Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap

Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap

Woo-Hyun and Yoo-Jung have finally started dating for real when they are hit by a surprising news. The news of their break-up is released when they are on their actual date. How will the leading couple will deal with this? Hye-Joo has shown his cards and started to go for Yoo-Jung’s jugular.

Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap

Yoo-Jung and Woo-Hyun see the news of their breaking up and decide to shut their date early and go meet Jae-Kyung. Jae-Kyung tells them that she was the one who released the news. It was because she received a threatening email when they were on their “fake” date. The email said that if Jae-Kyung didn’t release the news they will release the information regarding what happened with Jae-Min. Jae-Kyung wants Yoo-Jung to leave her with Woo-Hyun because they have something to discuss. She tells Woo-Hyun that Yoo-Jung and her company both are in danger. Hye-Joo’s threat to her about ruining Yoo-Jung is also revealed. Jae-Kyung tells Woo-Hyun to take responsibility for the break-up to save Yoo-Jung. He says he understands and leaves while still bothered by his memories with Yoo-Jung.

Jae-Kyung meets Yoo-Jung, Yoo-Jung tells her she doesn’t think that break-up is the best answer regarding the threat. Jae-Kyung tells her she knows that that’s why they need Woo-Hyun to initiate the break-up. She also tells her that Woo-Hyun has understood the situation and has agreed to the break-up. Now, it’s her turn to hurry up and accept the situation. This new information about Woo-Hyun agreeing to the break-up saddens Yoo-Jung. She calls Woo-Hyun many times but he doesn’t answer. In the end, she messages him and spends the whole night waiting for his response. Woo-Hyun doesn’t respond to her although he is also emotionally hurt because of the whole situation.

Motherly Advice

Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap

Next day she checks her phone but there is no messages or calls from Woo-Hyun. Yoo-Joon is worried about his sister and decides to cook for her. News of their break-up is spread all over the media. Meanwhile, Woo-Hyun seems really bothered by the break-up and his memories of their good times keep coming back to him. Elsewhere Hye-Joo meets Woo-Hyun’s mother has a talk with her. Hye-Joo wants her to change Woo-Hyun’s mind and marry her. Woo-Hyun’s mother tells her that his son has made up his mind and he will not change it even if dies. Hye-Joo threatens her with Woo-Hyun’s future. She also tells her that how she (Hye-Joo) is a child out of a wedlock just like Woo-Hyun. Now the timing is right for Woo-Hyun’s mother to help her as Yoo-Jung has been taken care of.

Woo-Hyun’s mother meets him at his clinic regarding the news of his breakup. He tells her that news is correct and he broke up with Yoo-Jung because of Hye-Joo’s interference. His mother tells him that his decision is not right and he should stay close to her and protect her from everyone and everything. Yoo-Jung keeps calling Woo-Hyun but his phone is not reachable so she calls his Sister-in-law (clinic owner’s wife). Yoo-Jung asks about Woo-Hyun’s condition and her help to meet Woo-Hyun. Her husband gets really excited after hearing that she got a call from the “Goddess” Yoo-Jung and comes with a plan to bring the couple together.

The Meeting

Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap

Yoo-Jung finishes her photoshoot and receives a message from Woo-Hyun’s sister-in-law. She tells Yoo-Jung that Woo-Hyun will be eating at her home so she should come there. Yoo-Jung makes excuse to her staff and is able to go alone. Woo-Hyun’s brother and his wife are able to lure him to their house and he has no idea about the secret guest. The scheming couple also looks a bit too excited, Yoo-Jung finally arrives at their home. Woo-Hyun doesn’t look that happy after seeing Yoo-Jung. They go for a walk and Yoo-Jung asks why is he not contacting her. She starts crying, Woo-Hyun who is also not able to control his emotions gives her a hug and they get back together. Yes just like that.

Hye-Joo receives the report that Woo-Hyun and Yoo-Jung are still together even after their break-up news was announced. She doesn’t look fazed by the news and gives the reporter another exclusive. She tells him to write an article about her and Woo-Hyun being engaged and soon to be married. Hye-Joo is sure this news will bring more attention to Woo-Hyun.  Woo-Hyun’s father is also not so sure about his son’s break-up. So, to make sure of it he also puts his plan in motion. He is visited by Hye-Joo and he gives her early wedding gift.

Early Wedding

Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap

He tells her that he will take care of Yoo-Jung and also, he has decided on their wedding date and location as well. Woo-Hyun’s father tells her he will do everything to bring Woo-Hyun to the location so she should get ready. Hearing the news Hye-Joo is thankful and overjoyed. Yoo-Joon who is waiting for his sister meets Min-A who is also sad by the leading couple’s break-up. Both of them think it’s a shame that they broke and that they looked like a real couple. Elsewhere, Jae-Kyung tells Yoo-Jung that soon she has to leave for overseas schedule. Yoo-Jung is sad that she won’t be able to meet Woo-Hyun for a whole week.

After Jae-Kyung leaves, Yoo-Jung call Woo-Hyun and meets him at a Drive-In theater. Woo-Hyun finds her cute when she gets scared because of the horror movie. They spent an enjoyable time with each other. They are still on phone with each other even at their respective houses. She lies to him that she is reading a book maybe because she wants to impress him. When he asks about what she is reading she buys some time and brings a book that she clearly knows nothing about it. He starts to read a poem from the book he is reading, Yoo-Jung finishes the poem before he can read it all (impressive).

Il Triello

Fluttering Warning Episode 8 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 8 RecapYoo-Jung tells him that he should not worry about Hye-Joo she won’t be able to destroy her career so easily. He also assures her that he will be together with her and just won’t let Hye-Joo hurt her. They both fall asleep talking to each other. Next day Yoo-Jung and Jae-Kyung are getting ready for their overseas trip. Sung-Hoon will also be joining them. Yoo-Jung asks him about the important thing he was going tell her. She asks him if he has found someone he likes. He feels flustered and in reply asks her about her break-up with Woo-Hyun. She replies to him that she is alright.

Woo-Hyun meets his step-mother and asks for help to stop Hye-Joo from hurting Yoo-Jung. She is more than eager to help him because of her own reasons. Her real son sees them in the meeting and doesn’t take it very well. He tells her that he doesn’t have any interest in the company and she should stop meddling. To which she doesn’t take pleasantly and he leaves. Yoo-Jung returns from her overseas trip and while on her way to home receive a message from Hye-Joo. Hye-Joo wants to meet her regarding Woo-Hyun to which Yoo-Jung agrees. Yoo-Jung messages to Woo-Hyun that she is going to Kanghan hotel. He comes to the conclusion that she is meeting Hye-Joo and rushes off. Both of the divas meet each other but their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Woo-Hyun.


You guys may have noticed that this recap is shorter than the last episode’s. This is not only because of my laziness alone. There were few scenes where OST was played but nothing is happening on the screen other than few flashbacks. It was like watching an Indian movie without beautiful colors and dancing. The whole episode was slow with the pacing and filled with unneeded scenes. I have to say this was my least favorite episode of the whole drama so far. All the scenes without the leading couple or Hye-Joo felt forced and unneeded especially ones involving P.O(which is a tragedy)

Another thing that bothered me was how they broke up and got back together with so early in the episode. I mean if you were going to get back together just after meeting her once then what was the point in giving to all the threats. We also got a word out from Woo-Hyun’s step-brother finally after he has been a talking point for such a long time. Anyways, now that Woo-Hyun has made his mind to stay with her I would like him to stay true to his words. I would go off if I see them going back and forth with their relationship just like we saw in Eun-Hye’s another drama Lie To Me. Elsewhere, Woo-Hyun’s father has also started moving his pawns on the chessboard.


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