Fluttering Warning Episode 1 and 2 Recap , Return of Yoon Eun Hye

Fluttering warning Recap

Here is Fluttering Warning Recap for the premiere week episodes. Fluttering Warning stars Yoon Eun-Hye and Chun Jung-Myung. Eun-Hye is back after 5 years long break. We last saw her in Marry Him If You Dare. I’m really excited to see her and I also wish she stars in an SBS drama soon. That way she will be able to appear on Runningman. I really enjoyed Chun Jung-Myung in The Master of Revenge and I have high hopes for this one as well.

This drama is about a dermatologist and a popular actress. They get involved in a scandal and to rectify the problem, they make a “Love Contract” and act like a couple. Sounds like Full House to me just that here female lead is a top star.

Fluttering Warning Recap

Award Winners

Fluttering warning RecapFluttering warning Recap

Yoo-Jung receives an award for best actress. At the airport Woo-Hyun has a hard time getting through the crowd of Yoo-Jung fans. He has also received an award in his medical field and is welcomed by his mother. He asks about her marriage life and she says she is happy. This is her 5th marriage by the way. She wants him to go to marriage matchmaking meeting but he declines.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Jung is saying goodbye to her co-star Jae-Min. Her manager Jae-Kyung warns her about Jae-Min’s playboy ways. Yoo-Jung doesn’t want to hear something bad about him. Jae-min, on the other hand, is meeting some other lady. She also turns out to be Woo-Hyun’s acquaintance.

 I’m a Single Man

Woo-Hyun’s mother drops her to the hospital and asks him to take care of a VVIP patient. He meets the patient Kang Hye-Joo, Director of a Kanghan hotel. Rather than a patient, she turns out to be his marriage meeting partner. He declines her offer to get married and asks her to find someone else.

House for Sale

Fluttering warning Recap

Jae-Min and Yoo-Jung are enjoying drinks together. For their 100-day celebration, she wants to announce their relationship publicly. Jae- Min doesn’t like the idea and tells her that she has too much to lose if their relationship goes public. Bell rings and someone is at his door. He tells Yoo-Jung he put his house on sale. Meanwhile, two reporters are on the opposite building stalking them.

Woo-Hyun is the one on the door. Yoo-Jung hides behind the curtains, while Woo-Hyun checks the house. All three are captured in the photo taken by the reporters.

You don’t know me?

Fluttering warning Recap Fluttering warning Recap

Jae-Min and Yoo-Jung are enjoying the drive and they stop at a convenience store. When she comes out, she mistakenly enters in Woo-Hyun’s car. He knocks at the window and asks her to come out. She mistakes him for a stalker and locks the door. A little bit later she realizes her mistake and comes out and apologizes. Jae-Min arrives at the scene as well and three of them are photographed together again by the same reporters.

I’m Your Daddy

Woo-Hyun arrives to give someone treatment although he doesn’t know his identity. It turns out to be his father. His father is a big conglomerate and Woo-Hyun is his bastard child. His father wants him to marry Hye-Joo (mentioned above). He also wants him to be his successor. Woo-Hyun declines and all he wants from his father is to leave him alone.

From their conversations, it was clear he hates his father. He is also his father’s bastard child and they don’t seem close.

Anyone but Him

Yoo-Jung’s manager again warns her about Jae-Min. Those reporters release the photos they took earlier. Yoo-Jung calls Jae-Min but he doesn’t pick up his phone. Next day before their dramas press release, he tells her he only likes money and has no feelings for her. Yoo-Jung’s manager tells her that Jae-Min’s company will deny the rumors so should she.

Fluttering warning Recap

At the conference when asked about their relationship. You-Jung confesses that she is in love with a man. But before she could say someone’s name, another news is revealed. It’s about Jae-Min getting married to someone else (the lady he met at the airport). Jae-Min tells the reporters that news is true and rumors about him and Yoo-Jung are false. Yoo-Jung side also tells to the reporter that conference about the man she loves will be held later.

P.O. Arrives

Fluttering warning Recap

Yoo-Joon (P.O) is at the reporter’s office causing a nuisance. Dressed in his military attire he goes off at the reporter. Security arrives and he is taken to the police with the reporter. Jae-Kyung (Yoo-Jung manager) arrives at the police precinct. Min-A (reporter) gets surprised to see her and more surprised when she founds out that Yoo-Joon is Yoo-Jung’s brother.

Min-A tells Jae-Kyung that she is remorseful and she only wanted to hurt Jae-Min. She shows her the original photographs and provides her counter-measures for the trouble she has caused.

I’m a Little Drunk

Fluttering warning Recap Fluttering warning Recap

Sad Yoo-Jung gets drunk and arrives and enters Jae-Min’s house. But Woo-Hyun is the owner of the house now (he didn’t change the lock code I guess). She goes on about her sad story before she realizes that he is not Jae-Min. After getting embarrassed she tries to leave hurriedly but knocks herself out in the process.

Next day she wakes up and her memories from last night rush back. To apologies, she starts cleaning Woo-Hyun’s house. He cooks some food and they eat together. They are photographed again by one of the reporters who is still at the opposite building. He sends the photos to Min-A who shows them to Jae-Kyung. Both of them with Yoo-Jun goes to Woo-Hyun’s house. They meet him but he denies to be the part of their scheme.

Fluttering warning Recap

Free as a Bird

Woo-Hyun’s boss tells him that he has to leave the hospital. He sees his father’s assistant’s business card and realizes what’s going on. Then he meets his father and tells him that he is free and will not do what his father wants him to do. He arrives at a rundown hospital and tells the boss that he will be working there from now on. Jung-Seok’s (boss) father and Woo-Hyun’s mother used to be married. Which makes them ex-step-brothers if I’m right.

Could we Date?

Fluttering warning Recap

Yoo-Jung meets Jae-Min who tells her that he was just playing with her. He never really had feelings for her. He also warns her about spreading bad words about him. Disappointed and sad Yoo-Jung goes to look for Woo-Hyun at his hospital. She finds about his new working place and goes there. She meets him and asks him to date her for the months.



The story doesn’t seem new but still enjoyable. Eun-Hye and Jung-Myung look good together. P.O was funny but lacking in the acting department. Supporting cast other than Han Go-Eun is a bit mehh. But I think I will stick with it until the end. Although lacking in quality it was really enjoyable, hope it stays that way. Another big plus is the OST sung by my favorite KIm Jong Min.

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