Idol Room Episode 36 Recap

Idol Room Episode 36 Recap

Idol Room Episode 36 Recap



Idol Room Episode 36 Recap

Idol Room is visited by SEVENTEEN this week, they are making a comeback with their new song Home. The hosts ask the leader their reason to choose Idol Room as a platform for their comeback. S.Coups answers with some help from Seungkwan but his lack of variety skills makes things hard for him. The hosts move onto Seungkwan and congratulate him for receiving the MBC Variety Rookie Award. The good time doesn’t last long as Hyungdon starts teasing him much to other member’s amusement. The Genius entertainer continues showing his skills with “Boo-Fi”, DK is next to show his skills but instead, he embarrasses himself. The other members of Seventeen start jumping in joy upon his failure. The hosts then put Woozi on the spot and start asking him questions, he tries his best although you can see he is totally uncomfortable.

Rap Battle

Next is a rap diss battle between the members, first up on the stage are MC DOUL (DK+Soul) VS MC Cloud (Joshua). DK shows of his crazy rap but Joshua destroys him while totally calm and composed. DK is then up against the super rookie Seunkwan, DK takes an automatic loss after he compliments his opponent rather than dissing him. Next rappers are Dino and Seungkwan their diss battle becomes too heated and turns into a physical confrontation. Other members try to stop them (not really), in the end, Woozi is the winner (in my opinion) even though he didn’t take part in the battles.

The Game Dummy

It is time now to choose the Pick-dol, the camera chooses the ambitious boy Min-Gyu. Woozi then explains their new song, his talking style annoys the hosts who find it hard to question him. Seventeen members then show the choreography of their new song with the Nano Dance. They then perform the synchronized dance on songs Very Nice and Home. Moving on to the Fact check Seventeen members show their teamwork with all 13 members choosing the same dish from the menu of 72 dishes (they get to eat the chosen dish). Their superb teamwork brokes down (twice) when they are asked to choose some other dish than the one they chose earlier. After enjoying their food they decide to play attendance game but they have to stop in the middle because S.Coups hurts Hyungdonhee’s feelings. So they decide to play a different game, Seventeen’s not a toy dummy contest. The game dummy shows his fast hands and is declared the winner of the contest. With this, we end our good time with Seventeen and we will see you next week.

Here is the video their new song HOME:


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