Her Private Life Episode 15-16, Finale Week

Her Private Life Episode 15-16

Her Private Life Episode 15-16

Past Mistakes

Her Private Life Episode 15-16Her Private Life Episode 15-16

Deok-Mi and Ryan spend the night together and wake up with makeup and nice breath (I wish my morning were like this). They then get ready and go to work together as well. All the staff of the gallery is working hard towards the upcoming exhibition. Elsewhere, Deok-Mi’s remember’s “that guy” not knowing that he and Ryan are the same person. She wonders why Eun-Ki talked about him now after so many years. She thinks something is up with Eun-Ki which he is not able to talk about. Ryan takes Deok-Mi out to eat where she is surprised by Shi-An who congratulates her on her birthday with a special. Their meeting is arranged by Ryan while Deok-Mi is unable to tell Shi-An that he is the real present for her. Later, Ryan shows a picture of his younger self to Dek-Mi, he tells her to keep the photos in her room (she doesn’t remember him). Eun-Ki then visits Deok-Mi to ask some questions about Ryan but leaves in shock after seeing the photos of younger Ryan.

Facing The Mistakes

Eun-Ki although worried about his “mom” he still tells her that Ryan is “that guy”. Meanwhile, Ryan remembers that the one who abandoned him when he was young was Deok-Mi’s mother. Ryan goes to Eun-Ki and tells him about his memories coming back to him and that he sees Deok-Mi’s mother in them. Meanwhile, Deok-Mi’s mother tells Deok-Mi that how she abandoned Ryan in front of the orphanage. Eun-Ki tells Ryan not to hate his “mom” as she has been tormenting herself for long. Ryan tells him that he is grateful and asks about the other child who was also with them. Deok-Mi’s father visits her and tells her about the other child, his name was Deok-Soo her younger brother. She and her brother both got in a car accident during which her brother passed away. Because of the shock, she forgot everything about her brother. After the incident, her mother was not n right condition to take care of Ryan so she left him at the orphanage. After hearing the story Deok-Mi apologizes to her mom and later her mother apologizes to Ryan.

Gone But Living In Memories

Her Private Life Episode 15-16

Meanwhile, Cindy’s mom “stalks” her daughter and wants her to return to her. Ryan shows the first painting he has painted in a long time to Deok-Mi. the painting is a portrait of Deok-Mi. The exhibition finally takes place as Shi-An becomes the center of attention. The exhibition is a success and two brothers congratulate their mother. Deok-Mi’s and Ryan’s mothers meet each other as both families with Eun-Ki prays for Deok-Soo. Both of them console each other for their past loss and hope to be happy in the future. Deok-Mi’s father tells her daughter that the stones he collects remind him of his son. That is why he has been collecting them for years from all over the country. Eun-Ki wants to move-in with his real mom and live together. Later, during their date, Deok-Mi teaches Ryan how a fangirl buys a ticket online. She ends up failing to buy the ticket while Ryan succeeds in bringing excitement from Deok-Mi. Seeing Ryan painting again Deok-Mi gets a little sad as she thinks it would be better for him to return to the states.

The Happy Ever After

Ryan realizes what Deok-Mi is thinking about. He tells her that she is right that he should move to the US but his work needs a lot of improvement before he decides on his comeback. Later, Da-In and Eun-Ki had drinks together where she reveals that she is going back to New York for good. Deok-Mi also receives an offer from a gallery from New York she wonders if it is Ryan’s doing but he denies any involvement. Both Deok-Mi and Ryan decide to go together to New York and say their goodbyes to their families. While Shi-An becomes sad after his number one fan SAIML’s fan page is put on hold. Ryan apologizes to his colleagues as he was not able to stop the assigning of the new Director who is none other than Cindy’s mom. Before their departure, Ryan proposes to Deok-Mi which she accepts. One year later, the gallery director brings help from outside a new vice-director and it is none other than our Deok-Mi. Deok-Mi has dinner with her family during which she finds out that Eun-Ki is seeing someone (CINDY out of all). Ryan gold also returns back from the US as a famous artist.

So, guys, this is the end of Her Private Life episode 15-16 and the whole drama let me know your thoughts about the drama in the comments. From the next week, I am thinking about recapping One Spring Night let me know if you have any other drama you want to be recapped.


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