Jang Ki-Yong returns with another romance thriller drama after his previous hits Come and Hug Me and My Mister from last year. Come and Hug Me was my favorite romantic drama from last year while My Ahjussi was the best drama of 2018. His co-star this time is Idol actress Nana of After School. She was good in The Good Wife (Korean ver.) so I’m hoping she won’t disappoint acting.

The drama is about a “good-hearted” assassin who has to kill to find his family. He is chased by a female cop who is looking into his lover’s murder. They both come face to face in this high-intensity thriller.

Kill It Episode 1 Recap

Making of a Killer

Kill It Episode 1 RecapKill It Episode 1 Recap

In 2001, a young boy (Soo-Hyun) abandoned by his who also tried to kill him is taken in by a Russian guy (Pavel). He then trains the young boy into a masterful assassin also the boy has lost his earlier memories. In present, Soo-Hyun is working on assassinating the leader of Red Mafia. He places a bomb in the villa of Red Mafia after disguising himself as a service agent. When returns home Pavel starts shooting at Soo-Hyun, Pavel doesn’t recognize him as Pavel is suffering from early Alzheimer. Soo-Hyun puts Pavel to sleep when he wakes up he remembers everything. He wants to do the Red Mafia job alone but Pavel is stubborn. Soo-Hyun and Pavel next day go to the villa and execute their plan. They are able to infiltrate the villa after terminating few guards. Pavel disguises himself one of the guards.

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Regrets of The Past

Kill It Episode 1 RecapKill It Episode 1 Recap

But one of the henchmen finds Pavel suspicious and attacks him. Soo-Hyun comes to his partner’s help but Pavel gets shot and hurt badly by the henchman. During the commotion, Soo-Hyun reaches the leader’s room and kills him. Soo-Hyun then escapes with badly hurt Pavel, the bomb he planted a day earlier is blasted. The henchman survives the attack and is determined to find the attackers. Although Pavel and Soo-Hyun escape, Pavel dies to due to his injuries. Before dying he apologizes to Soo-Hyun for bringing him up as a killer and hopes he will live a normal life from now on. Elsewhere, Soo-Hyun’s agent Phillip is visited by a secret woman who wants few people dead. She also leaves a photo of Soo-Hyun’s past to make sure he takes the assignment. Meanwhile, Soo-Hyun is tracked by the henchman but Soo-Hyun escapes successfully.

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New Assignment

Kill It Episode 1 RecapKill It Episode 1 Recap

Philip then tells him that the lady gave him six targets and he will receive a new picture after every job. These pictures will help him find Soo-Hyun about his past. Soo-Hyun then successfully terminates the first target disguising it as an accident. Hyun-Jin arrives at the scene, she is sent by the headquarters to the current police team that is handling the case. While the other officers think it is an accident or suicide she suspects it to be a murder. On her way back she runs into Soo-Hyun who is helping a hurt deer. She helps him but he acts cold, he is acting as a veterinary doctor. At the station during the meeting Hyun-Jin proposes that it a work of a serial killer, not everybody agrees with her.

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Killer Doctor

Kill It Episode 1 RecapKill It Episode 1 Recap

During the autopsy, cocaine is found in the victim, also the bag left by Soo-Hyun at the crime scene points to a specific guy. The guy is a druggie who beats his wife and daughter, the daughter ran away and is helped by Soo-Hyun. The police arrest the guy but Hyun-Jin is not fully convinced and suspects something is not right. Elsewhere, Soo-Hyun goes to his targets house and finds a phone with a photo (same as earlier) of his young days. Then a timer of a time bomb starts ticking, he successfully escapes and survives. He then receives a secret call telling him that if he looks into the targets or the mother and daughter from the photographs they will be killed. Hyun-Jin visits the wife of the arrested guy, she and her daughter were beaten by the guy. Soo-Hyun receives a new target, Hyun-Jin (maybe) while she visits him with a hurt cat needing treatment.


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