Her Private life Episode 1-2 Recap Premiere Week

Her Private Life Episode 1-2 Recap

Park Min-Young returns to tVN with another drama after last years “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”. Her co-star is Kim Jae-Wook who gets a proper lead role, he also had a somewhat leading role in OCN drama The Guest. Her Private Life is about Deok-Mi (Min-Young) who is a curator in an art gallery. But during her private time, she runs a fansite for her favorite Idol Shi-An while hiding this from everyone from work. She then gets to meet the new director of her art gallery Ryan. Who finds out about her secret and takes an interest in her.

Her Private life Episode 1-2 Recap

First Encounter

Her Private Life Episode 1-2 RecapHer Private Life Episode 1-2 Recap

Deok-Min faces emergency even before the exhibition starts. But that doesn’t affect her as she is able to complete the exhibition without any issue. Although the credit of success is all goes to her boss So-Hye. As soon as the exhibition ends she runs to the concert of her favorite idol Shi-An’s group White Ocean. The pictures she took gets lots of attention on her SNS which she craves. Elsewhere, in New York at an art exhibition, everyone is waiting for our Hero Ryan Gold. He comes and goes like a wind after giving his criticism with a Devil’s smile. He is looking for a painting (it is the reason he can’t paint anymore) which Shi-An have with him. Meanwhile, Deok-Mi’s boss sends her overseas to get a painting of a “famous” artist through an auction. Her mom keeps nagging her and hopes she is not chasing idols anymore otherwise her mom will shave her head. She goes to Shanghai to but the above-mentioned painting, Ryan goes there as well.

Stab In The Back

Her Private Life Episode 1-2 RecapHer Private Life Episode 1-2 Recap

Both of them meet each other at the auction but doesn’t have a good impression of each other. During the auction, both of them get in a bidding war over a painting they want for different reasons. Ryan wins the auction and ridicules Deok-Mi when she begs him to give the painting to her. When she returns she is taken for investigation by prosecutors with her boss. After her boss’s husband gets arrested for malpractice and embezzlement. She meets someone in regard to a new job now that she thinks her curator job is over. Later, her boss hints that she will make Deok-Mi the chairman of the gallery now that she has to resign because of the recent scandal. She then goes to the airport to take the picture of Shi-An where she has another unfortunate run-in with Ryan (he didn’t get to see her face). Next day, her boss gives the chairman position to someone else after she saw Deok-Mi meeting someone else regarding a new job (read above).

Her Private Life Dinner Party


Meeting The Enemy

Her Private Life Episode 1-2 RecapHer Private Life Episode 1-2 Recap

Suddenly Ryan arrives at the gallery and asks to meet the director, Deok-Mi thinks he is here to complain about the airport incident. But she can’t be more wrong he is the one who got Deok-Mi’s job. As soon as he starts works he complains about the exhibition’s they have help and poor performance of Deok-Mi’s work. They get in a little argument but Ryan puts Deok-Mi in her place quickly. This puts her in a really bad mood and she takes out all her anger on her brother. Next day, Ryan orders to cancel the exhibition of a famous artist and gives his own idea for the exhibition. Deok-Mi doesn’t like the idea and they lock horns again but Deok-Mi loses because of her position. Ryan tells Deok-Mi to arrange the meeting with the artist but keep the news about cancellation secret. During the meeting with the artist, she involuntary reveals that his exhibition is going to get canceled.

Deadly Joke

Her Private Life Episode 1-2 RecapHer Private Life Episode 1-2 Recap

Next day, Ryan receives the cancellation of contract from the artist, Mr.Ahn. He gets angry and fires Deok-Mi knowing she spills the beans to the artist. She leaves the gallery after he tells her that this would have not happened if she kept her mouth shut. Later, Deok-Mi goes back to her parent’s house to calm the things down after their fight. She ends up taking her anger out on her mother. Next day, things are not going well at the gallery when her colleagues come to seek her for help. Then one of her colleagues, Kyung-A, tells Ryan to cancel the termination of Deok-Mi because Kyung-A told about the cancellation to So-Hye. Ryan then (although not wanting) meets Deok-Mi and offer her job back. Deok-Mi in anger plays a joke on him which leads to him going to the hospital. Feeling guilty and scared of going to jail she ends up nursing him. When he wakes up she accepts her job back, he asks her to go to a meeting tomorrow to meet Shi-An which makes her go over the moon.



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