In the previous episode, Deok-Mi meets Shi-An face to face making it her best day of life. But her meeting turns into a rumor mill and she becomes the new girlfriend of Shi-An. This rumor causes issues for her personal and professional life. Eun-Ki comes to her aid when she attacked by Shi-An’s angry fans. On top of it, So-Hye wants Ryan to fire her but she doesn’t do it that way. Deok-Mi then gets slapped by So-Hye after she mistakenly thinks that Deok-Mi betrayed her to Ryan. Ryan then exclaims that Deok-Mi is his girlfriend when she nearly runs over by a car.

Her Private Life Episode 4 Recap

Let Me Be The Fake Angel

Her Private Life Episode 4 RecapHer Private Life Episode 4 Recap

The supposedly run over by a jealous fan thing turns out to be a misunderstanding. The driver is just an old man who is going on his way. Ryan drives Deok-Mi home but things become awkward because of Ryan’s “love confession.” He then drops her at Sun-Joo’s cafe where he sees Sun-Joo kissing her husband. He gets the wrong idea again and offers to be a pretend boyfriend for Deok-Mi for a while. Next day the gallery is surrounded by fans and reporters so Ryan gives her a day-off. He also tells one of the reporters to not write baseless news articles about his colleague. Deok-Mi goes to Sun-Joo’s cafe to consult with her, she then hides when Shi-An’s fans also come there. She then goes to the gallery when there are no reporters or fans. Ryan suggests to her that they pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend outside to crush the rumors. Deok-Mi explains that the fans will believe the news from fandoms rather than those from reporters. Ryan is then reminded of the fan (Deok-Mi) whose diary he is carrying and also who is special to Shi-An and follows that fan on SNS.

It Is Hard To Be A Fan

Her Private Life Episode 4 RecapHer Private Life Episode 4 Recap

Although he doesn’t know the true identity, Deok-Mi gets a surprise when she sees the notification Ryan following her fan girl ID on SNS. Later, she asks Ryan about his plan to deal with the rumors. He reveals to her that he has something of one of the fan cafe owner. When he returns that to her he can ask her for help regarding posting photos of him and Deok-Mi together and crush the rumors for good. Deok-Mi doesn’t like the idea but changes her mind when Shi-An gets into an incident with one of his fan. She then contacts Ryan through SNS as the owner of the fan cafe. Ryan explains his situation after which she agrees to help him and Deok-Mi. She suggests to him that they will need someone else to take photographs of the fake date between Deok-Mi and Ryan. Then she will put those photographs on her fan cafe and that will stop the rumors. Ryan explains everything to Deok-Mi and tells her to bring someone with her to take photographs.

Thin Line Between Fake And Real

Her Private Life Episode 4 RecapHer Private Life Episode 4 Recap

Deok-Mi takes Dun-Joo with her which surprise Ryan. He still thinks that Sun-Joo and Deok-Mi are in a secret relationship. The fake photoshoot starts but Sun-Joo doesn’t like what she sees. She suggests a bit more closeness and skin-ship between the couple. The closeness causes Deok-Mi’s heartbeat to rise and increasing her temperature. During their conversation, Deok-Mi jokingly says that she likes Sun-Joo because she is rich which causes another misunderstanding. Sun-Joo then takes them to the Zoo and tells them to act natural while she will take the photographs secretly. She then has to leave suddenly after Eun-Ki uses her son’s SOS who found about Deok-Mi going on a fake date. Sun-Joo goes to her son and gets angry at Eun-Ki for using her son out of jealousy. She tells him to go for Deok-Mi if he really likes her. Elsewhere, Deok-Mi and Ryan continue their date even after the “paparazzi” leaves. After their fake date, she starts to see Ryan in a different light.

I, Me and Myself

Her Private Life Episode 4 RecapHer Private Life Episode 4 Recap

Later, she put photographs of herself and Ryan on her fan site as Shi-An is my life. During which she is reminded of her close encounters with Ryan which makes her heartbeats to rise again. After she photographs are put online the rumor goes away while fans start to criticize Cindy who started the rumor. Elsewhere, Shi-An gets drunk and mistakenly enters Ryan’s home thinking it is his home. Next day, when he wakes up he gets embarrassed while Ryan feels good as he has got something on Shi-An. Elsewhere, Deok-Mi also gets a kind of an apology from So-Hye for the slap. While her colleagues are happy that the rumor has gone away. Just as she was going to tell them about the fake relationship with Ryan. She is introduced to Cindy (whom she knows) as the new intern who will be working at the gallery. Deok-Mi then changes her tune and reveals that her she dating Ryan which surprises her colleagues. She then runs towards Ryan but slips (typical cliche) and ends up hugging (hanging to) him.



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