Fluttering Warning Recap Episode 3 and 4 Week 2

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

In Fluttering Warning’s premiere week episodes Yoo-Jung is cheated on and dumped by her boyfriend Jae-Min. She meets Woo-Hyun who reluctantly helps her. She again comes to see him for another favor. He already has a lot on his plate because of his father. Will he agree? Let’s find out if the pair will become a fake couple or not in this second week of Fluttering Warning recap episode 3 and 4. This recap is not a scene to scene recap but more like highlights. This way you have information about the episode after reading this but still something new to enjoy after you watch it.

Fluttering Warning Recap


Yoo-Jung wants to take revenge on Jae-Min. She asks for the favor his agency already asked.  Woo-Hyun denies Yoo-Jung’s favor of being in a relationship. He tells her he gains nothing from it and she should find someone else. She tells him he may need a favor from her someday. He doesn’t budge and tells her he will never need a favor from her.

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

Yoo-Jung reads mean comments about her written by netizens. She cries while reading them as she feels everyone is against her. She also starts losing CF and drama offers as her image goes in a downward spiral. Jae-Kyung tries her best but to no avail. Jae-Kyung and Yoo-Joon want Yoo-Jung to ask Woo-Hyun for the “favor”. She informs them that he already denied her. Yoo-Joon hints at using Sung Hoon as Yoo-Jung’s boyfriend. She is strongly against it as she doesn’t want to hurt his image as well. He understands her and informs Jae-Kyung that he will agree to be her boyfriend if nothing else pans out.


Step Mother

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

Woo-Hyun has a secret visitor in his office, it turns out to be his “father’s” legal wife (I think this is the right way to explain their relationship). She wants him to stop covet for her son’s position. He tells her that he hates them as much as they hate him. He doesn’t want to take her son’s position and that his father is the one who is pushing him. She tells him that if that’s how it is then she will help him. She will stop his marriage with Hye-Joo and wants him to stay true to what he said. Later he receives a message from her warning him and his mother if he changes his mind.


Wrong Affair

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

Yoo-Jung is at a photoshoot when she sees people giving her a suspicious look. Her stylist shows the news about her illicit affair with Cheogo Group’s Ceo (Woo Hyun’s step-brother). Her agency is as baffled by the news as she is herself. She doesn’t feel well and hurts herself while shooting. Hye-Joo is the mastermind behind this news. She wants to hurt Ceo’s image so Woo-Hyun could be the new successor. Yoo-Jung is worried if she goes to hospital people will say more bad things about her. So, she goes to Woo-Hyun’s clinic. He treats her and sees that she is more emotionally hurt than physically.

She leaves a thank you note for him. Her agency thinks this news is Jae-Min’s doing and agrees to use Sung-Hoon as Yoo-Jung’s boyfriend. Reporter Min-A agrees to help them as well (now she is like part of their agency rather than a reporter). Yoo-Jung and Sung-Hoon go for a fake date while getting their fake paparazzi photos taken.


Emotional Blackmail

Woo-Hyun receives a call from his doctor friend who did his mother’s health checkup. He informs him that she has a tumor and she hasn’t come for her treatment. He immediately calls her but she is unreachable. Later he receives a call from her and she wants to go on a date with him. He goes to their meeting place and “coincidentally” Yoo-Jung is also having her press conference at that place (date with your son at such a place; scratching head). He meets her and she thinks he is there because he has changed his mind. She feels disappointed when he tells her he is there to meet his mother.

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

Meanwhile, Woo-Hyun mother meets his father and tells him that he will surely be here. He gives a store building but she doesn’t accept it and wants him to take care of Woo-Hyun. I hate these emotional blackmail scenarios (even in real life), parents forcing their opinions on you, don’t you? Woo-Hyun sees his father, Hye-Joo and her father together and also overhears people talking about some kind of an announcement. He completely understands the situation when he receives a call from his step-mother. She tells him that his father wants to announce his birth secret and marriage announcement with Hye-Joo. He calls his mother and gets angry at her for involving him in this situation.


I Think You are at the Wrong Conference

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

Both conferences are going side by side. Woo-Hyun goes to Yoo-Jung’s boyfriend announcement conference rather than his father’s. He arrives and tells reporters that he is her boyfriend and they have been dating from the past six months. Their couple photo is taken and the news is released. Before his father can make his announcement his assistant show him the news. He delays the announcement and Hye-Joo also sees the news. He meets his father and tells him that he will never be able to control him.

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

Woo-Hyun goes to meet his mother in the hospital (she was just at the conference hall) and tells him to take care of herself. When he leaves we saw her talking to the doctor (Woo-Hyun’s friend) and turns out she is not really ill. Hyun-Woo goes to Yoo-Jung’s agency, she overhears him having financial difficulties because of the new clinic. She thinks he agreed to be in a relationship because of money. They have an argument and he doesn’t want to sign a contract anymore. Jae-Kyung does her best and is able to calm both of them down.

They finally agree and signs the contract. Elsewhere Woo-Hyun’s step-mother meets and Hye-Joo and tells her she knows she was the one who released the news about her son. He threatens her which totally shakes up Hye-Joo.

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4 Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

Fake Dating is Hard

He tells his clinic boss (his ex-stepbrother) that he and she are in a fake relationship. Woo-Hyun is also visited by Jae-Min’s fiancee who is also Hyun-woo’s patient. He tells her about Jae-Min’s two-timing when she asks him about it. Hyun-Woo reluctantly agrees to get his and Yoo-Jung’s photographs taken at their fake dates. Min-A and Yoo-Joon are the ones to take the photographs. They are flirting with each other and their love line is going on the sidelines. Woo-Hyun finds it really awkward to pose as a couple but they do have some intimate moments.

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4 Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

They hold hands as they go to her place. At her home, she remembers her memories with Jae-Min. She receives a call from her Jae-Min who starts shouting at her. Hyun-Woo takes the call and tells him he was the one who told about him to his fiancee. He takes care of the call and consoles shaken Yoo-Jung. A few days later they go to a camping field to continue their facade. While Min-A is taking their fake photographs she sees another pair of reporters stalking the couple.

She tells the couple about them and they naturally start acting like a real couple. They enjoy their dinner and got to bed. In the night Yoo-Jung’s tent catches fire and Woo-Hyun is standing outside reluctant to go inside and save her. I think this is because of a trauma he suffered as a child.

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4



The chemistry between the lead couple is really good. Drama lacks in production value and acting wise from supporting cast but not in a bad way. I find it hard to understand Woo-Hyun’s mother. She doesn’t want money and she knows that other things are more important (she is married 6 times gives you a clue). Still, she is forcing her son into something he really doesn’t want and going as far as faking an illness. Drama lacks a good second female lead in the love triangle. Jae-Kyung’s character has more presence and entertainment value than Hye-Joo’s and I don’t see the situation reversing. P.O. and his love line Min-A is enjoyable as well. The change from anger to romance was quite sudden but they look really cute (read premiere week recap). I want to see more bickering between the leading couple. It was still really enjoyable even after it’s plot flaws.

Fluttering Warning Episode 3 and 4

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