Her Private Life Episode 5-6 Recap, Week 3

Her Private Life Episode 5-6 Recap

In the previous episode, Ryan helps Deok-Mi get rid of the rumor by becoming her fake boyfriend. While Deok-Mi starts to see him in different view during their fake date. Just when Deok-Mi thought things are under control Cindy becomes the new intern at the gallery.

Her Private Life Episode 5-6 Recap

Under False Pretence

Her Private Life Episode 5-6 RecapHer Private Life Episode 5-6 Recap

Deok-Mi is introduced to the new intern who is none other than Cindy, Shi-An’s fan and SAIML’s (Deok-Mi’s fan ID) competitor. Deok-Mi knows she needs to continue her facade and ends up in Ryan’s embrace. Ryan asks the reason for her sudden dash towards him, she tells him about Cindy. She further asks him to fire Cindy but he reveals that Cindy is So-Hye’s daughter. While Cindy is questioning her new colleagues about Deok-Mi’s relationship with Ryan. They are also surprised and have no idea about the leading couple’s dating. Meanwhile, Eun-Ki finds out through Sun-Joo that Deok-Mi has to continue her fake dating. He goes to Deok-Mi and tells her to stop this facade otherwise he will tell everyone about her being an Idol’s fan. She doesn’t listen to him while Ryan overhears their conversation (halfway through). Ryan thinks Eun-Ki is talking about revealing that Deok-Mi is lesbian. He asks Eun-Ki for a judo sparring in which both get hurt. Ryan then tells Eun-Ki that he will protect Deok-Mi and wants Eun-Ki to do the same for her friend.

Catching On The Secret

Her Private Life Episode 5-6 RecapHer Private Life Episode 5-6 Recap

Right then Sun-Joo arrives at the judo place as well. She then suddenly remembers Ryan from the time when he changes the hotel rooms for her. Ryan then finds out that she and Deok-Mi are just friends and nothing more. He gets a big shock and apologizes to both of them as he was mistaken. Sun-Joo understands what Ryan was mistaken about and tells Deok-Mi. Meanwhile, Cindy opens another SNS handle to reveal the fake dating between Deok-Mi and Ryan. Ryan who is busy with the new artwork exhibition is ignoring Deok-Mi while raising Cindy’s suspicion about them. Ryan has to go to the mountains to meet someone regarding the upcoming exhibition. Deok-Mi tags along with him to put off Cindy who has been following Ryan. Both of them have few too close to comfort moments during their stay at their host’s house. Their host who first did not agree to give them the photographs they needed agrees to it in the end. Meanwhile, the stay and closeness have made some feelings rise in Deok-Mi’s heart for Ryan.

Going Under Cover

Her Private Life Episode 5-6 RecapHer Private Life Episode 5-6 Recap

Deak-Mi then tells Ryan about Cindy opening new SNS handle, he wants both of them to work harder to fool Cindy. Later,  Ryan learns that Deok-Mi is SAIML and joins SAIML’s fan cafe under a false ID. Meanwhile, Deok-Mi is falling faster for Ryan and is having a hard time getting him out of her mind. Ryan now knowing Deok-Mi’s secret starts to “play games” with her. Later, Shi-An visits the gallery to meet with Ryan (his new Hyung), Cindy gets a pleasant shock to see her god in front of her. Shi-An agrees to the exhibition and on top of it, he wants to perform as a visual artist as well. During team dinner, Ryan is asked about how he got close to Shi-An. Meanwhile, Cindy is more interested in how the leading couple started dating each other. Both of them start exaggerating things telling how the other one wanted them more. Ryan ends up getting drunk while Deok-Mi ends up in his bed. Next day, when he wakes up he remembers all the “shocking” things he has done in a drunken state.

Fake To Real, K-Drama Cliche

Her Private Life Episode 5-6 RecapHer Private Life Episode 5-6 Recap

Ryan who applied for a level upgrade test for SAIML fan cafe gets upgraded. But for that, he has to lose his night sleep and make things awkward with Shi-An as well. Shi-An tells him that he has got another one of Lee-Sol’s painting which intrigues Ryan. After seeing the painting Ryan tries to paint again but doesn’t succeed. Next day, Ryan is visited and hugged by Da-In in front of Deok-Mi and other colleagues of them. She then drags Ryan linking her arms with his, Deok-Mi gets jealous and angry for “some” reason. Elsewhere, Ryan’s apartment gets a water leak and Deok-Mi goes to take care of it now that she knows the password to the house lock. While she is looking around the house Ryan arrives and gets angry at her making her leave in tears. In the elevator, she runs into Shi-An, he consoles her. Ryan regrets his action later and goes to see Deok-Mi who is hanging around with her two friends. He goes to her house and apologizes to her. He then kisses her when they have nothing more to talk about.


P.S. – Anyone else bothered by the amount of PPL forced on the audience.


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