Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap Week 3

Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

The leading couple signed their love contract in previous week’s episode. Now that they are legally bound, will their hearts will follow as well. Yoo-Jung has totally moved on from her ex-boyfriend and Woo-Hyun is showing no good signs towards Hye-Joo. So, there is no emotional baggage left to stop them from being with each other. At the end of the last episode, Yoo-Jung was stuck in a burning tent while Woo-Hyun seems hesitant to go in. We all know that she will be saved unless it’s going to be another ghost drama.


Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Flirting With Death

Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Yoo-Jung is taken to the hospital in an ambulance in a serious condition. Woo-Hyun explains the first-aid he performed and other medical details to the operating doctor. He is quite hurt himself as well. Yoo-Joon and Min-A also arrive in the hospital worried about the couple. Yoo-Joon wakes up (looks like it wasn’t that serious) and sees Woo-Hyun at her bedside. They both have some flirting moments and Woo-Hyun falls asleep at her bedside.

Elsewhere, Hye-Joo is plotting something new. She also tells her assistant to go strongly against Yoo-Jung’s contact violation case. Sun-Hoon leaves all the details about the investment in the company to Jae-Kyung. He is thankful that Yoo-Jung is alright.

The Other Daddy

Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Yoo-Jung’s father Cheol-Soo (his name reminds me of Feel Good To Die) runs a little restaurant, he is also a retired firefighter. He sees his daughter’s accident’s news in the newspaper. He looks quite shaken up after reading the news. Woo-Hyun receives a call from his “father” while taking Yoo-Jung to her agency. He tells her that he doesn’t have a father. The person who just called him is the firefighter who saved him when he was young.

They are followed by the reporters sent by Hye-Joo. After they reach the agency, Yoo-Jung has childish banter with Sun-Hoon which makes Woo-Hyun jealous. Min-A tells them the reporter that was following them will do anything to get the news. They come up with a plan to show that Yoo-Jung and Woo-Hyun look real couple. First, they want them to upload each other’s pics on SNS. Woo-Hyun asks for Yoo-Jung’s phone number and leaves. Jae-Kyung is worried all this paparazzi stuff will stress him and he may decide not to do this fake romance.

Fake Illness

Woo-Hyun’s mother is eating out with his Doctor friend who is also her accomplice. She receives many calls from Woo-Hyun but she doesn’t notice them. Worried Woo-Hyun goes to the hospital. She is able to conceal her secret from him and asks to meet Yoo-Jung. Woo-Hyun’s doctor friend really wants to tell him the truth but holds it in. He tells him that his mother is in a serious condition. Woo-Hyun reads his mother’s bucket list which was placed by her under her pillow(quite subtle). Meanwhile, Hye-Joo tries to stop the investment in Yoo-Jung’s company.

Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Woo-Hyun goes to meet the firefighter “father” who turns out to be Yoo-Jung’s father (What a coincidence). He doesn’t know that he is her father. Woo-Hyun tells him that he was able to save Yoo-Jung only because he saved him in the first place. Cheol-Soo asks him about his dating life and the opening of his new clinic. Woo-Hyun asks him can he bring his girlfriend to Cheol-Soo’s restaurant. This startles Cheol-Soo and he pretends to get angry and throws Woo-Hyun out of the restaurant.

Block Their Path

Yoo-Jung brings a painting as a gift for Woo-Hyun before his clinic’s opening. After working and eating dinner they decide to go for a run. Woo-Hyung sees someone following them. Elsewhere Hye-Joo’s assistant tells him that he has blocked the investment in Yoo-Jung’s company. Secondly, he also tells her that he has stopped the equipment from reaching Woo-Hyun’s clinic. Next day, she goes with her assistant to the clinic and gets disappointed to see her plan fails. All the equipment are already in the clinic. The assistant manager tells Woo-Hyun that he is sorry that his loan approval was delayed. Shocked Woo-Hyun asks him then how did he get all the equipment. He tells Woo-Hyun that apparently his “girlfriend” paid for all of it.

Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Woo-Hyun gets mad at Yoo-Jung for not consulting him before using so much money. He tells her that he will take care of his own problems. She should not care about him as they are not really in a relationship. After hearing this she feels sad and wants to end the fake relationship. He later feels apologetic and goes to her agency. There he overhears Jae-Kyung’s conversation and finds out about Hye-Joo’s interference. He meets her and tells her to not get involved anymore. She says she will do everything to make him hers. He tells her that she will be of no use to his real father. If he tells him that he will join his company if Woo-Hyun doesn’t have to marry Hye-Joo.

Sudden Attack

Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

News about Yoo-Jung and Woo-Hyun being a fake couple is released. Min-A thinks that somebody is behind all this who is paying the reporter. Woo-Hyun goes to take Yoo-Jung to meet his mother. While getting in the car she attacked by a stalker. Woo-Hyun is able to save her but is hurt in the confrontation. He asks her to take him to a hospital he knows. She starts crying profusely as she drives him to the hospital. His surgery goes well and his doctor friend asks her to take care of him. They have a kiss as he becomes dizzy and loses consciousness. Yoo-Joon and Jae-Kyung arrive at the hospital and Yoo-Jung tells them the attacker looked similar to her stalker.

Next day, his doctor friend tells Yoo-Jung that it would be hard for Woo-Hyun to wash, change clothes. Therefore, she should help him with his daily routine. They leave the hospital, in the car, he is not sure about kissing her yesterday. He wonders if it was a dream or did it really happen. They drop Woo-Hyun at his home, Jae-Kyung wants to leave with Yoo-Jung. But Yoo-Jung wants to stay with Woo-Hyun and take care of him. Woo-Hyun agrees to let her help him for a few hours.

Oh! My Temporary Amnesia

Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Woo-Hyun have trouble changing clothes and he is helped by Yoo-Jung. She also does his cleaning and other menial works. He asks her about yesterday, did he made some kind of a mistake? She thinks he remembers their Kiss but considers it a mistake. He again asks her did he do something wrong as he doesn’t remember anything. For some reason, she feels disappointed (we know the reason). Yoo-Joon visits Woo-Hyun in the night but he is bleeding, So he brings him to his (and Yoo-Jung’s) house. Seeing Woo-Hyun on the intercom she cleans herself quite fast but lacks perfection (that’s her charm). She agrees (very willingly) to let him stay at her home. While making his bed they nearly have another kiss.

They spend the whole night coming and going outside each other’s room. (Why does the K-dramas don’t have coincidences at these times? But you will able to find a taxi anywhere in the K-drama world very coincidentally) Next morning both of them have lost their energy and are very tired. They have to go and meet a police officer. The officer tells them they are not sure who the attacker was and who he was targeting (out of them both).

Angry Father

Fluttering Warning Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Woo-Hyun’s real father gets really angry when he reads about his “kid’s” accident. He wants Yoo-Jung to take all the responsibility for the incident and leave Woo-Hyun. Woo-Hyun and Yoo-Jung go to meet his mother at the hospital. When alone his mother tell Yoo-Jung that he understands why he likes her. But still, she wants Yoo-Jung to leave Woo-Hyun for family reason. Elsewhere his father invests in Yoo-Jung’s agency. He is visited by Hye-Joo, his legal wife also arrives who is not happy to see Hye-Joo there. She is worried about her own son, her husband tells him that he will not be a successor because of his bad character.

Yoo-Joon meets his father who brought him money and some food. His father asks him about Yoo-Jung’s health and love life. Yoo-Joon tells him she is happy and healthy. Yoo-Jung wants to know Woo-Hyun’s true feelings, therefore, asks for Sung-Hoon’s help. She takes him to her home for dinner with her brother and Woo-Hyun. They become close which makes Woo-Hyun jealous but he doesn’t show it. He asks his clinic boss (also his ex-stepbrother) for help to make Yoo-Jung jealous. He succeeds in making her jealous after talking about female idols and dating a model. Later in the night, they play drinking truth game in which they clearly tell how they feel about each other. They nearly have another kiss, we will find out about the result in next week’s episode.


Young-Jung is showing clears signs that she likes Woo-Hyun. Woo-Hyun, on the other hand, might become resistant to her because of his family reasons. If Hye-Joo and Woo-Hyun’s father both go for Yoo-Jung’s throat he may well leave her to protect her. His father may only want him because of his company but I still think he cares about the lad. Now at least we know that Yoo-Jung’s father is the same person who saved Woo-Hyun when he was young. Will it have any kind of effect on their relationship? I personally doubt it. I also feel sorry for Woo-Hyun’s step-mother. She is doing what any mother will do for her kid (no matter how bad her kid is).

Anyways as we know no matter what hurdles leading couples face, it’s going to be a happy ending. I would like to see more of P.O, I am really enjoying him New Journey To The West. His acting has improved from the 1st episode which is a good thing to see. Jae-Kyung’s character is under the most stress in my opinion. She has to deal with company issues while Yoo-Jung is spending money left and right. The story right now is cute but a bit bland. I would like to see Hye-Joo and Sung-Hoon (if he likes Yoo-Jung) be more aggressive. It is very like that story will become more interesting now that President Cha has involved himself in Yoo-Jung’s company.

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