Hotel Del Luna Episode 15-16 Recap, Finale Week

Hotel Del Luna Episode 15-16 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 15-16 Recap

Staff members of the hotel are sad that Man-Wol (IU) left without saying goodbye. While Ma-Go is preparing alcohol for the new owner of the hotel, she is missing an important ingredient. To get that ingredient asks Chan-Sung to go 200 years in past to the hotel. Chan-Sung agrees to go when he hears he will be able to meet Man-Wol of the past. Ma-Go warns him not to drink or eat anything, or he won’t be able to return to the present. While trying to get the Ingredient he runs into Man-Wol, who is still a money loving “ghost”.

Chan-Sung starts bickering with Man-Wol again when he learns that she has addiction to gambling and is in debt. He is able to solve her issues before returning to the present with the required ingredient. When he returns he meets with Man-Wol who has also returned, but she has lost her memories of her life when she was alive. Meanwhile, Ma-Go prepares the alcohol for the next owner of the hotel. Elsewhere, Hyun-Joong’s sister barely survives as her health get worse. Yoo-Na meets with the fake Hyun-Joong who tells her that he wants to meet with Hyun-Joong.

Hotel Del Luna Episode 15-16 Recap

Yoo-Na brings him to the hotel to meet Hyun-Joong who doesn’t want to see the fake one. We then lean that he is Hyun-Joong’s old friend, and he is the one who killed Hyun-Jung. Man-Wol meets with sulking Hyun-Jung after which he agrees to meet with his old friend. Later, as a way of compensation Man-Wol tells fake Hyun-Jung to buy Hyun-Jung’s old school under his. After which Hyun-Jung is finally able to graduate from his school. He is also able to go to his graduation party attended by his “new family.”

Hotel Del Luna Episode 15-16 Recap

Man-Wol then prepares for her departure, Hyun-Jung also tells Yoo-Na about his moving on to the “next world.” Not wanting to lose Hyun-Jung she steals the alcohol from Ma-Go and gives it to Man-Wol. Knowing that if Man-Wol drinks that alcohol she will remain the hotel owner and Hyun-Jung will not disappear as well. Ma-Go then tells Chan-Sung that if Man-Wol drinks that alcohol he can stay with her forever and asks what will he do now? Chan-Jung goes to Man-Wol who doesn’t drink the alcohol knowing that is the right thing to do.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Kim hears from a guest that a book on his life will be printed. Afraid he will be humiliated again Mr. Kim decide to leave for the other world. He then changes his mind because of his promise with the other staff of the hotel. Rather, he decides to scare the publisher of the book, so he can stop the release of the book but it backfires. We learn that Mr. Kim was a great story writer but his stories were the reason he got humiliated and died. Man-Wol and Chan-Sung with the help of writers change the story a little and the book becomes famous.

Hotel Del Luna Episode 15-16 Recap


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With that Mr. Kim thanks his colleagues and says his final goodbyes to them. He is finally able to go to the other world “happily”. Meanwhile, Yoo-Na is worried about Hyun-Joong leaving soon just like Mr. Kim. Elsewhere, Man-Wol gives Chan-Sung medicine after eating it he won’t be able to see ghost. She makes him promise to eat it after she has left. Hyun-Joong’s sister dies which means it is also time for him to leave. He also leaves with his sister saying his final goodbye to Yoo-Na and others. Now it is time for Seo-Hee to leave now that she has gotten over her resentment.

She also says her final goodbye to Man-Wol thanking her for all this time. Later, Ma-Go meets with Chan-Sung and tells him that at the next fool moon everything will disappear. Looks like she has chosen him to be the next owner of the new hotel for some specific reason. Man-Wol also says her final goodbye to Chan-Sung among tears flowing like river. The hotel disappears after she leaves. Chan-Sung gives the medicine to Yoo-Na, she is not able to see ghosts anymore and go on with her life. He didn’t take the medicine and continues to see the ghosts. Unlike our expectations the new owner of the hotel turns out to be Kim Soo-Hyun.

End of Hotel Del Luna Episode 15-16 Recap

P.S.: Anyone else going to miss Man-Wol’s Satoori?




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