MBC Entertainment Awards 2018 hosted by Jun Hyun Moo, Seungri (BIGBANG), Hyeri (Girl’s Day) announced its winners.


The nominees for the Daesang:

Daesang NomineesProgram(s)
Park Na RaeI Live Alone
Lee Young JaOmniscient Interfering View
Jun Hyun MooI Live Alone, Unexpected Q, Omniscient Interfering View
Kim GuraRadio Star, King of Masked Singer, On The Border, Talk Nomad


At the end Lee Young-Ja was announced as the winner, she has already won the KBS Daesanag a few days earlier. Congratulations again for her another win.



Best Show

The nominees for the best show were: Folly Husband, I Live Alone, Dae Jang Geum Is Watching, Radio Star, King of Masked Singer, Section TV, Show! Music Core, Under Nineteen, Omniscient Interfering View, Real Men 300

The Winner: I Live Alone. 

No doubts here, after Infinite Challenge finished, I Love Alone has been reigning supreme on MBC in the rating department and viewers love.



Best Couple: Park Sung-Kwang and his manager Im-Song both appearing on Omniscient Interfering View. They have received much love from the public and even shot a CF together. Check out their hilarious speech.



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List of all the winners:

Grand PrizeLee Young JaOmniscient Interfering View
Top Excellence Awards in Variety (Male)Lee Si EunI Live Alone
Cha In PyoFolly Husband
Top Excellence Awards in Variety (Female)Song Eun-YiOmniscient Interfering View
Han Hye JinI Live Alone
Top Excellence Awards in Music/Talk ShowYoon Jong ShinRadio Star
Entertainer of the YearJun Hyun MooI Live Alone
Park Na RaeI Live Alone
Kim Gu RaRadio Star
Excellence Awards in Variety (Male)Park Sung-KwangOmniscient Interfering View
Kian84I Live Alone
Excellence Awards in Variety (Female)Kim Jae HwaReal Men 300
Excellence Awards in Music/Talk Show (Male)Cha Tae HyunRadio Star
Excellence Awards in Music/Talk Show (Female)Kim So HyunUnder Nineteen
Program of the YearI Live Alone
Popularity AwardYoo Kyu SunOmniscient Interfering View
Song Seung HoOmniscient Interfering View
Im-SongOmniscient Interfering View
Kang Hyun SeokOmniscient Interfering View
Best Entertainer (Variety)Sung HoonI Live Alone
Yoo Byung JaeOmniscient Interfering View
Best Entertainer (Music/Talk Show)Lee Sang MinSection TV
Best Entertainer (Sitcom)Kwon YuriDae Jang-Gum is Watching
Shin Dong WookDae Jang-Gum is Watching
Best TeamworkFolly Husband
Best CouplePark Sung-Kwang &


Omniscient Interfering View


Special Performances






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