Kingdom Episode 5-6 Recap Season 1 Finale

Kingdom Episode 5-6 Recap

In the previous episode, the prince is left with civilians to save themselves against the zombies by the town’s nobles while they run away by the ship. The prince survives not only the zombies but also the soldiers sent by the chief counselor. Whereas the town people on the ship falls to a zombie attack. The chief councilor has become more aggressive against the prince after the latter killed the former’s son. The prince decides to go to his supporter An-Hyun who is residing in Sangju.

Kingdom Episode 5-6 Recap 

The Alive Ones Are As Bad As The Dead

Kingdom Episode 5-6 RecapKingdom Episode 5-6 Recap

The prince moves towards Sangju, guided by Young-Shin and they are further accompanied by Moo-Young and Seo-Bi. Moo-Young is still suspicious about Young-Shin who real identity is unknown. On their way, they meet the magistrate (who ran for his life on the ship with others), he tells them that everyone on the ship got infected. He further tells them that the disease has spread to new towns because of the ship. They hurry to reach Sangju and inform them and prepare them for the upcoming zombie attack. On their way, they see a small village whose people have looted the ship and buried the corpses. The prince tells them to take them to the corpses. Meanwhile, An-Hyun and his team are also looking into the ship after it arrives on the shore of his city empty and bloody.

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Meeting An Old Friend

Kingdom Episode 5-6 RecapKingdom Episode 5-6 Recap

The village people take the prince and other to the corpses but decides to attack the prince in fear of the punishment. Before they could attack zombies comes out of the ground and start attacking everyone. The prince and others barely survive when An-Hyun comes with his soldiers and saves them. The prince tells him the whole story and also that the king has died and the chief councilor has turned him into a zombie. He asks for his help, An-Hyun doesn’t give him a clear answer. The armies sent by the capital city (chief councilor) starts marching towards Sangju. Meanwhile, the queen becomes the head of the country in the absence of the king who is fighting a “disease”. The counselor says he sent the army to stop the spreading of the disease. But in reality, the armies seal the area and block the way for the Sangju residence to run from the zombies.

The Loyal Guard 

Kingdom Episode 5-6 RecapKingdom Episode 5-6 Recap

The chief counselor is planning to kill the prince and his Sangju supporters (by the zombie bites) in a way that won’t raise any questions in the future. Whereas, the military leaders of Sangju ask lord An-Hyun to hand over the prince to the armies in order to take off the seal. The convoy of soldiers (who attacked the prince in the previous episode) arrives to arrest the prince and take him to the capital city. An-Hyun finally shows his support to the prince and executes all the soldiers who came to arrest the prince. They have bigger problems as the survivors also arrive from the surrounding towns and villages. The military leader doesn’t allow them to enter because he doesn’t have the means to feed them (in a long term scenario). The prince gets angry at him and removes him from the position and takes the char himself.

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The Day Walkers (Runners)

Kingdom Episode 5-6 RecapKingdom Episode 5-6 Recap

The civilians are allowed to enter the city, all the residence starts preparing for the upcoming attack. Elsewhere, lots of pregnant ladies are kept under the queen’s supervision. *Get ready for the twist*, it turns out the Queen is not pregnant at all (not even a little). Meanwhile, Seo-Bi helped by the magistrate is able to find the plant that can cure the disease. There are also some unlocked chains around the area, looks like someone or something was chained up near the plants. Young-Shin teaches the soldiers to shoot, An-Hyun seems to know about his real identity. The sun sets and everyone gets ready for the attack, the chief counselor also arrives at the gates. He has brought a “gift” (zombie) with him. The sun rises, there was no attack by the zombies. The sun has risen but something ominous starts to come through the woods.

Well, that is it for Season 1 can’t wait for the season 2.

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