Gibo To Musume No Blues Review

Gibo To musume no blues review

Gibo To Musume No Blues

Broadcast: July 10 – September 18, 2018

Episodes: 10

Theme song: Ai no Katachi by MISIA feat. HIDE (GReeeeN)

Gibo To musume no blues review

Plot: Haruka Ayase played as Iwaki Akiko is a hard-working career woman who is very good at her job. Ryoichi Miyamoto played by Yutaka Takenouchi meets her through work and they get married. Ryoichi has a daughter Miyuki and he is also dying ’cause of a terminal disease. Akiko Iwaki must now deal with housework and raising her stepdaughter.


Haruka Ayase – Iwaki Akiko

Yutaka Takenouchi – Ryoichi Miyamoto

Naho Yokomizo – Miyuki Miyamoto(Younger)

Moka Kamishiraishi – Miyuki Miyamoto

Takeru Sato – Akira Mugita

Gibo to musume no Blues

Akiko is a career woman who is very good at her job and who gets too motivated when given any task. So, when she gets married and meets her stepdaughter, she uses her job-related tactics to get close to her. At times young daughter seems more mature than her. The romance between her and male lead feels more one-sided as he sees her more of a guardian for her than as a romantic partner. She also leaves her job to become a good housewife which was hard to believe because of her personality.

The pair gets married and starts living together with the daughter, after a couple of episodes mother and daughter become very close. She helps her “daughter” overcome bullies and deals with overpowering mothers of other kids at school. The first half of the series(until the death of Ryoichi) if you can call it that, feels more episodic with solving one issue at a time like a typical Japanese dorama. In the second half when she starts working at Akira’s bakery seems more continuous flow of the story. I think she played her character very well and its one of her best performances.

Gibo To Musume No Blues

Ryoichi Miyamoto played by Yutaka Takenouchi(highly talented and one of my favorite actors) is a terminally ill single father who sees Akiko in a conference and sees her as the right candidate to be the guardian of her daughter. He asks her to get married on a whim(proposes with a shake of hands) and to his surprise, she says yes. You could see that he highly respects Akiko but is still in love with his dead wife which make hard to root for the couple and as he is dying as well.

He is underused as he is very talented and can carry the whole series on his own, so to see him only in a few episodes was a bit disappointing. This was my only con of this series. He acted very well but there is not much to talk about his character.

Gibo to musume no Blues Gibo to musume no Blues

The second main lead of the series was Miyuki Miyamoto(Naho Yokomizo (younger), Moka Kamishiraishi), as the title suggests the whole series was about the relationship between mother and daughter. I really enjoyed talks or the lack of them, between the younger Miyuki and Akiko. Both are trying to understand each other but find it hard to come close emotionally to each other until the death of the only man in their life.

After the death of Ryoichi, they become really close, more than real mother daughter. Daughter’s character was played well by both the young actresses, especially by Naho. You could really feel her emotions, when she meets her new mother and then the way she behaves felt really natural.

Gibo to musume no Blues Gibo to musume no Blues

Akira Mugita played by Takeru Sota is a free-spirited person who do various kind of part-time jobs(delivery guy, flower seller etc.) from which he gets fired really soon(like on the first day of the job). In the first part of the series, he meets the other cast either through his part-time jobs or by coincidences. He doesn’t have much screen time in staring of the series. After Akiko starts working at his bakery he has more screen time but still, his character doesn’t have much to show. His character even though had less screen time in the first half of the series, he was more impactful there than in the second half.

Gibo to musume no Blues

There are few other characters such as Miyuki’s boyfriend, Real estate lady and Akiko’s junior from her previous work, who adds comedy to the series. It’s a light heart drama comedy, not for you if you are looking for romance. Overall, I really enjoyed the series. Must watch for Haruka Ayase’s fan.

Rating: Good Watch

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