MBC Show! Music Core 20190112

MBC Show Music Core (20190112) returns with another exciting episode. Hosted by gugudan‘s Mina and NCT’s Mark. Sadly this Mark’s last episode as the MC.

VERIVERY and ONEUS had their debut stage with Ring Ring Ring and Valkyrie respectively. The Come-Back performances were from APINK (Eung Eung and Hug Me), WJSN (Star and 1Love) and KNK (Lonely Night). Some of the other performers were Chung Ha (Gotta Go) Ryewook (I’m not over you) LUNA (Even so) LABOUM (Turn it on) Lovelyz (Rewind) among others.

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Nominees for the winner’s position were Jennie, M.C. the Max and Chung Ha. Chung Ha was finally declared the winner.

Winner Announcement




Other Performances

APINK – Eung Eung


Lovelyz – Rewind

WJSN- La La Love

Chung Ha – Gotta Go

Ryewook – I’m not over you


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