Her Private Life Episode 7-8 Recap, Week 4

Her Private Life Episode 7-8 Recap

In the previous episode, Ryan learns that he was mistaken about Deok-Mi being in a romantic relationship with Sun-Joo. He also learns that Deok-Mi is a fangirl of Shi-An and runs SAIML fan club. He then secretly joins the fan club under a false ID. Da-In an old friend of Ryan comes to Korea and her closeness with Ryan makes Deok-Mi jealous. Ryan gets angry at Deok-Mi then he tries to apologize but ends up kissing her (my favorite way of an apology). So now let us start her private life episode 7-8 recap.

Her Private Life Episode 7-8 Recap

Earning The Badge

Her Private Life Episode 7-8 RecapHer Private Life Episode 7-8 Recap

Deok-Mi’s parents visit her home, at the same time Ryan kisses (not real) Deok-Mi after seeing Cindy stalking them. Deok-Mi’s parents see them and her mother forcibly takes Ryan to their home for dinner. She is quite happy with the occurrence, Deok-Mi’s father also enjoys Ryan’s company when the latter appreciates the suiseki collection. During dinner, Deok-Mi’s mother starts her investigation and then becomes happy with the result. She then forces both the young ones in Deok-Mi’s room for some lone time. Meanwhile, Eun-Ki finds out about Ryan’s visit and he rushes to home, he then gets jealous of seeing his “mother” taking a liking to Ryan. Ryan has a hard time carrying the food and the rock Deok-Mi’s parents gave him but get touched by their written messages. He then receives the notice that he has become SAIML club VIP member while Deok-Mi’s heart is fluttering because of the earlier kiss. Next day at work Ryan threatens Cindy that he will sue her if she continues to stalk him and Deok-Mi. She agrees to stop she then receives the notice that she has won the chance to Shi-An’s fan sign event. But she is unhappy that SAIML also got the chance to attend the event.

Love Is Blind

Her Private Life Episode 7-8 RecapHer Private Life Episode 7-8 Recap

So-Hye visits the gallery and asks Deok-Mi to work for her on her free day which also coincides with Shia-An’s signing event. Ryan not only helps Deok-Mi he then forces Cindy to work for her mother which delights So-Hye but infuriates Cindy. Da-In visits the gallery and overhears that Deok-Mi and Ryan are dating. She question’s Ryan but gets upset when he doesn’t give the answer she wants. Out of frustration she “re-designs” Ryan’s car while Sun-Joo fangirls over Joo-Hyuk by making him an “angel”. Deok-Mi gets ready with her gear and outfit as she visits Shi-An’s event, Cindy and Ryan are there as well. Ryan now knowing her real identity sends her congratulatory message through his false fan club ID. During the event Deok-Mi wins the chance to take a selfie with Shi-An, she takes the selfie but doesn’t take her mask off. After the event she runs into Cindy, Cindy wants to ask her something but Deok-Mi gets scared and runs away. Deok-Mi then delays uploading Shi-An’s pics, Ryan goes to check on her. He gets paint on his hand so Deok-Mi takes him in her home but keeping his eyes shut. When Ryan tries to open his blindfold Deok-Mi gets to close to him while trying to stop him.

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Living In Dream Land

Her Private Life Episode 7-8 RecapHer Private Life Episode 7-8 Recap

The rush of blood to her head causes her to lose reality and she ends up kissing him. Although sad it turns out tasting Ryan’s lips was just her imagination. Looks like the delusion was not one-sided as Ryan’s heartbeats are off the roof as well as he takes his leave. Deok-Mi has only Ryan on her mind while Sun-Joo tries to stop dreaming and concentrate on Shi-An. Elsewhere, So-Hye catches Cindy in Shi-An’s building, Ryan comes to her help but in return, she had to delete CUPATCH account. Ryan decides to give the “good” news to Deok-Mi, she gets disheartened as she was expecting something else. Deok-Mi consults her situation with Sun-Joo who advises her to make sure Cindy doesn’t leave her job. Because as long as she works in the company Deok-Mi can continue her fake relationship with Ryan. Ryan takes Deok-Mi to a meeting with Shi-An where he suggests that Shi-An hire Da-In as his new visual director. His mention of Da-In further effects Deok-Mi’s already sad mood. Ryan continues to talk about Da-In in a familiar way making things worse for Deok-Mi and her mood.

Romance Jealousy Breakup

Her Private Life Episode 7-8 RecapHer Private Life Episode 7-8 Recap

While dropping her off he runs into Eun-Ki who tells him to stop the fake relationship now that CUPATCH has been deleted. Ryan tells him it is none of his business and it is for him and Deok-Mi to decide. Eun-Ki gets frustrated and starts acting childish with Deok-Mi at home during dinner. Next day, Deok-Mi and Ryan visit Da-In to ask her a favor regarding the upcoming exhibition. Seeing Da-In and Ryan with each other and talking with themselves saddens Deok-Mi. On top of it, Da-In does her best to make Deok-Mi jealous as she talks about Ryan intimately. While Deok-Mi and Ryan help Da-In (and get close to each other), Eun-Ki arrives to give his help and also put water on lovey-dovey moments. Now it is time for Ryan to get frustrated as Eun-Ki takes care of Deok-Mi. Eun-Ki then reveals to Da-In that the relationship between their “friends” is fake. Da-In and Deok-Mi meet next day regarding work during which Da-In reveals that she likes Ryan and lies to Deok-Mi that he wants to stop the fake relationship. Heartbroken Deok-Mi meets with Ryan and thanks him for his help until now. Furthermore, she tells him that they should end their fake relationship now.


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