Her Private Life Episode 13-14 Recap

Her Private Life Episode 13-14 Recap

Her Private Life Episode 13-14 Recap

Brother From The Same Mother

Her Private Life Episode 13-14 RecapHer Private Life Episode 13-14 Recap

Ryan and Deok-Mi are having some healing time after Ryan reveals his secret to her. Deok-Mi takes (forces) herself to Ryan’ place. Ryan still bitter about Go-Stop loss wants to beat her in something he is good at. On their way, they run into Shi-An and his mother who finds Ryan a bit familiar. Later, Shi-An’s mother tells him she doesn’t want her paintings to be exhibit. Meanwhile, Ryan decides to challenge Deok-Mi in Go-Stop again and this time he beats her. Elsewhere, Cindy runs away from home and arrives at Deok-Mi’s parents’ home and tells them she will be living there from now on. Deok-Mi tries to contact Lee-Seol (Shi-An’s Mom – Eun-Young) regarding the exhibition. Eun-Young visits Ryan the next day with some breakfast for him and to thank him for companying her son. Elsewhere, Deok-Mi finds out about Lee-Seol with the help of Eun-ki’s mother. She gets surprised to find out that Lee-Seol is none other than Shi-An’s mom. Later, Shi-An and his mother come to the museum for a private viewing. Shi-An then tells Ryan that his mom is Lee-Seol.

The Forgotten One

Her Private Life Episode 13-14 Recap

As soon as Ryan hears this flash of memories comes rushing back to him. Later, Deok-Mi also tells her that she knows about Lee-Seol and Eun-Young are the same person. Ryan memories are rushing back to him as he realizes who is his mother. Eun-Ki and Deok-mi also have a heart to heart talk and decide to stay friends. Elsewhere, Cindy reveals to Deok-Mi’s parents’ that Ryan is adopted. Shi-An worried that Ryan may get upset with him because he didn’t tell Ryan about the identity of Lee-Seol. He asks a favor from Deok-Mi who tells him not to worry as Ryan is not upset with him. Deok-Mi tells Ryan that she will be on his side no matter what. Ryan decides to move on from his past. He then goes to his mother and tells her that he has something to show her. Ryan then takes her to his home and shows her the remaining paintings. She thanks her but when she sees tears in his eyes she realizes that Ryan is her son that she abandoned when he was young.

Tearful Reunion

Both mother and son starts crying but doesn’t talk to each other as Eun-Young leaves. Shi-An sees his mother crying while on her knees. Shi-An consoles his mother while Deok-Mi is worried about Ryan. She rushes to him and tries to console him. Both fall asleep in the gallery and gets embarrassed in the morning when woken up by their colleagues while they are in each other’s embrace. Shi-An meets with Ryan and tells him he knows about Ryan and his relationship with his mother. Furthermore, he tells Ryan that he will give him his mother’s contact number. He also hopes that Ryan will give “their” mother a chance to explain her side of the story. Ryan calls his mother and they decide to have a talk. Eun-young apologizes and tells Ryan that she got into an accident which took away everything from him. She further tells him that she never abandoned him and she always missed him. Elsewhere, Cindy’s mom is stalking her daughter and gets angry when she sees her getting chummy with someone else (Deok-Mi’s mom).

That Guy

Her Private Life Episode 13-14 Recap

Shi-An tells Deok-Mi that he knows where the last painting of Lee-Seol is placed. He wants her to persuade Ryan and take Ryan to the painting to see it personally. Ryan gets awkward when sees his mother and Shi-An at the place as well but Deok-Mi calms him down. Eun-Young then shows Ryan the painting, after seeing the painting Ryan’s memory returns completely. He sees the painting and understands his mother’s feelings. Thanks to Deok-Mi and Shi-An Ryan is able to reconnect with his mother. Elsewhere, Eun-Ki and Da-In plan to go out for drinks to soothe their broken hearts. But Eun-Ki cancels the plan when hears Ryan’s real name through Sun-Joo. Eun-Ki goes to Deok-Mi’s parents and asks them about the name of  “that guy.” Things become awkward after Deok-Mi’s mom hears about “that guy”. Meanwhile, Deok-Mi helps Ryan to make him able to draw paintings again. We then see that “that guy” is the younger Ryan who used to play with Deok-Mi when she was young.

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