In the previous episode, Deok-Mi gets a surprise when she finds out that Ryan is the new director of the gallery. She then makes a mistake after which Ryan fires her out of anger. Ryan finds out that it was not Deok-Mi’s fault and goes to her to offer her job. To which she declines and in revenge makes a deadly joke on Ryan. She then takes him to hospital and nurses him all night long. When he wakes up she accepts her old job as a way of her apology. Ryan then reveals to her that they will be meeting Shi-An regarding an upcoming exhibition.

Her Private Life Episode 3 Recap

Meeting The Angel

Her Private Life Episode 3 RecapHer Private Life Episode 3 Recap

Deok-Mi is really excited to meet Shi-An and puts extra effort while getting ready for the meeting. But out of habit she wears her “stalking” outfit before realizing it. Later she meets Ryan before going to Shi-An’s house, her knowledge about Shi-An’s preference nearly reveals her true nature. Both of them then goes to Shi-An’s house and the doors of Heaven open for her but disappointingly Shi-An’s manager opens the door. Deok-Mi’s heart nearly gives away when she sees Shi-An coming out after his shower. During their meeting, Deok-Mi is unable to control her facial expressions while she adores looking at her baby angel. Tears of happiness start to fall from her eyes when she sees a photograph of Shi-An she took in his collection. Shi-An really cherishes the photograph but doesn’t know that Deok-Mi is the one who took it.


Dating The Angel

Her Private Life Episode 3 RecapHer Private Life Episode 3 Recap

While using restroom Deok-Mi accidentally turns on the shower and “wets” herself. Ryan has to come to her help and gives his jacket to hide her jewels. Shi-An is not so sure about putting an exhibition under his name but Deok-Mi tries her best to persuade him. Things get a little complicated when she reveals that Ryan also likes the artwork of Lee-Seol. After their meeting gets a big surprise when she finds out that Ryan is living one floor above Shi-An’s apartment. Next day she gets an even bigger surprise when an article about Shi-An dating is released. The girl he is supposedly dating is none other than our Deok-Mi. The photograph of her in Shi-An’s home taken by the manager causes all the trouble. She starts to get hate and threat comments from Shi-An’ fan. Her colleagues suggest she put up photographs of her “boyfriend” to stop the rumors. While Ryan who is listening to the conversation gets paranoid because he thinks Deok-Mi is in a lesbian relationship with Sun-Joo.


Killed For Angel Angel

Her Private Life Episode 3 RecapHer Private Life Episode 3 Recap

Shi-An’s side somehow tries to put an end to the rumors by explaining about the upcoming exhibition. But things get out of control when one of Shi-An’s fan post picture of Deok-Mi coming out of the building. The fan further reveals the personal information of Deok-Min on the net. Sun-Joo gets worried about the situation while Eun-Ki makes fun of Deok-Mi. Deok-Mi’s office starts to get threatening calls from the fans. When she tries to go out for her work she gets attacked by the fans outside the gallery Eun-Ki comes and saves her. Eun-Ki and Ryan meet each other again and they introduce each other. Although Ryan doesn’t remember the first meeting as he was passed out. He gives Deok-Mi a day off while Eun-Ki accompanies her to the police station. She plans to teach her attackers a lesson and covers herself with fake bandages. But she changes her mind when she relates to the fangirls and drops the charges on her attackers.


Man Are Better Than Angel

Her Private Life Episode 3 RecapHer Private Life Episode 3 Recap

She further explains to them that she is not dating Shi-An and it was all a mistake. Eun-Ki safely drops Deok-Mi to her house, he finds his mother waiting for him when he arrives at his (Deok-Mi’s parents) home. His mother thanks Young-Sook for raising Eun-Ki and helping out a single mom. Meanwhile, So-Hye arrives at the gallery after hearing the rumors about Deok-Mi dating and Idol. She meets with Ryan and tells him to fire Deok-Mi because of the scandal. He tells her that it was not a true scandal and hence he won’t fire her. But when So-Hye continues pressuring him he tells her that she has no right to tell him about what to do with the gallery. He further threatens her with her upcoming trial. So-Hye mistakes that Deok-Mi has betrayed her to Ryan and slaps her when she runs into her on her way out. Later, Ryan consoles her and tells her that So-Hye slapped her because of what he said about the Shangai auction. On her way home Deok-Mi nearly runs over by a car until Ryan intervenes and declares the Deok-Mi is his girlfriend.


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