Less Than Evil Episode 09-12 Recap

Why Her?

Less Than Evil Episode 09-12 RecapLess Than Evil Episode 09-12 Recap

Tae-Seok arrives late at home, he finds Hae-Joon covered in blood, she is later declared dead at the hospital. Choon-Man who helped Hyung-Min run away goes to the scene of the incident for investigation. He finds a secret camera and deletes the video before anyone can see it. Tae-Seok also finds out that the person who met last with Hyung -Min at the hospital was Choon-Man. Tae-Seok identifies Hyung-Min at one of the police roads blocks and chases after him to a shopping mall. Just before Tae-Seok can catch Hyung-Min, Choon-Man arrests Tae-Seok on suspicion of killing his wife. Tae-Seok’s fingerprints are found on the murder weapon. At the police station, Tae-Seok is released because of an eyewitness and the pressure from higher-ups of the police department much to Choon-Man’s displeasure. Hyung-Min who is still stuck in the mall because of the police, starts a killing spree to cause a commotion.

Bad Guys Always Die (Almost Always)

Less Than Evil Episode 09-12 Recap Less Than Evil Episode 09-12 Recap

Hyung-Min runs away during the commotion but Tae-Seok again identifies him and goes after him in a car chase, they end up in an under-construction closed tunnel. Nowhere to run they go head to head, Hyung-Min tells Tae-Seok even if he kills him, Tae-Seok will still suffer all his life because of the fact that his ex-wife died because of him. Tae-Seok tells him that he knows it and throws his lighter in the oil containers. Hyung-Min dies in the fire blast (probably) while Tae-Seok loses conscious because of the blast and gets stuck in the fire. In a flashback, we go to the past and see the schoolgirl getting killed by Hyung-Min. But unlike previously we also see that Yeo-Wool was not the only eyewitness of the crime but Tae-Seok’s sister Tae-Hee was also there.

True Past

Less Than Evil Episode 09-12 RecapLess Than Evil Episode 09-12 Recap

Hyung-Min makes Yeo-Wool stab the dying girl as well, he further tells her she should not inform anybody else about this as they have become partners in crime. Then we see what we already know about how Tae-Seok found out about Hyung-Min and his connection with the murder. Later, his sister goes to the police station as an eyewitness, when he finds out about it Tae-Seok calls Yeo-Wool and asks her to come to the police station. When Choon-Man brings Hyung-Min to the police station for identification, Tae-Seok takes them to Yeo-Wool’s room rather than to his sister’s. Later, Tae-Seok wants his sister to go to Seoul and don’t get herself involved in the case any further. Yeo-Wool arrives at their home and finds out that they are siblings and to save Tae-Hee, Tae-Seok let her face the danger and gets furious with him. Later, as Hyung-Min is about to kill already hurt Yeo-Wool, her mother arrives and interferes. Yeo-Wool is able to escape but her mother dies. In present, Seon-Jae saves Tae-Seok from the fire.

Less Than Evil Episode 09-12 Recap Less Than Evil Episode 09-12 Recap

Tae-Seok wakes up in the hospital, Seon-Jae is beside him as he comes and goes out of consciousness. She tells him not to get affected by Hyung-Min’s word and live, he should not just die yet because it would be no fun for her. Later, Tae-Seok goes to his ex-wife’s funeral as a chief mourner. Doo-Jin brings Tae-Hee to the funeral but Tae-Seok is not happy to see her because of his guilt. Seon-Jae also arrives at the funeral, Tae-Seok interferes before she could see Tae-Hee. He then tells Doo-Jin that Seon-Jae is Yeo-Wool and she had lost all her memories. Tae-Seok further wants to confess to Seon-Jae what happened in the past but Doo-Jin advice him against it as it will not benefit anyone. Meanwhile, a man with a clown mask on kills a female.

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New Evil

Less Than Evil Episode 09-12 RecapLess Than Evil Episode 09-12 Recap

Officer Seong tells Jung-Woo that she couldn’t match the DNA found at the blast scene and she is not sure that Hyung-Min is dead. Tae-Seok returns to work and leads the investigation in the earlier mentioned murder. The CCTV image shows the masked man holding a paper which has, “I am Hyung-Min” written on it. Tae-Seok deducts that the murderer is not Hyung-Min because of a taser mark on the dead body. Back at the station, Ms.Seong reveals that Tae-Seok’s fingerprints were faked and he is released of all the suspicions. Choon-Man says he was only doing his work, he is then confronted by internal investigators who want to ask him about Man-Soo’s shooting. Back on to the case, Tae-Seok thinks that the killer is not used to murdering people and is still under “practice”. The eyewitness of Hae-Joon’s murder arrives at the station, Tae-Seok is surprised to see that it is Seon-Jae. He is further informed that she and Hae-Joon got into a fight on the day of the murder.

Less Than Evil Episode 09-12 RecapLess Than Evil Episode 09-12 Recap

Tae-Seok enters the investigation room and stops all the recordings when he hears her saying that she was a witness. He asks her what does she mean by the witness, she tells him that she now knows she was the witness of school girl’s death and that is why Hyung-Min wanted to kill her. She further tells him that she went to the house to meet him but found Hyung-Min leaving his place and the stabbed body of Hae-Joon. She then asks him about Tae-Hee and his spidey sense starts to ring danger in his mind. Before he goes further he is stopped by other officers and taken away. Meanwhile, a young butcher is getting scolded, he is then fired from his job. A clown mask falls from his bag, he chases after a girl who is abducted by a masked man. Tae-Seok’s team gets informed about a new murder (the abducted girl), Tae-Seok sees the butcher at the scene (His team already suspects him).

Back From Death?

Less Than Evil Episode 09-12 RecapLess Than Evil Episode 09-12 Recap

Tae-Seok provokes him, calling the masked murderer a coward during his interview to the press at the crime scene. Tae-Seok chase after him but gets attacked by a masked man, Tae-Seok bites the attacker’s hand before he is able to get away. Ji-Deuk is able to retrieve the deleted video from the secret camera (from Hae-Joon’ murder). In the video he sees Hyung-Min stabbing her, Hae-Joon says to the camera he should make up with Tae-Hee as she is the only one left who cares about him. Then Seon-Jae enters the room and calls for an ambulance. A survivor from the masked killer is brought to the station but she has lost her memories because of the shock. The masked killer kills another female on a live broadcast. The survivor is worried when she is dropped at her home, Ga-Young goes with her to check on any possible intruder. Tae-Seok gets an argument with Seon-Jae (she wants to be “friends” with him) when he receives a call, the caller calls himself Hyung-Min.


I am really surprised by Hae-Joon’s death, especially so early in the series. I really wanted to see more of her and her confrontations with Seon-Jae. The copycat killer could be someone other than the butcher guy because it will be too easy. My theory is either a personality disorder or someone he knows most likely a family member. Hyung-Min seems dead but you never know with the writers they can miraculously bring anyone back to life. Should I start calling them GODS instead of writers from now on? On the other hand, Tae-Seok’s behaviour during Seon-Jae’s investigation has made somewhat suspicious about her past. If she digs a bit deeper she may not like what she found. I am not sure how will she reacts when she finds out about the truth. I don’t see the happily ever after for them now that the whole truth about the past incident has been revealed.


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