebels

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

The whole staff is also curious about the house of the goddess Yoo-Jung. They think even though he was hurt badly he still looks really good. It could be the power of love. While Woo-Hyun is at the clinic he gets busy as is not able to contact Yoo-Jung. She feels sad and also starts to see him in her house from when he lived there. Out of frustration she goes to Woo-Hyun’s clinic and meets another actress who is junior to her. The actress not only does greets Yoo-Jung improperly she also disses her as well. She tells Yoo-Jung that she is very happy because she is getting more work because Yoo-Jung got fired from them.  She also tells him that she should at least keep a tight grip on Woo-Hyun as he has many female fans and she should not lose him as she lost her work.

Yoo-Jung although annoyed by her is not able to say anything back because of all the facts. She goes to Woo-Hyun’s office, he tells her she is already really pretty so why is she here. Yoo-Jung tells him that she is here to monitor him because of all the competitors. She seems really affected by what her junior said and feels really jealous of him working with/for pretty ladies. He assures her that they all are just patients and only woman in his eyes is her. She also asks him about the girl his mother wants to set him up with. He tells her that yes she is a chaebol but he also has to fight with 2 million of her followers. Woo-Hyun acts lovey-dovey with her before she leaves relieved. He is worried about telling her about Hye-Joo.

Revealing His Secret

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

While she is getting treatment Sung-Hoon also arrives at the clinic. Both of them get treatment together and he asks her to join him in lunch after they finish. Yoo-Jung falls asleep and Sung-Hoon tries to hold her hand while Woo-Hyun secretly watches him. Later, he asks her about Sung-hoon and his feelings for her. She tells him that he never really liked her as a woman and tells Woo-Hyun his secret that he is gay. Even after hearing her say that he doesn’t seem too convinced. She receives an email from a director but is surprised to see that all her emails show that they have already been read. Although she is really sure that she hasn’t read them. Woo-Hyun tells her that maybe her phone is hacked.

They visit the police officer who tells them that both of their electronic information his hacked and can be released to the public. He also tells them to get new phones with anti-hacking apps installed. Later, both of them eat with Sung-Hoon, when alone with Sung-Hoon Woo-Hyun asks him about his feeling for her. He tells her that they are only close friends nothing more. While eating Sung-Hoon and Yoo-Jung act really friendly which makes Woo-Hyun more suspicious.

No Dating 

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

Now at Yoo-Jung’s home, she is visited by Jae-Kyung who is worried after hearing about the hacking. She also tells him to keep a distance with Woo-Hyun as they don’t know when the fake relationship will end. Yoo-Jung hypothetically asks her how she will react if both of them really start dating. Jae-Kyung tells her she has nothing against Hyun-Woo but she is against the whole idea of her dating right now. Yoo-Jung doesn’t like her answer and gets angry. Suddenly Sung-Hoon arrives and asks her to give him some time on this upcoming weekend to which she agrees. Later, she steals her brother’s cell phone to call Woo-Hyun and has a late-night talk with him.

Next day the leading couple visit the hospital for his treatment. He also visits his mother who is not in her room and finds all the medicine she hasn’t taken. When she arrives he gets angry at her tells her he will take her to America for the treatment. He tells his doctor friend to help him with the video conference with the American doctors. His friend is worried about getting caught and tells his mother that he is going, to tell the truth to Woo-Hyun. She begs him to reconsider. Woo-Hyun tells Yoo-Jung that he is going to be busy so she should leave first.

Truth Always Hurt

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

Before the conference his friend comes clean and tells the fake illness story and that his mother is not really sick. He goes on to his knees as he begs for forgiveness. He gets really angry at his friend for deceiving him. Meanwhile, Yoo-Jung goes back into the hospital to give him his wallet. Woo-Hyun’s mother is terrified that his son will lose his mind after hearing the truth. Woo-Hyun after thinking for some time goes in her room and tells her he is relieved that she is not sick. She asks for forgiveness but he tells her she should from now on her life as she doesn’t have a son. He also tells her he will live as he doesn’t have a mother and leaves her room. All this time Yoo-Jung is standing outside the room and hears everything.

Elsewhere the reporter hired by Hye-Joo that the couple is really dating and she should find another method if she wants to break them up. Jae-Kyung meets Hye-Joo’s company lawyers regarding the compensation claim. She thinks the compensation terms are really harsh. To which the lawyer replies he thinks the same but he has received his orders from the top so he can’t do anything about it. She asks him about the person who is giving them the orders and they reluctantly tell her about Hye-Joo. Hye-Joo asks for his help to which agrees but tells her it is going to be his final gift for her. Jae-Kyung also meets Cheogo group’s representative regarding the investment and sees Hye-Joo in the building.

Getting Closer

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

Yoo-Jung visits Woo-Hyun’s mother at her restaurants and tells her she know about the fake illness. She doesn’t dislike her though because if she had a son she would also like to marry him to a chaebol. She also tells her that Woo-Hyun is having a hard time so she will try to bring mother-son together. Hearing her makes Woo-Hyun’s mother happy and sad at the same time. Yoo-Jung takes Woo-Hyun to her mother’s grave and tells him that his father was not around when her mom died. So, she put all the blame on her dad and now they have become estranged because of that. She tells him not to become like that with his mother and should be happy that his mother is not sick anymore.

She is able to bring him and his mother together at his home. Woo-Hyun still sad about the whole incident asks why his mother wants to push him into that house. Where they intentionally tried to hurt him when he was young and caused the fire that could have killed him. She tells him she didn’t know about this and from now on he should do what he wants she would not interfere.

Elsewhere, Jae-Kyung visits Hye-Joo and asks her why is so against Yo-Jung. She tells Jae-Kyung that she is doing all this because of Woo-Hyun. Hye-Joo tells her that they are supposed to get married and both of their families have agreed. She will also continue to hurt Yoo-Jung and her company until she stays close to Woo-Hyun. Her methods may get more aggressive as the time goes by. Woo-Hyun and Yoo-Jung are at the same place where they had their first fake date. They go out to enjoy a nice walk but people stare at them suspiciously.

The news is released about them breaking up.


I find these product placements in the dramas really annoying and here we have right at the start of the episode. I get that they need money but one should be subtle about these things. Not right in your face the trend we are seeing in today’s kdramas. Back to the story, I am not sure how I feel about the change in Woo-Hyun’s character. One moment he a lone wolf and now he became a cutie prince. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy their lovey-dovey moments. But I would like him to act a bit more immune to her charms although that would be really hard.

I think we are in the most important moment of the drama. It would be really annoying if they break-up now but later get together and every evil character has changed into a good guy. Hye-Joo will find a new love interest towards the end and lose interest in Woo-Hyun. I would like them to stay away from these cliches. If you have been reading my reviews you will know I hate happy endings. So, what I would really like to see is them breaking up and go in different directions while still having feelings for each other (Like in The Heirs, Min-Ho’s elder brother). (No, people don’t think I am a borderline psychopath)

Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 7 Recap

Sung-Hoon is also going to come true with his feelings towards Yoo-Jung. She is not going to just forgive him and become a couple you know, right? This is not the movie Kick-Ass which was awesome by the way. They are most likely to just stay friends after a brief argument. Don’t forget P.O. who didn’t have a meaningful scene in the whole episode. He was in here only for the fanservice (This is what you call a subtle product placement *wink*). Now we almost know how this drama is going to end. Will we still watch this? Hellyeah, mate.

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