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ITEM Episode 3 Recap 

The Bible Killer

ITEM Episode 3 RecapITEM Episode 3 Recap

Kang-Gon is informed by the analyst that they have found something regarding the chief prosecutor’s murder. On his way, he runs into Yoo-Na. The analyst tells Kang-Gon that some kind of light destroyed the data, she suspects that it could be an EMP. The analyst is still able to get an (although not clear) of the suspect, he seems to be an old man. Elsewhere, Se-Hwang is searching for Dae-Soo whom he suspects has his “item”. Kang-Gon’s niece gets bullied by the kids, she is able to “defeat” them with the power of the bracelet. Kang-Gon finds similarities between the murders of the prosecutor and Chul-Soon. A piece of bible paper found in the mouth of both dead bodies. At the same time, So-Young is also suspecting that both cases are related as she briefs it to her team. Kang-Gon comes to the police station to talk to So-Young about both the cases.

Catching The Thief

ITEM Episode 3 RecapITEM Episode 3 Recap

Kang-Gon asks her opinion as a profiler about the cases. She tells him that the criminal is getting bolder with each murder and he wants more people to know about his deeds. Yo-Han is eavesdropping on the conversation between Kang-Gon and So-Young. Later, Da-In wants to tell about the bracelet to his uncle but didn’t, while Dae-Soo stalks their house. Kang-Gon meets So-Young at the rooftop of their building, he tells her about the bracelet and suspects that supernatural power could be involved in these two cases as well. Dae-Soo is attacked by Se-Hwang’s goons attacked Dae-Soo as he is about to enter Kang-Gon’s building. Kang-Gon sees Dae-Soo and runs to him, while Se-Hwang is watching the fight through a camera. The goons attack Kang-Gon, Se-Hwang’s assistant doesn’t find the bracelet on Dae-Soo.

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Face To Face With The Supernatural

ITEM Episode 3 RecapITEM Episode 3 Recap


Dae-Soo is able to run away but he gets attacked by the priest with his special whip. Kang-Gon sees a man pulling Dae-Soo with a special whip on to the top of a building. He runs to the man who then attacks Kang-Gon, while Da-In looks at his uncle (followed by Se-Hwang). Kang-Gon survives but is knocked out before he could see the priest’s face. So-Young and the police arrive before Se-Hwang could take the bracelet from Da-In (although the cops don’t know about the Se-Hwang’s presence). Dae-Soo is taken to the hospital and he survives. Next day, Se-Hwang steals Dae-Sconsciousnesssness using an item and Dae-Soo falls into a coma. Kang-Gon then sees a special sign/tattoo on Dae-Soo’s hand which reminds him of a similar thing on his hand when he was young.

Last of The Family

ITEM Episode 3 RecapITEM Episode 3 Recap

While Kang-Gon is investigating the case at the hospital, Se-Hwang goes to his house looking for Da-In. Da-In video calls after seeing a stranger trying to enter the house. She drops the phone in fear and hides in her bedroom. Kang-Gon rushes to his home after seeing the worried look on his niece’s face. He finds her in her in the closet unconscious, she is then taken to the hospital. Se-Hwang and his assistant are following the ambulance that is carrying Da-In. Se-Hwang’s car is stopped by a patrol car for breaking the red light, Se-Hwang puts special perfume on the patrol officer. Da-In survives but is in a vegetative stage similar to Dae-Soo. Her doctor is confused about how did she get a heart attack even though she has no heart issues or any external injuries. Kang-Gon sees the same sign/ tattoo he earlier saw on Dae-Soo’s hand.


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