In the previous episodes, the prince has been declared traitor by the evil chief councilor. The price leaves the palace in order to investigate his father’s sickness. A zombie outbreak takes place in a small town and the prince arrives right in the center of it. The rich people sail away in the only ship of the town and leave the prince and the civilians fighting for their life.

Kingdom Episode 4 Recap

The Survivors Fight The Death and The Dead

Kingdom Episode 4 RecapKingdom Episode 4 Recap

The prince decides to go up the mountains to the physician’s house with the civilians before sun sets and zombies wake up. On their way, they see a lot of zombies sleeping/hiding underneath the mountain rocks. Everyone starts running as the sun also starts setting. Before they could reach the house the zombies start to wake up and chase the living ones. The prince is just able to reach the safety with the help of Moo-Young and Young-Shing. Young-Shin is very good with the gun. All the civilians including the prince barricade themselves in the house. Elsewhere, the zombie on the ship wakes up as well, its emotional mother brings it out of the locked crate. It starts attacking the survivors on the ship and there is chaos on the ship.

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Titanic Zombie Style

Kingdom Episode 4 RecapKingdom Episode 4 Recap

It is a bloodbath on the ship. Meanwhile, survivors in the town are able to hold out the attacks from the zombies for the night. The civilians thanks the prince for saving them, although they survived the food shortage is a big issue for them. The prince decides to go to his supporter An-Hyun who resides in Sangju. Young-Shin who is from Sangju offers to be the guide. Before they can depart the soldiers from the capital city arrive to arrest the prince. The soldiers fire arrows into the house killing a lot of civilians. The prince and civilians are able to sneak away from the soldiers because of the dense fog.

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Kill Kill Kill

Kingdom Episode 4 RecapKingdom Episode 4 Recap

The signal fire reaches up to the capital city, people fear there is going to be a war soon. One of the nobles who is a supporter of the prince wants to meet the King. The chief state councilor declares him a traitor and gets him and his family and supporters arrested. The chief councilor has become more evil after his son’s death, who was killed by the prince. He shows the head of his dead son to the queen and swears that he will kill everyone who is close to the prince. He further warns the queen to never stand in his way and soon give birth to a son.


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