Less Than Evil/Bad Cop Recap Episode 1 to 4

Bad Cop Recap

Less Than Evil/ Bad Cop premiered its episode this week. The drama is about a veteran cop Tae Seok, still suffering because of a cold case. He is violent and gets consumed by the darkness of crimes. He wants to catch and punish criminals and he doesn’t care he does that legally or illegally. Tae-Seok crosses path with a psychopath Seon-Jae. Seon-Jae takes interest in him and helps him solve cases. She is also a killer who has killed her foster parents. Tae-Seok is unable to arrest her because of lack of evidence.

Bad Cop Recap Episode 1 to 4 

In The Past

Bad Cop Recap Bad Cop Recap

A high school girl is murdered and her dead body is found in a field. Tae-Seok while patrolling in the night sees another school girl and chases her when she starts to run. The girl Yeo-Wool, jumps in a nearby river while fleeing. Tae-Seok saver her and thinks that she is the culprit. She tells him she is not the killer, she is an eyewitness and she saw the face of the killer. She doesn’t want to tell him who he is because she thinks he will kill her as well if he founds out about her. Tae-Seok tells her not to worry and she reveals the name of the killer, Jang Seon-Ho. Later, Seon-Ho finds out about the eyewitness and kills her family. Yeo-Wool disappears never to be found, Tae-Seok thinks Seon-Ho has killed her.

In The Present

Bad Cop Recap Bad Cop Recap

In present, Tae-Seok unlawfully enters a man’s room and drags him outside. He threatens to drop him from the building if he doesn’t tell where him the little girl is. Tae-Seok is only holding him from his hand while the man is hanging from the building. The scared man reveals the location of the kidnapped girl and she is returned to her parents. Later, prosecutor denies charging the man because of unlawful handling of him by Tae-Seok. Tae-Seok meets the prosecutor who turns out to be the same guy who killed the schoolgirl (years earlier) and Yeo-Wool’ family and maybe her as well. He has changed his name to Hyung-Min. They have a little confrontation with each other. Tae-Seok later scares the kidnapper that he will place his evidence on a dead body. So, he should choose between being a kidnapper or being a murderer.

Bad Cop RecapBad Cop Recap

The Kidnapper confesses to his crime and says there was no unlawful arrest in a press conference. In the conference, Tae-Seok meets a female reporter Seon-Jae who finds out about his scheme to confess the kidnapper with the help of computer hacking. Seon-Jae confronts Tae-Seok regarding the matter and she seems to be interested in him for some reason. Elsewhere, Hyung-Min goes to his assistant’s house and kidnaps his wife. The only witness of this case is a little kid. Tae-Seok is the lead detective in the case. When the kid sees Hyung-Min he gets scared and Tae-Seok understands that Hyun-Min is the culprit and starts to investigate him.

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You Have Been Setup

Bad Cop Recap Bad Cop Recap

Tae-Seok later asks Seon-Jae’s help with computer hacking and she gives him the address of the hacker. With the help of the hacker, Tae-Seok finds the location of Hyung-min’s boat where he is holding the lady. Tae-Seok and his new recruit (Baro) arrives at the boat but they are too late as they found the dead body of the lady. Tae-Seok stops Dong-Yoon from calling the cops and they leave the dead body just where it was. Next day Tae-Seok attacks Hyung-Min and takes his blood sample while hiding his identity. Later, Hyung-Min hears Dong-Yoon talking about Tae-Seok planting Hyung-Min’s blood on the dead ladies body. Hyung-Min goes to clean the evidence but Tae-Seok records him as he is trying to clean up the place.

Bad Cop Recap

Hyung-Min runs away from the place while Tae-Seok chases him. Hyung-Min goes into the building and nearly falls from the railing and is just hanging by his fingers. Tae-Seok catches up to him and asks him about Yeo-Wool. Tae-Seok asks for his help but he lets him fall. Hyung-Min falls into a coma from his injuries. The police brass not sure what to do with Tae-Seok. Either to make him out as a hero or a Villain. Tae-Seok is ready to resign from his job and start fresh with his wife who has given him divorce papers. The higher-ups of the police department give him a promotion and make him the head of Serious and Serial crime unit (SNS). His wife is not so happy with the news because she wants him to stop working as a cop.

Why Kill The Dog?

Bad Cop Recap Bad Cop Recap

Tae-Seok leads another murder case. The victims are the parents of the reporter Seon-Jae. After interviewing/interrogating Seon-Jae he is sure that she is the murderer but doesn’t have any proof. During interrogation, it is also revealed that Seon-Jae is a real genius and that her parents were her foster parents. Later, Tae-Seok visits his wife with flowers but she tells him she is seeing another man which makes him really angry and he leaves in a fist of anger. While investigating Hyung-Min’s house detectives find Yeo-Wool’s bloodstained ID among others at his place.

Bad Cop Recap Bad Cop Recap

Meanwhile, Tae-Seok visits Seon-Jae’s home on her invitation. He angers her with his remarks. She also fires at him regarding his failing marriage. This conversation agitates Seon-Jae and she attacks and threatens Tae-Seok’s wife. Tae-Seok finds about the murder weapon used in Seon-Jae’s parents and their dog’s murder. He thinks Seon-Jae hid the weapon in the dog’s body. He remembers the dog’s ashes Seon-Jae was holding when she invited him to her house. Tae-Seok illegally enters her home and steals the ashes. Seon-Jae chases him with a knife. He tells her he knows she is holding it as a trophy. Tae-Seok starts emptying the ashes but he finds Yeo-Wool’s name tag inside the container instead of a murder weapon. Surprised, Tae-Seok asks her identity as he threatens to throw her from the bridge.


Wow, I mean just wow. I just loved the show, it was intriguing, good pace and surprisingly very romantic. The chemistry between Tae-Seok and Seon-Jae is just amazing. Although they are at each other’s throat they look like teenagers in love. If you have already seen Luther than you already have some idea about the storyline. I’m pretty sure they will change the storyline for the Korean Viewers. So, even if you have seen Luther there will be new things in this drama. Talking about Luther, I saw it and loved it very much. I’m not a big fan of remakes so I didn’t have many hopes for this one. But the chemistry between the (not so) leading couple is amazing and I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes.

You guys may not agree with me but I think this the best Romantic drama among all its competitors.


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